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Ru Jin Kiyade
Ru Jin Kiyade
Remove Village : Sunagakure
Ryo : 500

A return into a new world (c)(io) Empty A return into a new world (c)(io)

Sun Mar 15, 2020 3:29 am
A canyon, filled with what once was homes for many shinobi, now a desolate and barren landscape of what was one of the most renown powerhouses known to the Shinobi kingdom; The Sunagakure. The moons glimmering Ray's cascading down onto the dunes of the piled sand that were once vibrant with the energy of the nearby shinobi, now just simple piles of sand. A shadowy figure can be seen perching over the Crest of the highest dune in sight, his tall slender body exhuming a shadow much larger than his own body down the lit face of the dune. His stature resembles one in which whom lived in the desolate village miles away from where he stands. Ru Jin stands at six feet four inches tall, his long mixed silver and white hair lays over the horned head band he wears across his forehead.

The deep black matte color of the head back soaks in the light instead of reflecting it, the two horns extending 6 inches to a fine point off the front of the head band and in the center, a slash through what resembles an "i" the symbol for the Sunagakure. His hair reaching down past his chin, but his chin is covered by a thick black substance that comes from the brim of his , and is tightly pressed against his face all the way down till it cannot be seen under his white cloak. The white torso half of the cloak has a thick top layer that lays around the neck and back for covering during sand storms, and on the front is two vent holes at the top, and two more on the abdomen. The sleeves cut only to reveal thick shoulder gauntlets with three vent holes on each shoulder, and the same substance that was seen on his face, extends from the shoulders to the finger tips, except that from the entire forearm and partially the elbow are covered by a arm gauntlets that form into gloves however it is not metal that the shoulders or arm guards are made of. A large metal belt holds the cloak together wrapping around his waist, and attached on the back is a large white sheath with a large blade that holds 4 stones inside of the hilt, each stone glimmering a blue color like lightning filled inside of them. Below the belt is the separated portion in the front of the cloak bottom, lined with black insides and the white top. Under is Ru Jins legs, cloaked in the same substance as his arms and face all the way down to his toes, and the feet have built in sandals, under his cloak is his Chunnin vest, black in color. Ru Jin has a broad, thick, and big appearance about him as he stands on the tip of the dune with the moon light hitting the front of his body.

"Hmmm...... such a pity that such a strong band of shinobi was eradicated from this planet. Only a few seem to remain... My time in self pity and hiding are over."

Ru Jin lifts his hands looking at them as if he had awoken from a deep slumber, flipping them over and laying them back to rest against his body.

"It seems as if my time away has played in favor of my enlightenment regarding the philosophy of the world, but has hindered my ability as a fighter.... there's only one way to find out if this is the truth.."

Ru Jin lifts his hands and extends only the middle and fore finger of both his hands and pressed them together creating a "plus" sign with them. "Kage Bunshin no jutsu" and quickly a fume of smoke appears beside him as he made a shadow clone.

Ru Jin:
"We are going to test my battle readiness, you will be my opponent."

"Hmm..... very well then. You think fighting yourself is really going to test this?"

Ru Jin:
"There is only one way to find out, dont hold back."

Nodding in agreement, he bends at his knees, pushing ever so softly his body lifts into the air, his head facing towards the sand as he flips from the top of the dune and lands at the base, his feet sliding into the sand till he reaches a stop in the sand. Erecting his body he looks up to Ru Jin with his hands to the sides of his body. "Whenever your ready Ru Jin, I am as well."

Ru Jin:
Watching the clone in the air, he softly opened the palm of his hand, and protruding through a hole in the palm, a crisp white kunai formed from the bone within his hand. The bone replicating itself as soon as it was used to form the bone and soon created the blade. Holding it in reverse he waited till the clone came to hault. Soon the words spoken from the clone would resonate in Ru Jins ears, a band of sweat slightly forming on his head sliding down his cheek. Thinking to himself "hmmm.... is this nerves or is it anxiety?...." He shook it off in his mind and nodded to the clones opening statement. "Very well then, and like I said. No holding back." As Ru Jin held the kunai, the kunai began to morph into another kunai by using the bone ejecting from the palm of his hand. As he held onto both in his right hand, he threw one down at the clone and held onto the second one, as soon as his arm went down to throw the kunai his right foot pressed into the sand and he lunged at mediocre speed down the dune towards the clone.

