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Matteo learns how to wordwall like Mitsui, (Solo) Empty Matteo learns how to wordwall like Mitsui, (Solo)

Mon Jan 21, 2019 3:35 pm
The genin exams were interesting. Never has Matteo thought that he would actually have such an easy time. It was literally just doing the two techniques, and he did not even consider that he did not have to even think about worrying about some sort of fitness test. It was clear that perhaps, next time, he should actually check instead of just thinking and doing. Either way, he thought that perhaps, he should try this thing called learning. It seemed like it was a good habit, and this time, he decided that he would jump up all the way to maybe, a B rank technique. He realized learning was a good thing to do over time, and starting young was always a good way to go.

Perhaps it may be the best way to go and try to learn how to do a more advanced technique. It always seemed as it learning E rank techniques was getting kind of old. It was unfortunate that he decided to go and not try to learn something more complicated. It seemed, also that he had barely been trying to learn any techniques in the wind section. It did not seem to make any sense that the only thing he tried to learn was a rather lower ranged wind technique that is probably going to be obsolete rather easily. Part of the problem was that none of these techniques are really likely to be useful later. Perhaps it was a good idea to look for a jutsu to learn. It was actually a problem, he decided to go and look for a technique to learn.

Matteo would come to the library and think about what he would want to learn. He would see some books about how to do some jutsu. One that caught his eye, was an technique called, “Wind Glaive” It was interesting because it was a technique that increased stats. It seemed that it would be useful to be able to increase stats, because ninjutsu techniques will be much stronger with better chakra, as well as increasing speed. There were a number of things to figure out. It was a problem that Matteo did not have a lot of stamina, or chakra, or really much of anything. This was bad as it meant he could not work much on something without getting tired. Perhaps he would need to learn to either work out more and increase his fitness level, or perhaps it would be better to go and do scheduled training sessions with large breaks, ones probably needed to let Matteo’s body rest. It seemed that his fitness was improving as he learned techniques, so perhaps it would be ok to just learn some more techniques. It seemed like it might be a good idea to try and learn this technique at least and see how it goes. Perhaps it was actually a good way to learn more techniques too, as it would be more easy to learn techniques. Perhaps it might also be good as he would not need to go and train so much later. Learning the technique may also help use other techniques that may need higher levels of chakra. He knew that perhaps, this technique may even allow him access to learn how to train even better jutsu and actually try it with an improved chakra stat.

Perhaps, a good idea was to figure out how he was supposed to manipulate the wind to actually increase his own physical stats. It seemed as if it would not be necessary to go and try learning how to increase chakra. Matteo did not really understand how that would work. Part of the problem that he seemed to use chakra to make more of it? It seemed like there was something he was not understanding. Perhaps the problem was that he did not know that he was actually exerting physical energy to try increase his chakra. Never the less, Matteo decided to try and work on the chakra thing. Apparently the technique mentioned that the user was supposed to be able to increase chakra circulation and vitalize muscles. Matteo did not really understand how muscles worked, so he actually did not understand really what vitalizing was. He did not realize that increasing the amount of oxygen in the body, to a reasonable degree would actually increase the ability for the muscles to function more efficiently without fatigue.

He would find out that there was a book about muscles. Matteo would read the book, and soon realize that increasing the level of oxygen in the body, even by way using chakra to increase the oxygen in Matteo’s body would allow his muscles to function better. It was good that he would also be able to try and learn how to actually increase his oxygen content. He thought that he would want to try and increase the oxygen to as high as possible. He would suddenly realize that there is actually a limit to the amount of oxygen that can be in a human body. It suddenly occured to Matteo that he would kill himself if he increased his oxygen content to such a huge degree. Matteo decided to look and see how much oxygen the wind glaive technique would actually do. Apparently this would actually cause the user to turn pale. Perhaps this was what happened with increases in oxygen. Perhaps it actually undoes what a tan does to skin. Matteo also did see in the book about muscles though, which seemed to contradict what the book said, that blood with lots of oxygen actually was bright red. This seemed weird, considering how the oxygen was probably going to make the blood red, it seemed only natural that he would get more red, not more pale. Perhaps it was actually something to do with the increase in chakra. Perhaps, he should try and learn how to increase speed first, and figure out the other part later. Matteo decided that he would try it. He decided to try increasing his oxygen content more.

