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Doing whats Right (P, Youka, Akuoy, Youkahana) Empty Doing whats Right (P, Youka, Akuoy, Youkahana)

Mon Jun 05, 2017 5:12 pm
Today had been a mess of business but that wasn’t something he concern himself with right now. For now his concern had to be what he had intended to come here for. Taking a deep breath the Jounin stood quietly in the waiting area just outside of his Raikage’s office. The secretary having already announced his presence  all he could do was wait. He had scheduled this appointment the day he had gotten back from his fight with the three tails Bijuu. Now he had to see it through, he could only hope that what he was here for wouldn’t be overstepping his position at all.
However, he felt that it was his duty to do this. With the war on, shinobi had not had the time to sit down and work their way through any of the exams in order to further themselves in the rank structure of Kumogakure. Yet many great feats had been accomplished by the shinobi of Kumo. Senshi himself had been promoted without completing the exams, even though he had found himself still slugging through them as best he would with the war effort taking most of his time. There was a precedence set there, now it was Senshi’s job to inform the Raikage of what his shinobi had accomplished and then leave it in his capable hands to decide what he wanted to do with his shinobi.

His hands twitched wanted to rest on one of his hands on one of the many weapons he had on his body. He was wearing his Armor, the large red cloud on the front proclaiming his allegiance to Kumo just as his headband would have. A headband that was just as visible on his head since the mask was placed on his hip. He was not an ANBU as such it would be the height of disrespect to wear the mask in his Lord and Liege’s presence.
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