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Yoichi Hisato
Yoichi Hisato
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To Infinity and Beyond! [Training, IO, NK] Empty To Infinity and Beyond! [Training, IO, NK]

Wed Dec 12, 2018 5:32 pm
Beads of sweat dripped off of his forehead as he ran lap after lap around Konoha's training field, the radiant sunlight beaming intensely in his eyes, reflecting the fiery determination that only someone as young and exuberant as he could have. As much as he hated to admit it, at the level of power he was at now, he was just nowhere close to the rigid requirements that was needed to graduate the academy. He was too slow, too weak, he didn't possess anywhere near the right amount of knowledge when it came to jutsu. All of his inadequacies stung like a knife plunging into someone's heart..

But the village needed him, didn't it? Who would've thought that his proud home would be conquered by savages? The thought of Konoha being destroyed when Kiri had no use for it anymore urged him to run even faster, but eventually his body could not handle it any longer. The strain of his training got to him, and Yoichi collapsed on a nearby bench to recover his breath, frustrated with his shortcomings.

"Damn it! Come on body, you can't just give up right now! We've got a test to pass..I'm not going to stay stuck in this stupid school forever, I have to fight on the frontlines!"

He slammed his fist into the wooden plating of his seat in anger, but it hurt -much- more than he expected. It seemed like even the universe refused to let him stew in his rage in peace!

"S-Shit! What the hell do they get this wood from!? Am I really that weak?"

His parents had so much faith in the potential he had. One of his biggest fears was disappointing them; that this would just end up being a massive waste of time and money, and all of Yoichi's efforts of being the hero the village needed would go right down the drain.

"Can't let it end like this..have to keep pushing myself!"

Picking himself off the bench, he stretched a little, having recovered most of his stamina. The universe was going to have to try a lot harder if it wanted him to give up, that was for sure! Once more, Yoichi would leap off the bench and race around the training grounds in a simplistic, dark green track suit with a massive Leaf symbol right across the back. It was a very effective show of his patriotism!

"I should try pacing myself a little better. Don't want to burn out early.."

After all, he -did- read in a book that gradually building up to your full speed instead of using it right away was a much better way of training yourself, but he just couldn't believe it! It didn't seem like it would make much of a difference.

"Whew! I feel much better. I think I should be able to run a few more laps than last time. Gotta admit, this whole "gradually build your speed" thing makes running a lot more comfortable. It's such a free feeling.."

He furrowed his brows for a moment. Freedom was something he wished his village had.

WC: 519
Fukuro Uchiha
Fukuro Uchiha
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To Infinity and Beyond! [Training, IO, NK] Empty Re: To Infinity and Beyond! [Training, IO, NK]

Wed Dec 12, 2018 9:39 pm

Fukuro had spent most of his time since graduation in training. So it was no wonder the young shinobi was quickly becoming stir crazy in the village. The most excited thing he got to experience as a Genin was sentry duty on the paths leading to the village. Far from the glory of assassinations and war that he always envisioned for himself. After finishing his morning patrol, Fukuro wasn’t very sure what he was going to do next. He walked through the village with a hand dipped into his pocket, eyeing the hustle and bustle of Konoha with interest. Since the Chuunin exams were being conducted there was a decent crowd in town, it almost made you forget that the village was all but under occupation. Almost.

It took a few minutes but Fukuro finally decided where he was going to go. Rather than move through the crowded streets he glanced up to the rooftops above. Clasping his hands together across his chest, Fukuro released his chakra into the seal. His chakra exploded throughout his body, allowing him to move at much faster speeds than he was usually capable of. To the people crossing through the busy streets Fukuro would appear to all but disappear, but to those trained in the ninja arts, it would be easy to recognize the Body Flicker Technique.

Above the streets, on a nearby rooftop, Fukuro landed, reeling forward a bit as he worked to keep his balance while moving at high speeds. The young shinobi allowed a quick smile of pride before turning to eye the rooftops around him. The shingled rooftops of Konoha were ideal for shinobi who wanted to get around without the bother of crowds, of course it wasn’t a huge necessity for Fukuro since his destination was only a block over. He crossed an adjacent building with ease, climbing to the height of a taller rooftop that was all too familiar to him.

Konohagakure’s shinobi academy was burned into the Genin’s mind. A lot of days when he wanted to get instruction from the Chuunin instructors he would come to the training field after classes. When his crystal blue eyes scanned over the training field he could not make out the leaf flak jacket that was traditionally worn by Chuunin and above, he did however take notice of a young shinobi, in the middle of his own training routine. Even from here Fukuro believed he could recognize the boy. He had been in the class immediately behind Fu’s and was not lacking talent if the Uchiha was remembering correctly. At first Fukuro did not move from his place on the rooftop, he watched as the younger boy ran his laps with a revitalized vigor.

