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Daikuri Hyuuga
Daikuri Hyuuga
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Village : Konohagakure
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Whats your favorite drink? Empty Whats your favorite drink?

Sun Jun 02, 2024 12:59 am

It was an early afternoon as it was busy day in the village of Konohagakure , the villagers, all town folk alike were conducting their usual business as everyone seemed to have somewhere to be or a destination in mind except Daikuri. He had just finished some early morning training and having nothing else planned out for the rest of the day he figured he'll be on his way back home as a hot steamy shower was calling his name. He wasn't training to far from the village as he picked a nice spot by a clearing along the road. " Thats about enough I better get going." Daikuri said as he stretched his right warm rotating it as he used his left arm to hold his shoulder.

The young ninja now was off back to the village walking slowly as it took him minutes to reach front gates as he passed through having provided his needed credentials. He was now walking along the main street of the village hands in his pockets following his regular path to his home. There were a few shops along the street as workers some had workers standing outside holding signs advertising their shops merchandise, varying from different foods, fruits, clothes, and even sake. The last option made Daikuri stop dead in his tracks. "The late Bird" read the display on the front of the shop peaking the interest of our young ninja "Hmph.....This must be a new shop never seen this here before." he said to himself.

"AND where hiring! All positions are you looking for a job young fella." A middle age woman said to Daikuri , obviously hearing is comment to himself. He didn't notice she was listening or even around but needing a way to put some Ryo in his pockets he hastily replied " Yea for sure I was just looking for a j--" he was cut off as the women then pushed the hell out of him, hurrying him while pushing him up the stairs into the local bar. Look we pay off the books, so you get what you put in, sorry to rush you like this but its grand opening we need you to assist with our bartenders for now. You could head behind the bar." With that the lady then disappeared behind a closed door in the back of the bar leaving Daikuri to his duties.

Approaching the bar area Daikuri stepped around the bar and stood next to another employee a middle aged man who just said "Just take the regular ordered drinks I'll take the crazy ones cool?" Daikuri then node as they both then turned towards the counter ready to take orders. One patron stepped up and said "Let me get an order of White Fist Sake on the rocks will ya and hurry it up i been waiting all day!" "No need to be grumpy! Its right on the way......look here you go." Daikuri replied, while he was talking, he was quickly putting together the drink distracting the customer while he talked.

" Ok now that would be 5 Ryo... Thank you" He added as he sent the customer off with his drink. This went on for the rest of the day. The young ninja fulfilling orders with ease not messing up any drinks leaving the patrons happy. By the time it was coming to close shop he was now sweeping up left around dirt of the bar floors when the same middle aged women who he learned was the boss approached him and said. "Ahhhhhh you were a natural today! Here's your payment and come back tomorrow same shift, okay? He then nodded and gave a smile as he was happy enough to help, because he was getting paid of course.

Spending mostly the WHOLE day on his deet was absolutely tiering as he felt the effect on his legs and feet. He was walking home almost limping as he moved. "Guess I'm going to have to get use to this being on my feet all the time thing.....Oh cant forget to set my alarm when I get home too. Gotta report in on time for tomorrow shift. Now the time was around midnight and the young ninja made it home where he got a good night rest for the next day was going to be another busy day at the bar.

A week has now passed and growing a custom to the barber lifestyle Daikuri was doing a good job from remembering customers favorite drinks having them already ready for order to having good listening skills and validating opinions for his drunk regulars who always seemed to have a new problem they were dealing with in life. Making "The late bird" a well known bar in the village of Konohagakure, even some of the town ninjas were among few daily customers to the bar. But even though the shop was booming in business it had it pros and its cons that soon came along with it.

The first was around the area of the bar there was starting to be consistency of robberies as the pub was known for having some of their patrons leaving drunk out their minds being good targets for an easy come for thieves during the late nights. Another was near the bars entrance there was a lot of beggars starting to somehow find their place there, pan handling asking anyone that pass by for change. Daikuri didn't have nothing against them, but this was just another thing starting to scare customers away as he had to ask someone or escort someone away from the property daily.