Matteo would wake up outside the library and have no idea what happened. Apparently the dude standing next to Matteo saw, that Matteo had turned blue and then collapsed. Matteo suddenly became worried that he almost suffocated. Soon, the emergency people would appear, but Matteo would be ok, and he would tell them that he was ok. He would still go with them to the hospital to see if everything was ok. Matteo would do some medical exams, eventually he would be discharged from the hospital, but he would be told to come back if he had any problems. Matteo liked that the hospital people seemed to care for people. It was good that they would be able to handle any other issue. Matteo thought about what he tried to do, and eventually realized that he did not manage to reduce the carbon dioxide and nitrogen, he only actually managed to go and decompress the air. This meant that he had less oxygen. Matteo would ask the people at the hospital why he turned blue. He suddenly realized that he turned blue because his blood did not have enough oxygen. He also realized he could have died had he not fallen unconscious. He fortunately caught his breath and managed to survive.

Matteo realized, that perhaps, it was not actually about decompressing air, perhaps the way to increase the amount of oxygen was to go and compress air in his lungs. It seemed that this might work better. Matteo decided to go and try compressing the air in his lungs to allow more to come in. Matteo tried compressing air in his lungs. HE decided to try running, and suddenly, although he was not very fast still, he was still pretty fast. He thought about it and suddenly realized that he was actually going somewhat fast. Perhaps he actually figured out how to do that part. Matteo would try it a little bit longer, but would get exhausted. He decided to go and try practice more later, but first, he should go and get a nap.

Matteo would wake up again later at home after deciding to go and try to learn again after eating. It was in the evening, but not super late. He was at least able to watch the sunset. Matteo thought about it a bit, and decided to go and get some ramen. He decided that the best place was actually just next door. He thought that he would quickly eat and then finish up. Matteo would eat quickly and return to the garden of his family apartment. He would then go over and try again. He would practice once more, and realize that he was really really slow. He was normally used to going at this 6 speed, instead, he was going at quite an incredible 36 speed. That was a good thing to figure out. Now, to figure out how to increase chakra.

The way to figure out how to do it was go back to the library to figure out how he would try and do this technique. It was nice that this technique could be activated instantly. This would allow him to save a lot of time in a fight because he does not need to waste time doing hand seals. It was also the case that he did not know how chakra worked. MAtteo thought that chakra was just some kind of energy, and although that was true, he also failed to realize what he was thinking of chakra did not just come from food and energy. HE did not realize that he had to use his stamina to make chakra. It happened automatically, and he did not even realize that he was doing it. Matteo would look at the technique, and it would suddenly become clear that the reason his chakra was so heavy. He read the book about how to do his technique, and would realize that he was actually using his increased oxygen to allow him to go and try to use more of his stamina to use chakra more quickly. He eventually realized that his chakra stat on the exams had actually pretty much nothing to the amount he could use, it was actually a problem. It seemed as if he would need to increase his stamina more. IT was a problem that he would get tired so easily. Perhaps later, he would be able to improve that later too. First, was to figure out how to try to learn techniques and eventually, the stamina stat would improve to a more useful amount. It was a problem that having only 6 stamina, it meant that he would get tired and eventually run out of energy rather quickly.

Matteo would think about how the pale part would work. It seemed so strange that he would not need to do much training after all, it was so simple to just gain the stats. At least he thought that until he decided to try increasing both. Matteo would try this technique, and would only last for like 1 minute, and eventually fall over in exhaustion. Matteo would rest for a few minutes, and decide to go on a break. PErhaps he failed to realize that he was not at all using his energy efficiently, and he was tiring himself out way way too quickly.

Matteo would also realize that after doing that technique, he saw on some passing reflective surface, that he was actually turning pale, however not slightly pale as the book said, MAtteo was turning elbino, so white that he looked like a clean marker board. That was not good. Perhaps, he had managed to increase his chakra to like 50, and that would not have been good, because that would mean he was boosting more than he was supposed to. He would also figure out taht there was a second problem, and that was that he would not be able to go and try fighting people. For any extended period of time, he would not be able to hold this technique. One of the things he considered doing was trying to learn was how to be more efficient with techniques. MAtteo decided that this was to be thought about later. He would try this again, and practice this more. HE would also realize that he is making wayyy to much chakra and would not manage to leave enough energy left to actually do other things. This would cause wayy to much fatigue, so much that he could potentially kill himself if he was not smart about it. It might be a good idea to think about this more later.