I could give him a hand.” He muttered, before running a hand over his bare chin. After a moment Fukuro realized there was a way he could help the kid and himself at the same time.

Or. I could try to be a badass.” Fukuro leaned over the railing for a moment before pulling himself up to a sitting position.

In the sitting position Fukuro closed his eyes, keeping them shut for a moment as he focused on his chakra. Feeling it rush through him he brought his hands together to form a particularly odd seal. Unlike most this one only included his index and middle finger for each hand. Crossing them together he focused his chakra on the seal and spoke the jutsu he was intending to use. “Shadow Clone Jutsu.

The build up of his chakra caused an explosion of smoke to form around him, immediately swallowing his form. Once the smoke had cleared Fukuro stood, staring at a perfect copy of himself. The two of them gave a unified smirk before each of them spoke out. “Ok, let’s see how long it holds.” The twins said in unison. Fukuro stepped back to sit on the railing of the Ninja Academy’s rooftop, while his clone turned from him and descended down to the training yard below.

Fukuro’s clone landed not far from the track where the bronze skinned academy student had been training. He watched the boy run until he would finally be in his sights. With a wave of his hand he would try to flag the man down. If he was willing Fukuro could give him a bit of advice and maybe even test out the limits of this new jutsu. “Hey!” He called out, waving his arm in the air. “Your names Yoichi? Right?” He asked, hoping he remembered the boy’s name properly.

WC: 763
TWC: 763

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Yoichi Hisato
Yoichi Hisato
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To Infinity and Beyond! [Training, IO, NK] Empty Re: To Infinity and Beyond! [Training, IO, NK]

Thu Dec 13, 2018 12:04 am

The sudden appearance of a youth that looked to be around Yoichi's age was startling to say the least, but his reflexes were quick enough to halt himself before he made a fool of himself through an embarrassing collision. They were just a few inches away from each other, but Yoichi wasn't paranoid enough to have his guard up. They were in the comfort of a powerful village, even if it was in the middle of an occupation. Someone would be foolish to try and randomly attack him in broad daylight with a combined military force constantly roaming the streets.

As any initial suspicions washed away, Yoichi quickly scanned the person in front of him, his eyes widening in awe. It was a genuine headband that signified that this person was a Shinobi. In the midst starstruck trance, Fukuro's question nearly flew over his head, but Yoichi snapped himself out of his daze. After all, it was rude to stare so hard.

"M-My name..? Uh, yeah, I'm definitely Yoichi. I can't believe I'm talking to a real ninja face to face, it's an honor to meet someone willing to put their life on the line for the safety of our village, dude. What's yours?"

A hand was outstretched, intending to shake the Shinobi's hand with a stern, firm grip that could only be obtained by someone who was working hard their whole life. He had to try and carry himself with a little bit more class, even if it was extremely obvious he was fanboying right about now. It was just, so many questions were running through his head right about now.

What could a Shinobi want with him? It wasn't anywhere near time for him to take the exams, so that was out of the question completely. Did he do something wrong? Maybe all of his vigilante activities had finally be figured out?

He furrowed his eyebrows in worry at the possibility, but only for the briefest of moments. Think positive. That was the only way to get through the hurdles of life.

"Uh, if you don't mind me asking, I'm not in trouble am I? Because if this is about that last assignment the teacher gave on Genjutsu, I have total proof that my dog ate my homework! The doctor will vouch for me!"

Hopefully it wasn't about that either, but a very hopeful part of him believed that this Genin was just simply trying to help and that all of his worries stemmed from his training not going as well as it could have, and that his energetic, quirky personality wouldn't scare this dude away. Anyone willing to help a stranger out had to be a good friend to have, right?

And so, Yoichi patiently waited for Fukuro's response, a friendly grin plastered across his visage, still staring at that wonderful looking headband of his despite his own earlier grievances on the matter. He couldn't help it! It was just too cool to see a ninja that wasn't a teacher. He'd ask more questions, but..Yoichi didn't want to seem too overbearing!

WC: 515
TWC: 1032
Fukuro Uchiha
Fukuro Uchiha
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To Infinity and Beyond! [Training, IO, NK] Empty Re: To Infinity and Beyond! [Training, IO, NK]

Thu Dec 13, 2018 9:17 am
Honestly Fukuro didn't know how to respond to the boy’s admiration. It just seemed a bit wrong for him to claim to be some great shinobi who has fought and defended Konoha, especially when the reality was Fukuro wasn't much more than Yoichi. He'd been in the last class to graduate from the academy and the only thing he's done so far is pull sentry duty or guard the main gate to Konoha. He fell silent for a minute, rubbing the back of his head before clearing his throat. Now he'd be lying if he said there was not a good deal of pride that came with finally being a shinobi,  but he still couldn't stomach the thought of accepting any form of false honors. 

