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Tales of a New Sannin CH2 Empty Tales of a New Sannin CH2

Fri Feb 14, 2014 10:23 pm
At last he was free, the traveling ninja, I mean citizen, was making his way across the borders. His mind freely taking in the new scenery that was now presented to him, since Ganki was so accustomed to mountains. Ganki gazed across the plans, his steps becoming slower and slower as he took in the beauty, while still keeping his pace. Ganki began to love his new life already, no work, no orders, just life. Ganki formed at huge smile on his face, at the same time he looked to his right, catching the many animals traveling beside him from a distance.
The setting Ganki was in was a large grassy plain, most likely he was in the Bear Country; it was his first time being here. The sun was directly above him, his skin absorbing the radiant rays, the tint beginning to show after a mere few minutes. Yep, definitely a new environment, no more was he in the high altitudes. Ganki still had his same clothes from before, in fact, It was day two since the day he had left the village. Ganki had on his blue v-neck shirt, black pants, black sandals, and a carrying sack that he held over his shoulders.  The dirt road which he walked was the road to the future, what was going to be in store for him he did not know. Where would he go? He didn’t have a set plan of where he wanted to travel first; Ganki scratched his head in thought. Maybe Suna, or Tenga, he didn’t know. All he knew for sure was that he was free at last.
Ganki admired the animals that crossed his path, Ganki tried to run with them, but never got the chance to since they seemed to run faster than him. The same question from before occurred again, while walking the long dirt road, where was Ganki going to go which he still did not know? All this free time that was dumped into his lap, was hard to use he thought. “Yeah right!!”, Ganki yelled in laughter. Then, well then, Ganki sort of got a weird feeling. Ganki used his chakra senses to feel out into the distance, to see if anything was out there. Why did he do that he wondered, there wasn’t anybody out there to hurt him. His mind was then rushed with the same violent images from before, the large ape laying dead on the floor, the blood rushing from its hole that was the fault of Ganki. Why oh why was he having these images again. Ganki stopped for a moment, his head throbbed in pain, he cursed at himself for even accepting that mission.
During Ganki’s flashback, he could be seen at his desk, with many anbu surrounding him, circling his desk. Ganki was alerted that a beast was roaming the mountains, killing many travelers that happened to be cloud villagers. But this wasn’t the first report of the beast, many other agents attempted to deal with the monster, since it proved too difficult for a mere jounin. But, even the beast proved too difficult for the anbu under Ganki’s command. Five Anbu were sent one at a time, two of them were on a team even. Ganki didn’t like seeing his teammates fall like this, so he eventually decided to do it himself. Ganki, as an Anbu captain, could have sent more Anbu to deal with it, but sensing the worry from the new recruits, and vets, he knew he had to do it.
Ever since then Ganki’s mind had now become unraveled even more as the days went by, the only time he could not experience such trama, was when he was focused on something else real hard. This was the longest Ganki had went through without seeing the images, now his mind such tore itself piece by piece. Such pain that he well deserved, to him. Killing that beast was not all he did; he separated a family, that would most likely die now without someone to support them. Finally, Ganki felt some relief from the pain he was going through, his vision now becoming clearer. This was not normal what ganki was going through, such pain from a vision. Why did he have to suffer from this, was his action that he did so opposite from his nature. Killing, Ganki was the opposite of that by nature. Ganki couldn’t recall once during his childhood, in fact through his genin, chuunin, and jounin years, did he want to kill someone. Ganki needed to find some way to get rid of all these images, repress them somehow. His mind now clear, Ganki focused senses even more, his chakra senses feeling outwards to see if he was alone still, cept the animals of course.
Coming to his attention, the animals were still running around the fields, the sun still high as it were. Speaking of which, Ganki reached into his pocket, feeling the unfinished blunt that he had during his time with Ukita. He pulled out the blunt ever so quickly, the brown fag now placed in his mouth, leaning to the right side. Channeling a bit of Lightning natured chakra, Ganki created a make shift lighter with his fingers, that he now used to light his blunt. The feeling came on swift winds, the pain, the thought, the agony of the event was not gone, Ganki was at piece.
Funny, how such a weird substance could do so much, Ganki not only loved the smell of it, but the effects of it as well. This weed was the shit he thought, which was why he made it a point to smoke this whenever he experienced such pains from the images, the thoughts, soon they would be no more. As Ganki inhaled the smoke, Ganki continued on forwards down the long dirt road, where his destination was unclear. Unknowingly to Ganki, he was making his way into the fire country, the heart of the fire nation.
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Xuro Bakuton
Xuro Bakuton
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Tales of a New Sannin CH2 Empty Re: Tales of a New Sannin CH2

Sat Feb 15, 2014 1:27 pm
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