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Yoichi Hisato
Yoichi Hisato
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To Infinity and Beyond! [Training, IO, NK] - Page 2 Empty Re: To Infinity and Beyond! [Training, IO, NK]

Fri Dec 14, 2018 3:55 pm
Fukuro's response made Yoichi want to do something about this whole mass even more, but he was serious when he wanted to keep the atmosphere light and just let the flow of conversation progress naturally. Still, it made his heart pretty happy that there were people still out there willing to fight for freedom. Too many people were just content with laying down and letting Kirigakure do whatever they want too them...and worst of all, it was the very Shinobi that vowed to protect this village that were the ones who were content with this situation in the first play. He saw more spirit from the merchants refusing to give any Kirigakure ninja their services than any Chuunin or Jounin.

Of course, Yoichi never thought EVERY ninja was just taking this abuse. Plenty of people were also planning and waiting for the right time to rebel, just like he was. He hoped that the window of opportunity would come sooner rather than later, though. If he ever brought children into this world, this wasn't a situation that he'd enjoy raising them in. Who would?

His attention towards his own inner feelings were momentarily diverted once he got a look at Fukuro's throwing skills, causing a small chuckle to escape his lips.

"Guess you aren't better than me at everything! It's really more of a practice thing. Not only is it super relaxing, the ladies think it's a pretty neat trick too!"

A burst of laughter filled the air as Yoichi reflected on the countless times his rock skipping had gotten the attention of a pretty girl. It was more likely than you would think! But the thoughts of his skirt-chasing escapades quickly drifted off as he listened to Fukuro's story. He had to admit, he wasn't expecting such a tame one. Yoichi was thinking the Uchiha would be fighting enemies of the state, saving princesses, that sort of thing!

"Sounds a lot like the stuff I do, actually..since I'm not a Genin yet, I obviously can't do missions, but I still help out whenever I can. I see a thief, I stop him. An old lady needs help crossing the street? I guide her. I think a Shinobi's duties are so much more than doing missions and protecting the village, even though that's a lot already. You have to help the civilians whenever you can, you know?"

It was the influence from all the comics he read when he was younger that gave him such a mindset. The heroes of those stories would never think of simple tasks like getting a cat down from a tree as "beneath" them, but he'd heard from many peers their distaste for doing such a mission. 

"And..Needle Jizo? Uh, I'm not too familiar with jutsu bro, so you're going to have to show me how the heck that one looks like."

Despite his eagerness to venture into the field of Ninjutsu, he was unfortunate pretty limited in his knowledge of it. Maybe this wasn't even a Ninjutsu at all, which would be pretty interesting to see.

"What else do you know besides Ninjutsu, anyways?"

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Fukuro Uchiha
Fukuro Uchiha
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To Infinity and Beyond! [Training, IO, NK] - Page 2 Empty Re: To Infinity and Beyond! [Training, IO, NK]

Fri Dec 14, 2018 5:31 pm
After a few more attempts Fukuro realized he was not having much luck with the skipping stones bit. He dropped down the remainder of stones in his hand with a soft exhale. When Fukuro spoke about his missions thus far the Genin chuckled a bit while nodding in agreement. “Well the role of the Genin is really to learn and train while getting your feet wet. I’d love nothing more than to be out there hunting rogue shinobi or escorting feudal lords but it’s just not allowed. Not yet.” Fukuro was beginning to wonder if perhaps he could be doing more with his time than just training. It was important that the boy take care of his responsibilities but he also wanted to serve Konoha in the best way possible. Shaking the thought from his mind he crossed his arms over his chest while speaking to Yoichi.

So Needle Jizo is an old jutsu that’s based on using your hair as a weapon.” Fu ran a hand over his hair with an interested expression on his face. It was obvious there was something about the technique that he found particularly useful. 

You see I’ve been learning a lot of offensive jutsu lately, so I thought I could use a defensive one as well. The Jizo grows your hair to cover your entire body, but while it does your hair becomes as strong as metal barbs.” Fukuro stepped back before rolling his neck, allowing a deeply rooted pop to echo as he released the pressure that had built up. “It has a lot of hand seals. It’s really a pain in the ass.

Fukuro began to release a series of hand seals, making sure to properly distribute his chakra as he did. Tiger. Horse. Boar. Ram. Rat. Snake. Each seal was performed with accuracy and precision. The seals finally came to an end, yet nothing happened as Fukuro closed his eyes for a moment to ensure his focus was at its prime. “Ninja art: Needle Jizo!” He called out as his eyes shot open. His chakra streaked out from his body in bold streaks. It would almost appear as if he had poured too much chakra into the jutsu but in the next moment it was apparent the jutsu was working. Fu’s black hair began to grow and extend out far past its natural length. Like a snake coiling around its prey his hair would slowly wrap over his entire body until finally the boy was all but hidden under a black mass of quilled hair. 

