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Zeo Kamigawa
Zeo Kamigawa
Ryo : 48400

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Sun Jun 21, 2020 3:01 pm
Holy Helpers - E Rank Mission

Zeo's Stats

Silent Supporters.

Serving as a shinobi was indeed a change to Zeo, but what he heard for his last E-Rank mission was indeed something that made him question a lot. Supposedly, the holy organizations that dotted the land of HAVEN were deeply spiritual. Peaceful worship was hardly something to condemn and he supported it. Even his parents were devoted to the path of 'Shintoism' and urged Zachary to practice respect for the spirits. However, what he didn't expect that many of these people who they were dedicated to protect and serve... hated shinobi. This was confusing for Zeo as he was briefed on the simple mission.

It wasn't a matter that he couldn't do it or not. Simply deliver supplies to the churches and religious buildings, and use no ninjutsu or abilities that would give him away as a shinobi. That he could do without any issue. Still, it wasn't like the two were mutually exclusive. Many Shinobi practices religions, even those among the village all the same. In fact, the concept of 'ninshu' the true artform where shinobi and ninjutsu came from, was originally a religion. A way to commune and interact with nature using the natural forces around them. To Zeo, it felt wrong to shun those who had the ability to use that same gift.

But then again, different land, different customs, and traditions. Time did change much of how people viewed it and it was the reason why. He recalled what he read in the academy. While those with special clans, those born with unique traits and powers, were often feared. Either for the destruction they could cause or out of anger how they often resulted in the harm they caused in war-torn countries. It was hard for anyone to imagine how they were coveted-- and yet hated at the same time.

But still, the religions were able to live in peace and able to pursue such lifestyles was because of Shinobi to act on their defense. Zeo understood this at least. He wondered if River Country had a shinobi force, would his village had been attacked?

Pushing the thought out of his mind, he carried the box he had to each of the establishments on his list. To everyone, he showed courtesy and politeness as he handed the supplies over. He didn't even show his headband or his ninjutsu. He didn't have to anyway. To walk around normally was ... no different from how he used to be. He only chooses to use such gifts when he had to.

Everyone who greeted him was kind and welcoming, as was Zeo as he bowed and politely explained his reasons and delivered the supplies. Many of them were working to help feed the homeless, or caring for the wounded as medics. Many were orphans of former shinobi parents. Zeo could feel for them, but made no indication he was among them.

After his third trip to a church, he was done and expressed his gratitude for being able to deliver to them. The leaders were grateful to him. While Zeo wondered if their opinion would change if he revealed himself or asked their opinion of HOshigakure in general... he choosed against it. A mission was still a mission and for him to reveal who or what he was, would only show he couldn't keep under covered when asked. With the mission complete, he politely excused himself and returned home.

As he walked, he wondered how he could possibly make the two understand one another. It was a goal long sought for all who loved peace. Just because they were shinobi, they were still people. No matter what powers one had, what clan they had been born into it... were they not all the same inside?

WC: 627

Rewards: 600 Ryo +100 from Genin, +1 AP

Stats: +3 Chakra

New Jutsu: Water Sealing/Release Seal
Ichigo Sato
Ichigo Sato
Deputy Kage
Ryo : 131150

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Sun Jun 21, 2020 7:13 pm
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