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Matteo still is blasting words (solo) Empty Matteo still is blasting words (solo)

Wed Jan 23, 2019 4:15 am
It eventually became clear that the best way to go about trying to learn as a ninja was to go and see about how he would figure out how he would go about doing this. After a bit of thinking, he would determine that what he would want to do, was to go and train some kind of jutsu. At least hopefully, it would not need some kind of weird stuff that would involve some kind of weird garbage that would involve way more than would possibly be necessary. IT really did not look like there was much in the way of stuff that would be available in some kind of technique that was really that advanced. MAtteo hoped that the best way to go and find a technique was to go to the ninja academy library. It really seemed as if it would need some kind of headband. At least one would not need much in the way of qualifications, all one needed was some kind of graduation of sort, whether it would be the standard genin exam, or maybe even some kind of thing as chunnin evaluation, whatever the heck that was. Who knew, it probably would not matter much in the way of grand scheme of things or really ever at all. Who knew what would be in this place. It really seemed as if it would not be that difficult to find any good techniques that were in the place.

Matteo would walk around in the library and have a really good look around the huge place, it seemed as if all the books could have some great information, but it was not easy to figure out where to go considering that there were so many books, and so many places to go and find them all over the place it seemed at least one would think. Who knew what was the problem with the way that this place would be laid out. IT already looked like it would be pretty hard to go ahead and try to find the place of these books. MAtteo would look around and after a number of hours and a few minutes, Matteo would find a section containing advanced wind techniques that could even be S rank. IT seemed like there were not a tonne of techniques that were really that difficult, a lot seemed pretty similar considering that it seemed that some sort of wind expert seemed to have written probably all of the books, at least one would assume, seeing all the books there with similar authors. Who knew when all the books seemed to be last named of lee or li or ly. They all looked so similar, and it was really difficult to go and see what was really by who, and hope to god that nobody there also had different first names. Matteo thought that it would be so difficult to go and try to find any kind of book of an author he liked. It was worth mentioning that books were supposed to be rare at least one would assume considering books were actually hand written, which would mean that they would actually be really difficult to go and try to copy those books because of how much work it would be to go and write such a book one would think if it was possible.

Matteo would think about the way that he would go about the way to think about how to decide about the jutsu that he would probably want to learn in any kind of capacity or such it would seem. MAtteo was unsure if he would want to go to another A rank, but it seemed like it really would be best to go ahead and decide on one. Matteo would proceed to go and see if he could literally pick up all the books and then decide what he would want to go and put back because it would take so long to go and read through all of them that it would be years. It seemed like the best course of action was actually to go and see about the way and method that he would go and read this various stuff. IT seemed like the table of contents was actually the best thing to think about because of all the stuff being summarized and done pretty simply, allowing one to quickly go and read and figure out what the book was about and to see if one would actually want to go and read the rest of the book at least if it would be so good. Matteo would then go and find out the technique that he would want to learn. Hopefully, he would be able to learn an A rank technique called, Fuuton, Beast Tearing PAlm. IT looked like it could be really helpful to go and figure out and find the best way to go and learn this jutsu from the book hopefully it would be not too hard of difficult or anything like that.

Who knew how one would go and learn this stuff because of how little information there actually seemed to be about the way that one would learn jutsu. It seemed so weird that there were so many techniques that were actually available, that were actually pretty hard to learn because of the amount of work require to go and learn and realize the way of doing this kind of technique one would think. He really assumed that it would not be at all easy to do this kind of such because of how hard he had to work to learn and educate himself about what he was supposed to do. HE would eventually open the book, and he actually quite liked the thing it did well. It really looked like it could be quite an effective technique because of the repeatability and potential usefulness of this kind of technique it would seem at least hopefully. The learning and general competence of the stuff needed for this technique actually seemed quite high and difficult, but also seemed like Matteo also may just be about able to go and do this technique without a lot of difficulty.

In the book it would be pretty clear that he had to wave his arm in some kind of way so that he would be able to make some kind of air wave that would allow him to go and make some kind of sharp object that would travel quickly through the air and cut the target or victim into pieces. IT looked pretty effective, but it seemed as if it would actually be pretty difficult to go and try and practice because of the space requirements needed to do some sort of stuff involved with this jutsu. IT really was great that he somehow managed to go and learn at least some part of the jutsu at a pretty good pace of some kind. MAtteo would eventually start by trying to practice swinging his arm around and although it seeemed to no avail, he really thought that he was kind of making this thing seemed to manage to work. IT really looked as if the stuff needed for this thing was actually kind of difficult considering how little this technique seemed to do. Who knew why this thing was so hard to learn considering how simple this seemed to be. IT really looked as if this simple thing could really not be that hard all things considered. The best he figured out was actually to go and try making air while swinging his arm around and although it seemed as if it was not working still, albeit with air coming out, it did look like it might have somehow been the right idea, mostly because of how hard it was to see any other method of trying to do this sort of technique which seemed to have so few possibilities that would be at all within an open mind. The idea of the technique did not seem at all complicated or difficult because of all the problems that would involve the stuff that would come from being complicated at least one would assume or thing probably. Eventually, he thought that he would not have to do that much more, all it seemed like he had to do was to figure out how to make enough concentrated air, and trying to make this thing work properly. HE would try again, and would try making really dense air, and try swiping his arm around more, but would practice this more, and would realize that he was actually managing to make some progress, this time, he figure that he would be doing the right thing, because when he was swinging his arm around, he was actually manging to make the air have a real effect, and that he was really pretty successful at knocking stuff over, albeit not really being able to try to cut anything. IT really looked like it could not be that difficult if he would be successful in trying to make the jutsu even more effective.

