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Find little Mona! Empty Find little Mona!

Mon Nov 11, 2019 8:21 pm
Find the missing puppy

The morning air was nice as Akarui took a long detour around the village to get to the Hokage building. He had been working hard these last weeks constantly improving himself. He felt changed, nearly back to the person he wanted to be. Lost in his thoughts Akarui had arrived unknowingly at the mission board area.

There was a boy crying by the mission board who looked to be 4 holding his mother’s hand in one and what looked like multiple of the same mission statements. A couple other people were holding copies and chatting quietly among themselves. The atmosphere was rather subdued when Akarui walked in. 

"Please sir, my Mona. Please save him, he’s gone missing!” The boy cried and clung to his mother. 
“Sorry sir. Our puppy Mona is lost. If you find him, please bring him back.” The lady said as she handed over a copy of the mission statement.

Akarui set right out to find the puppy. He felt sympathy for the boy and puppy. He wanted to reunite them as soon as possible. Though he didn’t have a Hyuuga’s Eyes or an Uchiha’s either. He lamented on that fact as he searched around the last known location. 

“Mona! Mona! Here boy!” Akarui called out to the pup but there was no response. So he checked as many puppy sized hiding spots he could. He found stats, bats, rats and birds but no puppy. Akarui didn’t feel discouraged by that fact and kept looking for Mona.

Morning turned into noon as Akarui searched high and low around the village. He had nearly been all over Konohagakure but no sign. That’s when a breakthrough was obtained. Akarui heard the faint sound of whimpering that he had almost missed. 

It didn’t take Akarui long to catch that sound again and follow it. It seemed to be coming from a drain close by. When Akarui checked the drain however, it was empty. He heard it again as he got out. It was an echo of whimpering. Judging by that he was close. 

Akarui followed the drain as it came to an outlet on the edge of town. It was a swampy area that most waste water flowed to but there were several catchment tanks around Konohagakure. 

When he arrived at the outlet he heard a whimper again but much clearer this time. He rushed to the rail and surveyed the outlet.

“Over there!” Akarui exclaimed. He could see a small floating figure small enough to be held up by the water lilies. Without hesitation he vaulted over the railing . As he did, a chakra soft glow appeared at his feet.

Landing steadily on the waters surface without falling and breaking the water. Akarui dashed to grab the tiny pup checking it was okay before walking back to land. It was cold and shivering so Akarui made haste toward the mission area.

The boys face brightened like daylight when he saw his pup again and cried with Joy. The mother thanked Akarui profusely as he reunited them. Akarui then left them alone and collected the mission paid and proceeded home.

WC 527
Claiming 1 stamina
E-Rank Mission 1AP
500 Mission Ryo + 100 Genin Salary = 600 ryo
500/500 Iron Claw
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Find little Mona! Empty Re: Find little Mona!

Mon Nov 11, 2019 8:55 pm
Everything looks gucci here. Have an approval.
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