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Noboru Kaito
Noboru Kaito
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Round Up -- E-Rank Mission Empty Round Up -- E-Rank Mission

Tue Oct 15, 2019 1:16 pm

Kaito woke up soaked in darkness and sweat; it had been a particularly hot night. Looking out of the dirty windows, he couldn’t tell if it was just the dirt, or if it was foggy. “So, a hot day as well.” Kaito got off the bed and went into the kitchen, preparing a filling breakfast; several eggs, shredded fried ham, ribbons of cheese freshly sliced, plenty of salt and pepper, dried onions and oregano. He scrambled the contents of the pan for a couple of minutes before plating it, letting the residual heat on the eggs finish the cooking process on its own to avoid overcooking while he sliced chives thinly to spread on top. The assault of flavors brought his mood sky high almost immediately with the first bite. A buttered slice of bread and couple skinned cucumbers cut lengthwise into spears aided in making the meal more balanced and flavored. The morning would be his, whether it liked it or not. Maybe he would even go into the mountains for another training session. That would’ve been the plan, until he noticed the envelope laying in front of the door; none were earlier birds than the ninja who delivered mission notes.

The details of the mission were simple: the pen house was short on hands today, and reports of stray cats and dogs were abound. This much he knew; couldn’t cross the street with some stray crossing your path. Kaito wouldn’t have time for a shower though; he would have to content himself with brushing his hair and teeth instead.

As he arrived, he was given a cart with several cages where he would be able to store the captured animals. He was advised to be particularly careful with the cats, which were rather elusive; not that a ninja would have problems with cats. He did get warned about the goose, though. It wasn’t an animal they could pen, but it was an animal that had no qualms with attacking anyone. He was also handled a lasso on a stick, to help.

To his surprise, Kaito was assigned the better part of town to patrol instead of his usual assignment of the dirty area of town. “I suppose the rich don’t like to have to look at strays.” Although, calling them rich was an exaggeration; the better off would be a better term, he guessed. He doubted anyone in Kumo was actually rich.

The hours went and he had few issues; the fog cleared and brought in a crisp, warm and sunny morning. He would follow the clues of where animals could be found, sometimes there would be a plate with food for animals and animals nearby, sometimes you could find a track encased in mud that lead to a nest. One such case was when he found a litter of puppies, all whimpering quietly, their eyes closed as they wiggled about in the curled embrace of their mom. As he approached, the mom raised her head and gave a threatening toothed smile. This wouldn't be easy. "Easy, girl. I'm here to help." The toothed smile wouldn't relent. "Fine…" Kaito left the cart and went into the nearest shop, returning with slices of meat, a bowl and fresh water. "See? Heeeeeeeelp." He threw a slice of meat expertly at the mom's face, landing atop her snout; frantically smelling it, she twitched her head violently to make the meat flip and caught it in her mouth, then licked her face. Kaito drank some water and put the rest of the water from the bottle and into the bowl, slowly pushing it in the mom's direction. She was still suspicious. Fair enough. Kaito would tease her with the meat, and he noticed that she was looking intently at it; she wanted it. Kaito once again dangled a piece of meat before throwing it in her direction. Everytime he did, be inched closer and closer, until she trusted him enough to let him come close. He fed her pieces of meat directly from his hand and petted her carefully with his knuckles against her forehead and neck.

Once she was calmer, he let her lick his fingers, but when he tried to approach the puppies she tried to bite him; he just grabbed her by the nape of the neck and wrestled her into a cage. The young, he grabbed them in a blanket and carefully slide them into the momma's cage. "It's for your own good!" She seemed calmer when he handed over the babies.

Later on he came across the goose. Him and the goose eyed each other, sizing the opponent. The goose came in honking and tried to attack Kaito, but Kaito bonked the goose's head with the side of his open palm hand, sending the goose honking back into the lake. With some animals on the back of the cart, he delivered the animals to pound, where they announced they would put up listings for the puppies once they were old enough to separate from the momma. Satisfied, Kaito went home.

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Asahi Yagami
Asahi Yagami
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Village Leader
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Round Up -- E-Rank Mission Empty Re: Round Up -- E-Rank Mission

Thu Oct 17, 2019 12:56 pm
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