Hey man. I'm just a Genin and I haven't really been one for a long time. I graduated in the class ahead of you,  you know?” He explained,  with a rather unfamiliar sense of humility. Usually Fukuro was all for soaking in compliments or praise, just not this time. 

Regardless of his own statement Fukuro still met Yoichi's hand with a firm shake of his own. He admired the boy's strong grip and let an accepting expression slip over his face. Once his hand was free it would return to his pocket while he jerked a chin towards the track Yoichi had been running on. “I saw you running. It's a great way to build stamina and speed but uhm, arnt your exams soon?” Fukuro asked with an arched brow. It was around this time a few months ago that Fu had passed his own exams and he knee they did not include any type of long distance run. 

The younger shinobi seemed a bit offset by Fukuro's presence,  almost to the point where Fu wanted to give off a small chuckle but he was able to stifle it. 

No, you're not in trouble or anything.” Fukuro chuckled out,  unable to contain himself at Yoichi's last statement. Did his dog really eat his homework. Trying to pull the conversation to a point,  Fukuro Drew back into a deep stretch while eyeing the Academy Student. “I come down to the academy every now and again to train with the instructors. When I saw you here I recognized you and wondered if you needed any help.” Fukuro’s clone raised a hand in curiosity before stepping to the side,  jerking a thumb towards the actual Fukuro who was still on the rooftop behind the two. The Clone Technique had been going flawlessly thus far as Yoichi had not even seemed to notice. 

Plus I'm trying to perfect my Shadow Clone Jutsu, so you're actually kind of helping me right now.” The actual version of Fukuro gave a brief wave in the distance before returning to a book he had been reading. The glory of the Clone Technique?  Multi-tasking. 

Turning back to Yoichi, Fukuro smirked a bit before clearing his throat. “Anyway. You know to pass the exam you have to know the Clone Technique and the Transformation Jutsu. They're pretty simple Jutsu but if you don't take care of your chakra then you can really Jack them up. If you need any help with them I'd be more than happy to lend a hand.” Fukuro did not know if Yoichi would actually need any help, but he figured there would be few academy students who would turn down help from someone who had already passed the exams. If he ended up declining Fukuro's offer then the Genin would just keep trying to perfect his Shadow Clone. 

As if on cue, Fukuro could feel the pull of his jutsu. 

In front of Yoichi, the clone of Fukuron would explode into a mass of smoke and dust. The Shadow Clone jutsu had dispelled. 

On the rooftop above, Fukuro cleared his throat as the knowledge of the Shadow Clone flooded into his mind. It was such an eerie feeling, gaining memories you know you did not exactly earn yourself. From the rooftop, Fukuro exhaled out of frustration. 

One second!” He called out to Yoichi, his tone lined with embarrassment.

Again, Fukuro would form the seal in front of him, expelling a good deal of chakra into the seal as he spoke. “Shadow Clone Jutsu.” 

As his chakra poured into the seal another explosion of smoke erupted from him. This time another clone appeared beside him and Fukuro exchanged a brief glance with his double. “Round 2?” The clone smiled and gave a quick nod in acknowledgment. 

Round 2.” The clone responded before leaping  over the building's railing and making his way down to Yoichi. Once Fukuro's clone returned the older shinobi would chuckle a bit, rubbing the back of his head again. “Sorry, this jutsu is actually pretty tricky. Anyway, like I was saying if you need any help, I don't mind giving you a hand.

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TWC: 1579
{1579/3000 Shadow Clone Jutsu}
Yoichi Hisato
Yoichi Hisato
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To Infinity and Beyond! [Training, IO, NK] Empty Re: To Infinity and Beyond! [Training, IO, NK]

Thu Dec 13, 2018 10:08 pm
Shadow Clone Jutsu? Yoichi wasn't totally sure on the details, but if  his knowledge was up to date, it was pretty much a far more advanced version of the Clone Technique. This Genin was just that far ahead, huh? But, seeing the vast gap in techniques didn't discourage Yoichi in the slightest. He wanted nothing more than to get to the frontlines and fight for the safety of his village! What was more important, however, was that Fukuro was willing to offer his expertise to help him pass the exams with flying colors. It was definitely a good day for him to decide to go running outside, that was for sure.

The teachers were willing to help only so much. While they gave a few basic pointers, they encouraged students to get help from other ninja in the village to promote kinship, plus they were busy with many important things. While Yoichi tried his best to learn such crucial jutsu on his own, it was mostly just for naught. No matter how many times he tried, he failed amazingly at mastering those jutsu, which is why he was so set on improving his physical health. Maybe they'd let him be a Genin if he was just that strong and fast?

But, now such thoughts didn't need to come into his head with someone who was willing to show him the ropes. With an enthusiastic nod, Yoichi decided to accept Fukuro's help.