Watching the clone noticed the shoulder of Ru Jin move in style of beginning an attack, as his hand released the kunai the clone was already in a side stepping motion altering the location in which Ru Jin targeted. As he did he pressed forward down the dune the clone quickly did the same forming a kunai within his palm, waiting for Ru Jin to get closer he remained still, as soon as he was within range, the clone stepped forward closing 3 feet in distance and swiped horizontally towards Ru Jins chest. As he swipes, his left leg shifted spinning around as he did a full 360 going with the slash to perform a leg sweep with left leg, and turning himself to face Ru Jin in a battle ready position.

Ru Jin:
The kunai he threw slammed into the sand as the clone moved ever so slightly to avoid the kunai. Adjusting his eyes over Ru Jin noticed the kunai within the clones hand, as he approached closer the clone preformed a contemporary slash followed by a leg sweep. Simple in nature, trying to divert Ru Jins attention to the slash and then land the leg sweep. Ru Jin quickly parried the slash by using an upwards slash hitting the flat end of the kunai pushing the kunai up over his head, as the clone would go to perform the leg sweep, his right foot pressed into the sand lifting his body as his left knee came forward for what would he a direct hit into his torso area. With the purpertual motion of Ru Jins body the strike would send the clone back nearly 10 feet or more.

The slash being parried into the air, the clones left foot came around, his head tilted to keep eye contact he could see Ru Jins body lift violently, as it did the clones left arm was facing Ru Jins body, quickly the clones hand extended out hit the side of Ru Jins knee, altering his body to avoid the clones torso. As he did he would now be in motion to be on the side of Ru Jin, as Ru Jin would still slightly be lifted in the air, the clones left leg would come around completing the rotation, as it did he left foot planted firmly into the sand and then with an open hand he would strike forward into the side of Ru Jins rib cage to deliver a powerful hit that would send Ru Jin off to his right, and aiming it so it was above his center of gravity the hit would send the top half of Ru Jins body into the sand first.

Ru Jin:
Ru Jin felt the clones hand hit into the side of his knee pushing his body just so slightly off course of hitting the clone with his knee. As it did his left leg extended out, Ru Jin could see the clones left arm going then, them coming out for a strike against Ru Jins body. Quite the move Ru Jin would think as his left hand came down in a chop motion deflecting the clones hand downwards, as his left foot hit the sand the upper half of his body crested down slightly his right shoulder twisted and his right hip came around lifting his right leg into an upward straight kick directed at the clones chest.

The clone watched as Ru Jin hit his hand in a downwards motion, his arm going down he saw the pivot and how quickly a straight right kick was heading for his chest. The clones right hand quickly came in and the kick landed against the blade if the kunai. The kick slamming hard against the blade it sent the clone sliding backwards several feet before he came to a hault. His eyes set on Ru Jin the entire time. "It doesn't seem as if you lost your touch there Ru." Quickly the clone threw the kunai in his right hand, and then preformed Monkey → Rat → Tiger → Dragon → Horse → Dragon "Water Release: Snakes Mouth technique!" , Quickly the moisture in between Ru Jin and the clone turned into a spiraling pool of water the lifted high into the air, and the head of the water formed a distorted mouth and eyes of a snake and as it lifted the head of the snake lifted then dove down towards Ru Jins body which would engulf him in a massive pool of violently moving water, and the initial slam would be a deviating hit to Ru Jin.

Ru Jin:
As his foot hit the clones blade sending him back. Ru's foot set back down behind him, as he faced the clone. The clone spoke to Ru and he smirked under his mask. The clone threw the kunai at him in a direct fashion, but he lifted his right hand throwing the kunai into the clones deflecting them both, but as he was watching the clone he saw the hand signs being preformed. Quickly he formed the tiger sign as the water formed, Ru Jins chakra formed into his feet and he quickly pressed down on the body of water moving at a blinding speed past the vortex forming and moving past the clone. The vortex crashing down into the sand, Ru Jin was 10 feet behind the clone. As the vortex lifted into the air it would of blinded the clone from seeing that Ru Jin had moved past him. Turning his body, Ru looked at the clone and smirked. Quickly he leaned forward, reaching his hand to just behind the back of his neck, but the chakra inside of his body couldn't create the "vine" that was apart of his Dance of the clematis. Quickly, the only visible part of Ru's face illuminated with a red flame design, it created over half of his face and body, then Ru Jins body erupted into a cloud of chakra. ( Chakra: 35 +60= 95 and Surigetsu mirrors chakra making it appear to be 190. Speed: 50+60 making his speed 110) As it did, the chakra needed to perform his technique kicked in and Ru Jin quickly reached his hand back behind his neck, the handle of a weapon erupted into the palm of his hand, but it was as if the bone morphed through the wrap around his body, and soon after he released a whip made of the vertebra in his spine. The three protruding lumps off his spine gained a sharp point, and the cartilage in between the vertebrae fluffed out and the whip slammed harshly into the sand. (Speed: 110+50= 160, and strength 45+50= 95)

