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A night on the Town (P) Empty A night on the Town (P)

Fri Oct 16, 2020 8:09 pm
In conjunction with the wise words of Raleth Musu thought that he would let loose today before he was sent to go another mission again. It was nearing Sundown and his training was done for the day so Musu left  the confines of his apartment and headed into the heart of the village for some much needed relaxation and fun. 

Near Sundown, the village was still teeming with life. Many of the shops were still open and many of the village residents were done with their daily duties. Musu saw several groups of people all together looking like they were having a good time. Teenagers and young ninja all huddled around the various food stands waiting to be seated for meals, couples holding hands while walking through the crowded streets, and even some older ninja all sitting in the public areas laughing audibly so that all could hear them. Musu was alone, he didn’t have anyone to be with right now, so he thought the best thing to do at this time was to have a drink. 

There were many bars that were scattered through downtown Sunagakure. Musu passed by a few of them and saw they were a bit too crowded for his tastes and wanted to find one that didn’t have too many patrons that  could overwhelm the young Uzumaki, after all this would be one of the first time Musu would enter such a establishment for leisure, and he wasn’t sure how exactly he was going to respond to the large crowds. 

After about 30 minutes of searching Musu found a place that he could rest his feet just as the light of the sun was leaving the sky. The bar was called “The Shaggy Kunai”, as made apparent by a barely hanging sign above the door. As Musu Entered through the wooden door and past a narrow hall the Uzumaki was greeted by an older man standing at a center of a ringed counter yells out. 

“Howdy Partner! Take a seat and i'll take your older shortly!” the man exclaims. 

With a smile musu gave the man a deep bow and found a booth at the corner to sit it. These wooden seats were cracked and weren’t the most comfortable, but the table appeared to be just cleaned and in good condition. At this point Musu would just look at the décor and wait for the man to approach.

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