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Sakana Meijin
Sakana Meijin
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Travelers Tales Empty Travelers Tales

Tue Jul 02, 2019 1:37 am
This posts explains where Sakana had been the past few months.

Making the decision to run away from your life and everything familiar to you wasn’t an easy one. Sakana had spent countless sleepless nights wondering if he should get out of his surroundings for a while to clear his head away from all of the distractions and memories the village hidden in the clouds brought him. For a while he had these conversations only with himself, he wouldn’t dare talk to anyone else in fear of them trying to control his decision for him. But there was one person who could hear his every thought, recognize every emotion running through his mind. Isobu the the three tailed beast.

Out of no where came a roar inside his brain. “Damn it I can’t get any sleep if you keep your mind this clouded.” The Meijin jolted inside of his bed, surprised to hear the beast awaken from the tiny part of Sakana’s consciousness he had stashed himself away in ever since the beginning. From the start the turtle and Sakana had a very passive relationship towards each other, avoiding talking to each other to avoid the uncomfortable conversations neither one of them wanted to have about being partners. Isobu merely spoke when it was convenient for him, giving his captor some parlor tricks to keep him at bay, but this constant metal harassment of thoughts were too much for even the great slumberer to ignore. “Retreat into seclusion, it’ll give both of us time to get some peace and quiet.”  

“Whoa, it’s been a while since we said anything to each other. The last time we talked to you wanted to interrogate the six tails, since then all I’ve heard were your occasional grumbles while you slept.” Sakana still hadn’t completely gotten used to having a voice in his head that wasn’t use himself talking back. He held no secrets from this being. So there was no lying or trying to manipulate him, he could only rely on the truth to get himself through these conversations, Isobu knew could understand the real him for better or for worse. 

“We can’t just get up and leave. What about Saya, Komon, Komori, Max, Reizo, and everyone else I care about? If I just disappear they’ll feel like they’ve lost two friends in just a short couple of months. We can’t have them go on some heroic search for us.” This is the mentality Sakana had been using to justify staying, too many people needed him around. After all in only a short amount of time he was supposed to be needed by the whole village. But then Isobu clearly laid out exactly why he needed to go. 

“Listen child, you need to settle your mind or you will be of no use to anyone anywhere. You’ll get up getting others and yourself killed if you try to go into a combat situation with this state of mind. Leave a note in the house explaining that you needed some time. If anyone really needs you, you have a telepathic link to those you care about. Leave tonight before you have any second thoughts.”

For his whole life Sakana had worried and over thought his every action. Maybe it was the fact that he hadn’t slept in three days, or that he was succumbing to the influence of the bijuu but he started to get out of his bed and start throwing the necessities into a small duffel bag. He’d been so preoccupied with himself that Sakana didn’t notice Komoregi sleeping soundly at the end of his bed. Ever since Komori had decided to throw himself into his mission he’d left the little guy in his friends care. The Meijin knew that he couldn’t just leave the dog there. 

Komoregi woke up with what must have been sleep deprivation. The little dog sat in his bed with him just shaking and sniffing his face. He was so weak and tired from all the tossing and turning Sakana did in his sleep that the poor guy was just as exhausted as he wa
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