Practicing swinging his arm around was actually not getting really abad result, because he was figure out that he was actually pretty successful, he was managing to make the air cutting stuff. He would practice this even more, and eventually would be managing to make this kind of thing work pretty well, in the grand scheme of things, as he was managing to cut stuff with a really soft stuff. HE was finding that although he was able to cut like random weak things like grass or tall reeds, or anything like that, it really could not be that hard though, it really did not look like it would make sense that he would not really be able to make this kind of thing work well without eventually trying to make this air stuff actually be more sharp. Matteo was effectively bludgeoning stuff with all kind of blunt air stuff that although it seemed to have some power, that power only really not that much, only like 30 or so, so really not that much however though. Matteo would practice this stuff more, and would practice this more, and would find that although he was actually making a rather blunt and unsharp object, he was actually managing to make pretty good progress in the department of this kind of blunt object thing. Matteo would realize that he still was having problems with stamina, although he was not doing too badly. HE was actually finding that although he did not need much to do, he still had all this problem with all the pretty simple idea of making some kind of arch shaped thing, probably at least because of all the problems involved with all the stuff that needed all the crap because of the various little things he would have issues with.

Matteo would not have all the issues the next time, although he was getting better at making a slightly less blunt objects, but one of the main issues was that MAtteo kept managing to go and swing his arms around in some kind of massive squiggling stuff that really did not have much of a pattern one would be able to see in the slightest. Eventually, after a really large amound of issues, he really found that he had so many problems, that he would not really be able to solve without the stuff that could be done with his limited amount of time, one limited amount of time not being much of an issue that really could be solved without all the issues that Matteo assumed would really be caused with all the stuff that he would be able to do. Regardless of what happened, MAtteo did not have that much issue, but he still decided that he hard to practice this technique because he had a lot more trouble because he was still making the wind go really really slow because of all the problems that were going to come, like people easily would be able to go and dodge this stuff so many times without problems because of the slow speed that one would not have trouble with at all.

Matteo would eventually decide to continue working on this thing. HE managed to look at the technique and think about how he would make this sharp more. MAtteo would practice making this crescent shape, so he managed to make this stuff and would eventually be able to practice, and eventually would actually start making a sharp thing that would eventually manage to go and cut some stuff that was practically somewhat durable. HE managed to cut the trees in a bit of a weird thing that managed to cut through all the trees in its path, which was actually pretty big. MAtteo would keep doing this, and it really seemed like he was making pretty good progress because he really seemed to have the power down, although it was really sharp and was managing to cut stuff down quickly, but it still seemed to lack power, and it also seemed as if he was actually not going very quickly despite his lack of efforts it seemed one thought. Matteo kept looking and saw how little this thing seemed to travel in a rather short amount of time, it seemed like it was actually seeming to only really be possible to do this at like 10 or less speed, but it was supposed to actually be some kind of thing that would be probably able to go and make it move at around 50 speed. He would keep practicing this over and over, and although he was making progress, he still was not really going fast enough, as he was still making it at best, going at like 15 or so speed, still far below the satisfactory speed that one would actually hope to get at this level of technique. It alway seemed like it really was so hard to do with all the issues and such that really could not be with much trouble.

Although Matteo was managing to practice this, he eventually would realize that part of the issue was that the thing was actually not aerodynamic stuff that really could not be much in the way of things that really could not be done without the use of stuff that would be readily doable when Matteo would eventually realize when he needed to also try making this thing harder. He would still not realize that as he would find that although the stuff did not seem like it would be possible to work because of how he really could not be able to make this kind of silly stuff work it hopefully would be. He realized that his soft thing would mean it would never reall be able to maintain sharpness when try to move quickly because of all the issues involved when the air would quickly degrade the blade, and it would actually make the blade not sharp the further it would go, and would eventually make the technique not work probably because of how the air was actually in similar level of being hard as was the air that was in the blade, and it would scratch the blade that would not work properly. Eventually, MAtteo would keep practicing and find that it seemed to be less of a problem once he managed to harden this thing because it looked as if he was able to make the blade seem harder, and more difficult to go and make the jutsu work even better as it would be much more able to cut through things probably. Matteo would go back to the forest and would practice this and manage to make the stuff work really beautifully as it would actually cut quite cleanly through the trees. It was worth mentioning that despite that, the technique was still actually far too slow as it would still be only going at like 12 speed or so, which was definitely not close to good enough. IT was pretty good that he would not need much in the way that he seemed to be able to do this kind of thing or such.

