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Ryu catches the cat Empty Ryu catches the cat

Mon Sep 28, 2020 4:00 pm
- The Sneaky Cat

The long days of summer were coming to a close, the land known as the lightning country started to darken sooner and sooner each passing day. One such day Ryuzaki had made his way into the village to attend a genin training session, afterwards, he was given another mission. This time it was another E-rank mission, one that apparently most genin he talked too had experienced before, a troublesome cat that always escaped, and a rich client that always employed ninja to find it, a simple task on the face of it. Ryuzaki made his way through the village as the sun began to set, the last glint of sun tinting the sky orange. 

Arriving at the location of the clients compound Ryuzaki entered and was given more detailed instruction by the older, slightly plump housewife. The cat was due for its weekly checkup and as wise as it was had attempted an escape. Ryuzaki did not know too much about cats, but he thought weekly checkups sounded a little too cautious. After all, Taco only had a checkup every six months, and that dog spent most of his time roaming the mountains of the border, how much trouble could a cat get up to in an enclosed compound. Ryuzaki began by searching the room that belonged to the cat, once again a whole room for the cat seemed an over embellishment, but if you had space he supposed it did not matter. Ryuzaki found a bag of treats that the owner had pointed him to, they were fish shape biscuits. Ryuzaki spent the next hour laying about various snacks and shaking the bag and calling out the name of the cat, Puddles. 

However, these tactics that had worked for him in the past with the stray dogs did not seem to work on Puddles, he was a veteran an at this hide and seek game, and it was an obvious tactic. Ryuzaki searched for a while longer before he heard an odd noise coming from the ceiling of a bathroom. Changing tactics, Ryuzaki began to enter the crawlspace of the rooms, he could see various empty packets of the snacks, the cat obviously used these spaces more than the actual rooms. Ryuzaki searched for a while longer before he caught sight of the cat and the final chase began, the cat was plumb and orange, and paralleled its owner quite well, but was surprisingly spry for its size. After a few intense minutes of having Ryuzaki nabbed the cat and returned it to the vet where the owner was waiting, Ryuzaki stayed and held the cat down while his checkup was complete, doing his due diligence for the mission. After being thanked for finding and helping out with the cat Ryuzaki made his way home, stopping along the way to partake in some barbequed meat and rice, an unusual treat for the normally spartan genin. However, Ryuzai was due to train with his master tonight and after the last time, he thought he might get in a good last meal.

WC: 510

Claiming 600 ryo, +1 ap, +5 speed and 500 words towards bank WB: 1000
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