Matteo would think and decide that he should look for a mirror, or any kind of reflective surface that would allow him to look at what he is doing. It was also possible that he could get someone to look, but he thought it was better to just have someone go and look at him. Unfortunately nobody else was really around especially considering how few people were around. MAtteo thought that it would actually just be good to go inside. He also realized that he would not be likely able to see later, as the sun was about to finish setting.

Matteo would go back inside and try training again. He would practice in front of the mirror and realize that he was actually doing ok, although he still was failing to last for very long. Matteo would eventually get better, and he would look only slightly lighter skinned. He was better, but Matteo thought that it was pretty much impossible to get better at this current moment. Matteo decided that it might just be good to learn more later. He decided to try again later.

Matteo would go to that bar, and would see some people fighting. Someone was throwing paper bombs around, and it seemed like something was wrong. It eventually became clear, that there was a group of masked people trying to rob the bar. People were running around everywhere. Matteo would turn around and run, but he was already being pursued by the gang members, and that he had to run away. Matteo would keep running, but the men were actually starting to catch up. Matteo would also realize that he was not going to able to run away for long. Matteo would realize that at this point, only one person was chasing after him. Matteo decided, that perhaps it might be a good idea to try and use this technique. Matteo would keep running and eventually realize that there was a shovel he might be able to use. Matteo would keep running as he would pick the shovel up.

Matteo would turn a corner and see some more people. Matteo realized that he might look like he stole the shovel. MAtteo would keep running, and drop the shovel so that people would not be suspicious. Matteo would keep running and realize that there was almost nowhere to run. As he would run, he decided to turn on his technique, and quickly, he would pick up the shovel, and swing it at the man. The man would fall over, but he would get up quickly. Matteo would do it again, and this time, aimed at the man’s privates. Matteo would see the man keeled over. He would use this chance to run away and escape. Eventually, he would get away, and get home. Fortunately, he would be able to sleep for the night without having to worry about someone knocking on the door. Matteo would see out his window that the man was staggering off in the distance, but not really threatening anyone. Matteo was upset that he did need to worry about that person. Perhaps, his techniques would need to get better so that he would properly be able to fight someone like this off. He also thought that he would be smarter and try not running for so long. He realized that he may have just been able to go and knock the dude in the private earlier, so that perhaps, he would save some time running. AT least, he did manage to get the job done, and in the end, that was actually all that mattered.

At the end of the night, Matteo would think about what he would want to learn. Perhaps, he thought, he might want to move up to A rank. He thougbt that he was not going to attempt an S rank technique until later. A lot of those techniques seemed as if they would take way too long, and that they would probably need a lot of good crafting. He also thought that perhaps, it may be good to attempt one later. HE also realized that many S rank techniques actually need like 10 stamina at least to even use. He realized that many of these techniques are actually not meant to be used much, but they were often more used as a way to either kill or at least defeat, or give some sort of large advantage to go and exploit. It was a major issue that he would not even be able to use one of these techniques. It seemed so necessary to get better at this chakra, especially considering he was not even close to the amount of chakra needed. HE needed 70, and he only had like 20 or maybe a bit more, and would not be high enough even if he somehow actually managed to use his wind glaive technique. Perhaps he thought that he might want to finish learning that wind arrow technique real quick. He eventually realized that it would be good to figure out what he needed to do again. He realized that he was able to make the solid thing of air, but he did not actually know how to figure make the arrow shape. MAtteo would practice this technique and make some more arrows, and this time, he decided to just make an arrow shaft. He would realize that such a short and narrow stick was not flying for some reason. He threw them a few more times, and would continue to fail to make them aerodynamic in anyway. They had some obvious flaw.

Matteo would eventually come back to the library to look up how arrows are shaped. IT was clear that for some reason, they had an arrow tip. That was not hard to figure out, that was obviously used to not only inflict damage to the target, but also to allow the arrow to pass through the air with less resistance. The actual wonder was what the feather was for. After a lot of looking, eventualyl MAtteo realized that the feather was to allow the arrow to fly in a more straight line. He would try making these, and would eventually manage to make this thing work. HE would try throwing arrows and this time, they would manage to travel reasonably quickly.This time, it seemed like a pretty completely finished jutsu, albeit pretty simply anyway.

