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Chuta Pendragon
Chuta Pendragon
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A Search for Mona Empty A Search for Mona

Tue Sep 10, 2019 8:00 pm

A search for a dog quickly turned into a search for a savior. As the reports came out from day to day the prized dog, 'Mona' has been missing for four days now. He has saved a child or two by getting the attention of authorities when they have been trapped in trees or even when a building was on fire. The dog has gained popularity as commercials have come out staring Mona, mostly selling home security systems and dog foods, and it's net worth skyrocketed to nearly 100,000 Ryo. The safety of this animal was imperative.

Chuta got the call on the first day the animal was missing. A letter was dropped off at his apartment containing the details of the mission and how it may look like he is working alone, to trust that the city is behind him and that ninja were tasked with other sectors of Konoha. He was to search near water sources and in the market area, it consisted of a 10 mile radius around the center of both.

First, Chuta ran around the border of the area, shouting "Mona!". The wind and the crowds were loud and made it difficult for him to hear. There may have been a whimper or even a full bark, but the commotion of the city was too great. He decided to move more inward and call out the same name, doing this down streets and allies limited the distance so he could hear. They were empty, no sign of the animal anywhere. He kept watch for droppings. Most times animal droppings were a sign of a dog without an owner, a stray. Especially, where he saw cats about, though Chuta didn't forget the animal may be trapped.  

He continued to lift through boxes and move trash containers that were pilled on the side of streets. He put animal food out the first night, and when the second and third day came up empty they began to loose hope. Where they ever going to find the animal? There has been no ransom put out demanding money. There was no word at all.

Chuta was eating breakfast on the fourth day. His normal meal of eggs, bacon, and toast, though on that day he was reading the news paper. He happened to glance over the forecast section. How could he have forgotten that it stormed the first two nights of his search? What about the drainage? The dog was small after all, maybe he got carried away in the rush off water. Chuta shoved his mouth full of food and ran to the sewer system. The streets were lined with grates that would be big enough for the small dog to slip through, even when yelling into them he couldn't hear anything but decided t search deeper.

When he finally found the entrance to the sewer system itself he searched vigorously. Yelling and letting his voice echo down the cylindrical walls. A flashlight guided his way. After an hour or two he thought for sure that he covered the entirety of his given sector but didn't give up.  

"Mona!" he yelled. The echo was starting to cause a headache. "Mona!" He continued.

He could hear something, something other than his echo, it sounded like a whimper. In the cave like structure it could have been coming from anywhere. "Mona?" He said as he looked left and right down turns in the tunnels. Finally he heard it again. It was faint, but for sure to the right. He ran and when he saw him laying on the ground, his fur all matted and even small cuts and debris on his body, he touched him softly. He was laying still, on his side, and only faint moans and whimpers came from him. Chuta tried to heal him with his basic medical technique, it seemed to put a little more life into the animal, but it needed far more attention.

Chuta tock off his jacket and wrapped the dog up. Rushing him to the hospital the animal was out of any further danger. The news the next day was excited, though Chuta wasn't mentioned, he knew that he had done something important, made a family happy again.  

((((( EXIT )))))

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Akabayashi Terumi
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A Search for Mona Empty Re: A Search for Mona

Tue Sep 10, 2019 10:06 pm
You need projection before Dracosight, as it is a requirement. Please edit the claims and post again on the staff requests discord.

Approved, I'm an idiot.
Chuta Pendragon
Chuta Pendragon
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A Search for Mona Empty Re: A Search for Mona

Tue Sep 10, 2019 10:25 pm
Nah, not an idiot. There is a lot going on, on this site.
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