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Learning the hard way, my favorite. (Ikari, Zento) - Page 2 Empty Re: Learning the hard way, my favorite. (Ikari, Zento)

Sun Mar 22, 2020 5:30 am
Mid thread claims approved.
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Learning the hard way, my favorite. (Ikari, Zento) - Page 2 Empty Re: Learning the hard way, my favorite. (Ikari, Zento)

Sat Apr 04, 2020 3:39 pm
Zento would keep jumping from tree to tree. Making his way to freedom and a free meal. But, it wouldn't go so smoothly. He was still being followed. He was more careful this time around though. Zento could hear him though. Through the thick leafs of the tree and trying to catch up to Zento, the loud shake of those leafs would give away where his opponent was. What was that? Another loud movement of the leafs closing in fast. Two of them now? Must be a clone. Zento would think to himself. So he was gonna try and out number him? Zento smiled a bit and tightened the grip on his fishing pole holding onto the fruit. Flicking it off to a tree to the side and having it wrap around a branch. Stopping the line and turning to face the man and his clone behind him closing in fast. With his free hand, Zento would lift it up and flip the bird. Having a childish smile and yank on his line. Pulling himself in a completely different direction in the middle of the air. Being sure to time this when the two opponents were also starting their jump to Zento so they couldn't change direction easily to follow him. At that time, Zento would kick off his shoes to have them try and hit his opponents faces. Not that it would do any damage with just that simple flick. But would annoy him more probably.

Zento would let go of the fishing line and make a hand seal. and landing on the branch the fruit basket was hanging on. Now about ten meters away from his target in the air. At that moment, a thick mist would form around the area. The hidden mist jutsu. Blinding both of them. But Zento knows this area very well. Reaching down and cutting the line holding the basket. Moving from tree to tree. Landing on the side of the trees now instead of in the branches. Avoiding leaving foot prints by using his chakra to stay And without shoes on, his sound was basically no longer existent. Zento was in complete silence. Remembering the place of the sun, Zento would be heading east. His opponent to the west. Keeping his jump from tree to tree about three seconds apart from each to keep his movements silent. Landing on part of the trees that would hide him from his opponent if he moved into the area. But with the thick mist, Zento has a very good chance of escaping. What will you do now? Zento couldn't help but let out a smile. Hoping to see more.
Ikari Senju
Ikari Senju
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Learning the hard way, my favorite. (Ikari, Zento) - Page 2 Empty Re: Learning the hard way, my favorite. (Ikari, Zento)

Sun Apr 05, 2020 3:29 pm
Ikari would keep leaping, getting closer and closer, the Clone that was hurled in the air would get within 10 meters when the thief would perform a maneuver that Taichi wasn't surprised by. "This guy is quick on feet, that is for sure." The man would flip Ikari off as he dropped the fruit basket to perform a hand seal. "This is the moment." Just as he saw the man's grip on the fishing pole loosen, a kunai would leave his hand. 

The kunai would fly through the air and slice the line that would be holding up the fruit basket, cutting the line and releasing the fruit basket. Ikari would not forget about the thief. Ikari's clone would leap down to recover the fruit basket as the real Ikari would continue the pursuit of the thief himself. With his Mind's Eye of the Kagura technique active, he would still be able to see exactly where the man was and where he was headed. 

Ikari would leap through the mist, with the visibility being good enough for him to be able to see the branch that would leap off of and where he would land next. He would leap down to the ground, while the visibility wasn't much better down on the ground, he would have an easier time navigating the flat ground. He would continue to push forward, being able to keep a pinpoint location on the thief. He would keep sprinting through the forest, until finally he would have his clear shot. He would grab another kunai with an explosive tag attached to the handle of the kunai and would have it collide with the branch the thief would leap off of and have it blow. 

The branch would fall, causing the man to lose his balance and fall with it. Ikari's clone would have caught up to them at this point, sprinting through the forest. Ikari's clone would use the Wood release cutting technique to grow branches out of his sides. The thief would be falling from the tree at this point, and would be within 5 meters of the clone. Ikari's clone would use the branches coming out of his side to wrap around the man and trap the thief. 

If his plan would go through to this point. Taichi would perform the Nativity world of trees technique to create a box to add one additional container for the thief to stay within. "Did you get the basket?" Ikari would ask his clone through the wall of the wooden box. The clone would respond "Yeah it was behind you a few meters. 

Ikari would smile as he grabbed the basket and would finally begin eating his food.
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