The clone saw the kunai slam into each other deflecting it with ease, he smirked as the vortex of water lifted into the air and slammed into the sand, however he quickly noticed the fact that there was no Ru Jin floating in the water. Suddenly, the clones Chakra Sensory was blown away by an eruption of chakra from behind him. Turning he saw Ru Jin crouched, the whip in his hand. The clones eyes opening in shock as he was actually taken back by the sight he saw. "Th-that escalated quickly" the clones body quickly readied, a violent swarm of lightning forming around his body, as a blue hue rested over his body. (Speed: 50+30= 80, and Stength 45+35= 75) Quickly the clone held the tiger seal in hiding and spoke out to Ru Jin. "So! Taking things to the next level huh?" He formed a thin white blade out of his left hand, soon a katana formed into his hand and he gripped it, sliding his foot back he waited for the soon to come attack.

Ru Jin:
The cursed mark playing it's part on his body, he could feel the pressure of the evil that is within him. Ru gripped onto the whip, then with his free hand formed the tiger seal and to the clone an after image was left due to how fast Ru Jins movements just became (Speed: 160+95= 255 due to body flicker technique) his body suddenly in a flash forming infront of the clone, as he appeared his right foot would slam into the ground and the whip would be slung around at a high rate of speed (160) following the motion of his arm slinging the whip. (The whip would move faster then the clone could see) As the whip would come around the spiked tips of the whip would sink deep inside the body of the clones and then wrap around the clone. As it wraps around the clone he would pull the clone to his body, the whip would be around his arms leaving the clones body useless. As Ru Jin would bring the clone in he would raise his left hand and a spike would quickly fly from the palm his hand to enter the clones chest ending the battle.

Watching closely the clone held the tiger sign waiting for the imposing attack. Suddenly Ru Jin appeared infront of him without a seconds notice, without even hesitating the close released the sign and quickly he flickered to the right of Ru's body. Ru Jins body should be continuing the attack, the clone slipping off to the side with his flicker, watching the devastation should still be continuing, he knew that this might be his only chance to actually inflict any damage to his creator. His body pressed into the sand and quickly he formed a hand sign. His hair pointing forward 500 hair senbons quickly released due to the increase in the hairs metabolism and in just a moment from only mere feet away the senbons tracked in towards Ru Jin.

Ru Jin:
Ru Jin easily tracked the clones movement even when he was in body flicker. His eyes tracking him, his arm still came down because of the absolute power behind the strike. The whip slammed into the sand and a massive fume of sand lifted into the air in two waves on either side of the whip. His head turned to the side looking at the clone, he held up a sign and as soon as the senbons began to come out of his hair and approached Ru Jin, they began to hit Ru Jin, he body shifted into water replacing his body. Off to the left of the clone Ru Jin stood on top of a remaining puddle of water, his foot was launching him towards the clone, the whip slung back his left leg hit the ground pushing him again and his right arm whipped around sending the spear tip of the whip cracking diagonally so it would slash down his neck. (Speed:110)

The clone hearing the puddle make a splashing type sound, he looked to his side and could see Ru in the air and when his left foot hit the whip came around. The clone leaned back and the blade slid across his cheek. Blood slightly coming out but the strike wasn't enough to make him turn into a plume of smoke. As the blade went past his body he quickly shot forward, both palms shooting out two quick blade he closed the distance between the two in a matter of short moments. As he approached him he unleashed a barrage of strikes. His right hand slashing upwards diagonally towards his right hip to his left shoulder. As soon as he did, the blade morphed into a blade from the palm of his hand. As just as quickly as the slash happened a spike shot from his elbow aiming towards Ru Jins face. As the spike would of came out he elbow would of went at ru. Soon spikes erupted all over his body, his body in a spinning motion sending stabs at Ru Jin at a high rate of speed (90).

