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Jiro Kyuketsuki
Jiro Kyuketsuki
Ryo : 1100

Round Up [E-Rank Mission] Empty Round Up [E-Rank Mission]

Thu Nov 07, 2019 2:20 am
Jiro was told to go to the pound that morning for his next mission. Well, he did love animals so that was not too bad. Actually, he preferred them over humans. At least animals never hurt anyone unless provoked. They were not cruel. So he was excited as he made his way to the pound, skipping as he did so. As long as he did not have to clean dog and cat shit, he was good.

He got to the pound and was met by a woman with a clipboard. "Name?" she asked without looking at him.

"Jiro Kyuketsuki," he exclaimed. 

"Okay, great." She still did not bother glancing up from her clipboard. "You'll be helping gather a couple stray animals to bring back here." And with that, she moved onto the next person. 

Jiro was given some supplies from a man this time. It was a map with a section circled indicating where he was supposed to go, a leash, and a harness. He looked at his section and went over to it. He was not too far away from the pound, within walking distance. This'll be easy! 

What he had not anticipated was the lack of distrust that stray animals had for humans. He growled softly as the first animal refused to come to him. It was an orange kitten that was hiding behind a trash can. "Neko, neko neko-chaaaan", he called to it, voice singsong as he bounced closer. 

The kitten, however, was having none of it. It hissed and lashed out at him as he moved closer. Jiro swore a wide vocabulary of swear words that would have made even the most seasoned ANBU member blush as the demon creature latched onto his hand, drawing blood. But he put the harness over it and clipped on the leash before removing its mouth gently from his hand. 

"HA!" He triumphantly stated as he picked up the kitten and walked back to the pound to drop it off. 

Once he got the kitten handed off to the right people, he went back out to scour the area. This time, it was an older dog, skinny enough to count its ribs. He frowned slightly, looking around before giving some ryo to the nearest street vendor and getting a small piece of fruit. He walked over and offered it to the dog. "Hey, boy...or girl…." 

The dog gingerly sniffed the fruit and licked at it before taking a bite. Jiro smiled, fangs glinting in the sunlight. "Good pup," he said encouragingly. The rapid beating of a tail made him perk up even more. "C'mon!" He put the harness on the dog then the leash. The dog weakly let itself be led to the pound as Jiro spoke to it, telling it about his training and how his day was going.

He did not even notice the odd looks he was getting from people he passed. Eventually, he wound up picking up the dog and carrying it...him….to the pound. Once he arrived, he gave the dog the rest of the fruit. "Good boy," he said, kissing the dog's furry head before being told that he could leave. 

He hesitated a bit before giving the dog one last pat and walking out of the pound with his earnings for the day.

Mission Name: Round Up
Rank: E
Type: Community service
Task: The village holds many people but also animals. A lot of them are strays without a home. You as Shinobi have been tasked to assist the pound in catching some stray dogs and cats so that they can find a new home.
Word Count: 554

500 Ryo + 100 Genin Salary = 600 Ryo
+1 AP
+1 Speed
+250 words to learn [Url=]Discipline[/url]
+250 words to learn [url=]Mark Seal[/url]
+54 words to Blood Element [377/1000]
Hikari Namikaze
Hikari Namikaze
Ryo : 145900

Round Up [E-Rank Mission] Empty Re: Round Up [E-Rank Mission]

Thu Nov 07, 2019 11:58 pm
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