Although he might be able to make this go faster, he really had to figure out how he was supposed to try to make this faster. PErhaps it was prudent to look at the thing that would allow it to go faster and would allow it to somehow move forward more quickly. Matteo would keep practicing and would find that despite the problem, he was not really able to make this work well though, as it seemed he still had not managed to make this work properly because although he was making this work pretty quickly, he was actually still doing pretty well all things considered. HE saw that he was doing well though, as he eventually started realizing that he needed to make the air current behind it work properly. He kept looking at how he was doing quite well and he saw that he was actually starting to get to around speeds of around 20, and even best at around 22 or 23, which was almost half of the speed required for this thing. IT was also worth mentionng, that MAtteo still seemed to have an other issue, in that he still needed to make this thing more repeatable than it was, in that he had to wave his arm once, but still would need to wait a pretty long time to make this work. HE really saw that how he needed to do that, he still ahd to find thw way to make this thing work properly. He would keep thinking, and would see that despite all the issues he had, he still thought that he would be pretty good, and all he had to do was to work on that speed maybe just a little bit more, and then practice the thing to make the cool down work properly. HE found that despite he would be able to do this at eventually a speed reaching that of around 30, he still kept forgetting to make this thing work properly, because it was still not very aerodynamic still. It also seemed like mattteo seemed to be able to make this stuff work well because he thought that he would be quite able to make this stuff work because of just how well the air current propulsion that Matteo forgot about that could help so much more than Matteo’s attempt at making this thing just more aerodynamic. IT really looked that despite all the problems, he really thought that he was making excellent progress, and that soon, he could finish and make this work really well and that he would be quite good at this because of how well he was progressing.

Eventually, he kept practicing and eventually would be good enough to try to make this stuff work well, and that he really needed to see about why he needed to do all this stuff well. It really looked like he was doing very well, and that he was getting pretty close to this 50 speed. HE would keep practicing and manage to keep doing this stuff so well and that he only needed to do this stuff so well that he did not need to practice it much more, all he would need to do after this was to find a way to use the chakra more efficiently well, so that he would not have much issue with trying to use this technique a lot. This was a main attraction with this technique because of how quickly one could repeatedly use this thing. HE really saw that he was often wasting chakra, and that he seemed to see that he would not really be able to make this work well properly because of all the issues that kept appearing because of how little attention he was putting towards the technique efficiency. He seemed to fail to realize that he did not need to do much else, but he did need to think about why he would be doing this stuff so much, but not really know why he would have so many problems with the efficiency. He thought that it was probably because he did not think much about this, and that it really did not make much sense that he did keep focusing on only the technique, and not all the waste and such. HE was doing quite well however, and it seemed that he would be pretty good, although he needed to find a good way to go and practice this again.

HE was doing really well, in that he needed to find his method that he would want to do because he saw that he really needed a method to reliably do this training because of how he would keep cutting down all these trees, it seemed like his best thing he could do, was to practice on, well he was unsure about that until he realized, that he could practice this into a nearby pool of water, this would be significantly less affected because of how the water would just quickly cme back together and would really not need to wait a really long time for another chance to try to cut things. Matteo would practice this stuff a lot more, and would see how he really did not need much left more because he really saw that he needed to practice more, as the water kept quickly breaking the blade down. There were 2 issues, in that the air was less dense than the water, which meant that he had a problem that was that the water was so much more dense than the air, and meant the air blade was not very sharp anymore. IT seemed like perhaps, he needed to find a way to practice this more. Eventually, Matteo would realize that he could try increase the density, so that it would not be less dense than the water. He would practice making the denser chakra blade, it was more difficult because the air was not flying as easily, so he had to practice aiming up a bit more so that it would not just fall down, he suddenly realized that he had an issue because this meant it could not just horizontally glide through the air. He saw that he did not have a lot of difficult because of how little problem there was with all the stuff involved with this kind of thing. He saw that he was doing a quite good job, but eventually would think, that perhaps, he just needed to do the more dense version. HE was gettng pretty good, and although it seemed to be pretty exhausing, he was not really doing all that badly, he was actually getting quite good, and he was really not sure about what else he really would need to do with this stuff.

Eventually, he would finish learning this technique, he was pretty satisfied with the practicing, and would really not be that surprising that he was not going to need much more to do with this. HE saw that despite there being something about mastery, it really did not look like it would really be all that helpful with the ability to use this mroe consecutive time. It really could not be that hard, although it seemed like it would be a lot of work to try and go back through this thing again, and it would really not be very helpful to see about how little he needed to do. IT really looked like he really did not like that he could not work on this technique anymore, and that he decided that it was time to move on to another thing.

(4001 words, +20 stats, learning, exit of course)
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Matteo still is blasting words (solo) Empty Re: Matteo still is blasting words (solo)

Wed Jan 23, 2019 9:48 am
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