Ru Jin:
His whip slicing the cheek of the clone he watched closely to the clone closing the distance between the two. His right foot stepping down he released the whip and faced forward moving at the close his left hand gripping the handle of the whip, the whip suddenly came together becoming solid piece. As it did his body stepped to the side sliding his foot back the blade flew up past him, the elbow releasing a spike that Ru shifted his head to avoid, the tip scraping against the substance on his face. Soon the clone was in a dance sending strikes at his body in massive repetition. Ru stepped back moving his shoulders dipped and moving back as the spikes came in to hit his body, his legs sliding back and he also somewhat dancing with the clone. As the clone would move in again the spine whip quickly folded in on itself and then shot out the bottom of the hilt from a point blank range at the clones chest as he was in mid motion to strike. a piercing blow hit the clones chest. Erupting his body into smoke instantly.

Ru jins body burst with a red glow as the cloud formations that formed receded back into the seal on his neck. The visions from the clone seeping in as he is able to analyze his fighting style and formation. Ru Jins body dropped to a single knee as the chakra that released from his body is now back inside of his body. The whip falling to the sand, he was slightly tired and out of breath. His arms heavy from the expenditure of energy to fight.

"Hm..... that was best at a Chunnins level possibly. There is no way you will stand your ground against a real opponent you would be picked apart and murdered."

Ru softly pressed into the sands turning his body to walk away into the the dark lit sun. When an overwhelming feeling took over his body. Ru couldn't accept the diagnosis of how he would fair against another shinobi. Ru quickly formed the shadow clone hand sign. Two clones appeared infront of him to his exact right and exactly left. Ru stared at the ground softly harnessing that this was truly a test to himself. He lifted his head and looked to the center of the two clones. "You two already know what I expect, I will not hold back." As Ru looked in between the clones, he could see the horizon behind them and the moon that gave light to the battle field. A tranquil moment, realizing this is a battle of the mind as much as it is a physical battle.

Clone 1:
Sudden the clone to the right of Ru launched without a seconds hesitation, his body erupting into a overlap of blue chakra with small bolts of lightning forming inside the cloak, the clone rushed in as quickly as his body would allow, he wasnt attacking with any blade the clone literally closed the distance, and quickly a barrage of punches followed as the clone in rapid succession, the barrage was a mix of kicks and punches at a higher rate of speed than usual (+30 to strength and speed)

Clone 2.
As the first the clone rushed in the second clone quickly pivoted back and then preformed handsigns. The mist quickly filling the dunes of sand that filled the sandy deserts. The clone himself quickly pressed to the border following it around as quickly as possible. He would track out of the mist to a position that if Ru came from the mist backwards from avoiding the attacks, positions himself to attack when the opportunity arose.

The first clone lunged forward his body engulfing in the lightning chakra. Ru knew exactly what the clone was performing. As he was coming forward, Ru's left foot slid behind him positioning himself in a side ways stance. As the clone began to send his punches and kicks, Ru used his right hand, fold his left arm behind his back, his right hand moving left to right. As his he went into his position his body as well was engulfed in the blue aura. So as the clone arrived his body had also gained an increase in speed and strength. As his hand shift from one strike to the other, the back of his hand and forearm and the palm of his hand pushed against the forarm and the bone in his arm would amend any broken or fractured bones as they occured, and being able to reinforce the arm by mending the bones into one solid piece in the instant of a kick coming upwards and the palm of his hand embracing the strike, and the durability of his armor on top the strikes were deflected with ease. As he was deflecting the strike the entire area was consumed in a thick and dense fog. But Ru could feel the clones chakra with his chakra sensory, his eyes shifted for a slight second it transitioned over back the first clone very quickly, his head went to the right, left shoulder shifting back his right hand went up as a left straight punch came at Ru, and in the fashion of an upper cut type strike with his palm open and hand laying horizontal the strike came up in a way it would be slamming into the clones elbow in a precise strike that wouldnt be over the top, but would send the punch slightly upwards past his body. As the strike would go upwards, his left shoulder would twist his body around to a point his left leg was in the front of his body his right hand was holding a hand sign. As his left foot planted down from swinging around his body instantly went forward at a quick rate of speed at two o clock from where he face before moving in the middle of the two he would disappear into the mist. Pressing down into the sand he quickly shifted his body down and his right hand placed down into the sand and his body slid backwards to a halt. His hands coming up to the middle of his body quickly performing hand signs as he saw a puddle of water next to him.