Matteo then thought a bit more, perhaps, he thought, for a bit more, he would actually be able to learn a better technique. It seemed that although wind glaive was a pretty good tech, he decided that instead, he is going to go and try to learn how to do a wind technique, that hopefully would increase 50 speed and chakra. It looked like it was possible that he might be able to try this. It seemed as if he would be rather able do this technique if he could somehow make it work. Matteo thought that perhaps, it would be a good idea to think about how he would try to do this technique. Apparently there were a few benefits. First of all, it turned out that not only did it improve the speed and chakra more, it also increased the power of wind style techniques by 25. That meant that they could actually be quite powerful. He decided that he would go back to square one, and think about how he would increase his speed.

It seemed like it would not be too difficult because most of the problems that were involved with learning how to do to the wind glaive technique were really not that much different to the way he thought that he would be doing for this technique. He decided that the best way to try and do this was to go and try increasing the oxygen even more. He decided that he would try compressing the air as much as he could in his lungs. He ended up doing it a bit too much, and would suddenly blow a huge amount of air out. That was not good. Matteo also had to be careful so that he would not kill himself with too much oxygen. It was a problem that he did not really know how to deal with that. Perhaps, the best way was to help the organs process the oxygen even faster. This time, not only will the compressed air increase the amount of air in the lungs, it will also be even more potent.

Matteo would try again, and this time, he would manage to eventually go ahead and do the compressed air and increased oxygen concentration thing. It seemed like now that that was out of the way, it would not be too difficult to go and try figuring out how the increase in chakra would work. Matteo was not really expecting to need any help, because he thought that he would pretty much be able to do this all by himself without too much difficulty. He assumed that he would do what he was doing before, but with more oxygen this time.

Matteo thought about how he was exactly going to implement this. He decided that the best way was to try again. He would quickly increase his oxygen consumption, and would go ahead and quickly produce even more chakra. Matteo would be able to hold this for about 30 seconds, after which, he would suddenly become exhausted, and be unable to finish this technique, and would run out of energy. Matteo was not surprised that he would run out of energy so soon, considering that he still had pretty poor stamina, and that he would not be much able to go and try to do much anyway.

Matteo would rest a bit, and think about how he would practice this. For the moment, it seemed as if he would not need to do much different because he would not really be doing anything particularly complicated. It seemed that the increase in the wind technique power was kind of a side effect. It did not really seem as if it was needed to go and practice that part. Matteo would try the technique again, however this time, trying to both do the incerased chakra, and speed. It seemed to kind of work, but he was a bit surprised, that not only did he turn less pale, he actually turned a bit red. It seemed like he really did not need to worry much about that though. It seemed like it was more just a side effect of this increase in oxygen. He knew to make sure that he would not get too much oxygen, making sure that he would avoid death, or at least loss of consciousness. He knew that obviously, both of these were quite bad should this happen in any kind of dangerous situation.

Matteo would rest a bit more, and continue to practice this technique and continue to go and repeatedly do this as he would not need to do much else for a bit. PErhaps, it was a good idea to think about what else he might want to learn, it seemed like it might be a good idea to think about what he would like to do with a ninjutsu specialization, perhaps there were more good, and offensive wind techniques that he would be able to use that would be particularly effective for this kind of tech, especially considering all the nice things that he would be able to do with this. It was obvious that this technique was quite a big step forward, and would allow any of his later techniques to be even more powerful. PErhaps, he thought, that he may need to replace this technique later, it was possible that he could go higher, but this technique was definitely good enough for the moment, it was going to be good enough until he would later decide to learn some kind of S rank technique, but that was not going to happen until he was sure that he would be capable of handling it. He knew that he had to increase his overall fitness a lot before he had any chance.

In the end, Matteo was pretty happy with his progress, and was pretty sure that he was going to learn some kind of wind technique later. Perhaps, more A rank techniques.

(4200 words, learning,, +21 stats)
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Matteo learns how to wordwall like Mitsui, (Solo) Empty Re: Matteo learns how to wordwall like Mitsui, (Solo)

Mon Jan 21, 2019 3:38 pm
Fun fact, you used try and more 40+ times.

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Matteo learns how to wordwall like Mitsui, (Solo) Empty Re: Matteo learns how to wordwall like Mitsui, (Solo)

Mon Jan 21, 2019 3:48 pm
lol ty, you have no idea what is coming lol
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Matteo learns how to wordwall like Mitsui, (Solo) Empty Re: Matteo learns how to wordwall like Mitsui, (Solo)

Wed Jan 23, 2019 9:47 am
Yeah no, voiding this. You can't just spew out writing like this and expect it to be approved seriously. Put some effort into your writing next time. Remove those stats, and Wind Rejuvenation from your stat page.
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