But now something else was starting to damage the bars reputation "The Late Bird" was known for being a place for friendly gathering and one to get some GREAT sake from but was now becoming victim to a lot of little and bar fights and scuffles making the owner having to close it down early a few nights. A couple weeks passed and our young ninja / bartender now have been working at the bar for a long enough time now and was familiar with the workers and the middle age woman who he learned name was "Amy" had pulled him aside one day before shift start pertaining to a new position.

"I know you been seeing or heard about what's been going on around here.. We need to step it up with security around here so this shift i want you by the door. Just remember don't hurt anybody i just dont want my bar and all this expensive sake to be DESTROIED you know? Because who's gonna pay for it if it happens? Exactly." Amy said. "Well good luck now off you go" she then added before waving the young ninja off. "Okay no problem ill keep everything out of harm's way" Daikuri replied as he started to walk towards the bar entrance door. He grabbed a chair from a nearby table and placed it against the wall near the bars door and sat commencing the start of his shift this afternoon.

Everything went well so far through the afternoon leading up to night. It was around nine o'clock and this was the time you would usually have your mercenary's and various shinobis arriving but tonight there was none of the sorts. Just plain citizens filled up the bar there enjoying a drink after a hard day work, seeing this and plus feeling a little drowsy from the boredom of just watching everybody. He started to nod off, his arms folded in the chair his head leaned back against the wall his eyes slowly closed for a brief moment or that's what it felt like.

He had fell asleep on guard duty but was only out before he was abruptly woken by loud yelling. "Why I outta show you a little something about respect!" One man yelled. Daikuri now fully awake and alert jumped up scanned the room to see where this was coming from. Two men where at the far end of the bar now facing each other both with their fist raised as they yelled in each other's face. Both looking as angry as the other. "You wouldn't dare do a thing now get your hands out my face before ti do something you wouldn't like!" the other yelled back.

Daikuri being quick on his feet then jumped in between both men then he fiercely looked each of them in their eyes before shaking his head and saying. "Nobody's going to do nothing to nobody... at least not in here. How about you two take this outside." The two men not paying attention to the young ninja disregarded what was said. One then tried to swing on the other but seeing this and reacting with quick speed outstretched his right arm as he ducked then bringing it in turning to the left, he strikes the man with an open palm to his chest. Pushing him back a few feet away from his target. He then turned around and did the same to the other man, striking him with two open palms to the chest. Pushing him back also.

These were light attacks great in speed but low in strength just to separate the two. The last one then seemed to let go the situation as he didn't want to go any further but the first one now more madder clenched his fist as he was prepared to fight. "I will ask you one more time please leave your not allowed here anymore." Daikuri said. Still not listening the man then started running towards Daikuri attempting another right hook at his face. Still trying not to hurt them man Daikuri then jumped in the air as he swung his left leg into the punch, kicking it leaving the man pulling his hand back holding it.

Taking this opportunity got close and swirled around the man putting him in a headlock securing him tightly. "See you didn't wanna listen now we gotta do this the hard way." he said as he back walked the man to the bar entrance. Reaching the door he then tossed the man out the door standing before him as he watched he hit the ground then not to long after getting up. "Now shooooo" Daikuri added, then the man embarrassed walked away obviously having too much to drink for the night anyways. This was another successful shift for Daikuri and he was for surely eligible for a raise... right?? He then went on with the rest of the day no troubles still upholding the "The Late Bird" reputation for being the best bar in Konohagakure!

WC: 1,777


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Himari Hyuuga
Himari Hyuuga
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Clan Specialty : Taijutsu
Village : Konohagakure
Ryo : 181150

Whats your favorite drink? Empty Re: Whats your favorite drink?

Sun Jun 02, 2024 9:34 am
Daikuri Hyuuga wrote:
WC: 1,777


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