Clone 1:
As the clone was throwing his barrage of punches, glancing over as he felt the mist coming up on him he felt his elbow struck by Ru. His head turning as he went past the clone the clone quickly had his right hand on a kunai in his pouch on his back. His right shoulder whipping around and the kunai released from his hand at where Ru disappeared into the mist. The clone preforming hand signs smirked slight, as then kunai then multiplied into hundreds and hundreds of Kunais, the kunai spreading a vast distance that would look like its own type of smoke screen of black that would litter Ru's body with kunai.

Clone 2.
The clone quickly felt the original, Ru go behind him then the sudden range of chakra shift knowing the other clone had released an attack of some sort. His body stopping in the sand, he quickly pressed back remaining out of the mist waiting for the original to come out of the mist that was created by him. His body quickly engulfed in a blue hue that also added to his speed and strength. Waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike.

As he pressed into the sand he could the kunai quickly spread into hundreds of kunai. His eyes squinting as he held the hand sign. The first kunai flew past his head then quickly several flew into his body, as it did his body erupted into a pile of water, his body where the puddle of water was he stepped down knowing that he couldn't see through the mist. As he pressed his foot into the wet sand he kicked backwards, feeling the incline in the sand dune he rushed backwards quickly turning his body emerging out of the mist to the top of the dune. Like a mountain top above the clouds he looked down at the cloud of mist. Ru quickly preformed handisigns and in fashion laid his hand to the ground and a massive rising vortex of water rose into the air. The head of the vortex formed into the shape of a snakes head. Ru quickly slammed the head of the snake into the slope infront of him the sand quickly turned to thick mud conditions and the water spread clear down the face of the slope a 180 degrees infront of Ru. His hands still forming together he quickly formed handsigns and held the last sign speaking "Lightning style: Jibashi" as the thick rampage of water came down the face of the dune, lightning bolts detached from Ru's, blue aura sending lighting streaming through the damp sand and water. If the water or damp sand touches the clones it will electrocute the clones.

Clone 1:
Unable to see in the mist the clone assumed the splashing sounds was the originals body being struck. But he could still feel the originals body moving. He could suddenly hear the sound or raging water. The water came from infront of him. Then he could hear the crackle of lightning tearing through the sky, and the sound of sand cracking into glass shattering from the lighting. The clone formed a handsign and quickly his body shifted to the right at a high rate if speed, he pressed out of the mist and there was the other clone, looking to the top of the dune he could see Ru. He looked at the clone and said "do the snakes mouth jutsu" as the clone said that he quickly formed handsigns holding the last sign.

Clone 2:
Watching Ru get to the top of the hill and then the clone coming from the clouds, he quickly planted and told him to preform the jutsu. The water vortex rose into the air and just like the originals it streamed at hit from below. The vortex would hit where his came from absolutely flooding the entire surface he touched and connect to the lightning he created.

Ru noticed from the corner his eye, the movement, and he saw the water spout rise. His hands lifted up and his body turned to the side. Facing the water vortex he could hear the crackling of the lightning. He quickly grabbed a kunai with an explosive tag on the end, arm whipping around the kunai flew forward and his hands pressed together creating handsigns and as the kunai and water nearly met, the kunai duplicated into hundreds and hundreds of kunai with tags. The ends ignited, as they reached the vortex of water the explosive tags all went off at once. The massive explosions would of evaporated the water upon explosion due to the sudden increase of heat, and the hundreds of kunai exploding ceased the vortex from reaching its destination. Ru Jin stood panting his chakra dwindled he cannot bare to use anymore chakra baring techniques. The clones fading into smoke. The clones returning chakra to Ru Jins body.

"I have to replenish myself and get back to where I need to be..."

Ru Jin, quickly moved through the sand and left back into the border lands, a Roninn once again. ((Exit))

4,871 Words (Claiming 48 stat points)

(Previous Stat points:
Chakra:35 +15= 50
Stamina:25 +15= 40
Speed: 50
Strength:45 +5= 50
Total stats added: 35 points
-13 points distributed to 162 stat points to make it 175, then 35 points were added. 

Stats after points added
Health: 20
Chakra: 50
Stamina: 40
Strength: 50

Total: 210 Stat points; 115 stat points needed to cap)

(I just recently reclaimed my Character. Prior to my reclaim I was capped out in stats. So when i reclaimed my Character I cut the points in half but I had 175 not 162.5. So 13 of these stat points are to catch my stats up to par and the remaining will be distributed as seen.)
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