From beneath the mass of hair Fukuro could not see a sliver of light. Which meant the jutsu had been completed, perfectly. This had been the first time Fu was able to use this high level jutsu with such proficiency and the smile that covered his face reflected it. “This is the needle Jizo. It can withstand Kunai, shuricken, and even swords. It’s strong as hell but it does take a lot of chakra to keep up.” From beneath the Jizo Fukuro ran his hands over his elongated hair. It felt as strong as steel, yet the quils were all pointed outward so he was perfectly safe from within. “In time I should be able to shield others with this jutsu too.” He said, before releasing is chakra. The metallic hair quickly returned to its natural density as it slowly drew back into the boy’s scalp. 

While his hair returned to his head he spoke to Yoichi plainly. “That was my first time pulling it off that well.” He admitted. Maybe Yoichi’s presence had caused Fu’s pride to kick in and require that he do well with the jutsu, whatever the reason he kept that confident smile on his face. “Well I’ve had a lot of fun Yoichi but it’s almost time for sentry duty. I heard some of the Genin in your class who graduate may be tasked to my own graduating class’s teams. Maybe we’ll end up on the same squad and then we can fight for Konoha together?” Fukuro raised an arm and pressed his forearm to Yoichi’s, not an uncommon thing among the graduates of the Konoha academy. “See you later Yoichi.” With that Fukuro would turn from the student and make his way out of the academy’s training fields and back to Konoha’s main street.


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To Infinity and Beyond! [Training, IO, NK] - Page 2 Empty Re: To Infinity and Beyond! [Training, IO, NK]

Fri Dec 14, 2018 5:50 pm
Approved of the claims.
Yoichi Hisato
Yoichi Hisato
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To Infinity and Beyond! [Training, IO, NK] - Page 2 Empty Re: To Infinity and Beyond! [Training, IO, NK]

Fri Dec 14, 2018 6:30 pm
Using hair as an attack!? That was something Yoichi wouldn't have thought of in a million years! It was amazing some of the things that Ninjutsu was capable of, not only allowing the user to make an effective shield but also serving as a powerful offensive measure as well. But, he had to agree with Fukaso; the amount of handseals that were required of the jutsu really did put a damper on the ability's true potential. Maybe the Uchiha would be able to circumvent the big flaw in the future? After all, a major part of being a ninja was using your ingenuity to the best of your advantage.

"Woah! You know, when you first started talking about controlling your hair, I thought it was just some party trick, but it looks pretty powerful!"

Just to test the effectiveness of the jutsu, Yoichi picked up a rock and chucked it at the shield of hair, nodding in approval of the technique's sturdy defenses as it easily managed to deflect his attack away. 

"Yup. Just what I thought! You're going to need a lot of firepower if you want to get past a skill like that. You picked a pretty great technique to learn!"

Admiration of Fukuro's new skill aside, Yoichi wondered when his control over his chakra would be good enough for him to learn an amazing jutsu like that. From the chakra paper exercise they learned in the academy, his element was Fuuton, which would mesh pretty well with someone who was a close quarters fighter. But, thoughts of his future set of skills were interrupted by Fukuro, who revealed that he had sentry duty to attend too soon.

"Ah, you've gotta go already!? Well, alright, good luck on your patrol! I think I'm going to stay here a bit longer, see if I can get my last set of exercises in, you know? And I definitely wouldn't mind ending up on the same team as you. Always nice to have someone with more experience guiding you!"

Giving the Uchiha a genuine salute, he watched as Fukuro walked off, before going over to a tree and latching on to a sturdy branch, using it to lift his body in the air.

"I'm glad we've still got great people in this village, but..meeting that guy just reminded me how far away I am from my goals! No more slacking off! If I don't push myself past my limits, how am I ever going to change the world for the better!?"

He didn't always talk out loud like some type of lunatic, but who else was going to hype him up now that Fuku was gone? Power. It was a sad truth, but without it, you couldn't do anything in such a vicious world. Despite the optimism he saw in many of his comics, it was an underlying theme that ran in all of them. If his beloved heroes didn't have the power of strength, or the power of extreme cunning and guile, evil would run amok in their world much like it did in his.

"I'll change step at a time!"

If his determination was capable of manifesting itself into a visible aura, it would've. Each day of living in this nightmare tugged at his heart! Sure, for now it was a very tame occupation, but Yoichi was confident this was only the beginning. In the next ten years, Konoha shinobi would be treated like slaves for Kirigakure, and that just wasn't a future Yoichi would let come to fruition!

"Even a cool and strong guy like Fukuro won't be able to beat me once I'm done with this training session!"

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To Infinity and Beyond! [Training, IO, NK] - Page 2 Empty Re: To Infinity and Beyond! [Training, IO, NK]

Fri Dec 14, 2018 6:42 pm
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