"Yup, I'd love for you to give me a helping hand. Unfortunately, I can't seem to get either of them down, but since we're talking clones, I guess you can show me a proper Clone Technique first, yeah?"

It was true. Unbeknownst to Yoichi, his chakra control was absolutely abysmal, leading to some..interesting effects. Of course, he had the bare minimum to actually -learn- the technique, but not without the immense difficulty that had been plaguing him for months.

"Here goes nothing!"

Handseals were formed at a swift rate- that part, at least, he had no problem with. A puff of smoke spawned a few feet away from his feet..was this the time that, through countless fruitless tries, he'd have finally managed to master the technique!?

Of course not. What was he, lucky? The smoke eventually cleared up, revealing a grotesque, morbidly obese version of Yoichi that would look more in place as a demeaning newspaper caricature more than anything actually resembling them. Embarrassed by his more than underwhelming results, a loud THWACK! emerged from the palm of his hand as it collided with his face. Hopefully this was the lowest point in his ninja career..

"Yeah, as you can see, I'm not exactly a master when it comes to the whole making clones things, but I'm not keen on failing this test either. So what am I doing wrong here? I've memorized those handseals like, one thousand times now so I know I'm not accidentally doing another jutsu either!"

He gave his abomination of a doppleganger one last scowl before dispersing it out of existence. That thing was such an eyesore!

WC: 513
Fukuro Uchiha
Fukuro Uchiha
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To Infinity and Beyond! [Training, IO, NK] Empty Re: To Infinity and Beyond! [Training, IO, NK]

Thu Dec 13, 2018 11:06 pm
Yoichi seemed to have the struggle of most young shinobi. He had little, if any, control over the chakra that ran through his body. Control was actually a poor word as it was simple to maintain control over your chakra but it was another thing entirely to have chakra discipline.Fukuro figured this was the boy’s problem long before he even summoned the bluster of a clone. However, it was pretty solidified once Fukuro laid eyes on a version of Yoichi who probably benefit from a lap or two around the track.

Trying not to laugh Fukuro could not help but let out a brief chuckle. “Well, you have the handseals down and you have a good grasp of the jutsu.” He told the boy while running a hand over his bare chin. The young Uchiha tilted his head to the side as he struggled on figuring out how to explain the boy’s problem. Merely saying his chakra control was off would probably just create more questions than answers. 

Ok. I think I know how best to explain this. So say you have a cup, right? If you fill the cup with too much water then the cup overflows. But if you don’t fill it with enough water there is a huge space in the cup. Imagine the cup is your body and your chakra is the water. You want to fill the cup as much as possible without making it overflow. Your chakra is supposed to be expressed through your body using your hand seals, so if there is too much chakra then the jutsu will usually have something...wrong.” The boy nodded towards the obese clone just as Yoichi dispelled it away. “But if you don't use enough chakra then the jutsu won’t work to begin with.” 

Since Yoichi was able to summon a clone at all, his problem was likely the former of the two and he could be recklessly pouring chakra into the jutsu. “Watch this.” Fukuro effortlessly formed the hand seals to the Clone Technique, but just before activating the jutsu he started dumping a mass amount of his chakra into the technique. Thin streaks of blue chakra ran over his shoulder as they escaped his body, seeking an exit from the massive build up.

Executing the jutsu, a cloud of smoke popped off beside Fukuro, producing a...less than enthusiastic clone. Fukuro’s clone was pale in the skin, far paler than Fukuro and his blue eyes were a sickly green. “See?” Fukuro asked, gesturing towards the clone with a wave of his hand. “It sucks, right?” In the next moment the clone exploded into a cloud of smoke and dust and Fukuro rested his hands back in his pockets. “So try toying with the jutsu, but be mindful of your chakra. I bet if you’re having troubles with your transformation technique too, this is the problem.” 

Fukuro paused, glancing down at his body before smiling a bit. He was worried when he used the Clone Technique it would cause his own Shadow Clone to dispel, but the clone still stood before Yoichi with a certain expression on his face.  

WC: 523
TWC: 2102
{2102/3000 Shadow Clone Jutsu} 
Yoichi Hisato
Yoichi Hisato
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To Infinity and Beyond! [Training, IO, NK] Empty Re: To Infinity and Beyond! [Training, IO, NK]

Thu Dec 13, 2018 11:48 pm
That chuckle from Fukuro's lips wouldn't get past Yoichi! Crossing his arms and pouting, he shot a glare at the Uchiha. His penchant for sucking was a bit of a sore spot, but, he quickly got over it. Despite his initial annoyance, he wasn't very much of a vindictive person, and if the tables were turned, he had to admit that he'd probably have a laugh or two as well. It wasn't like Fukuro meant anything by it, right?

Listening in keenly to Fukuro's explanation, Yoichi didn't let a single word get past his ears; it was as if he was permanently etching this lesson into his brain. Things were starting to make a lot more sense now, but he still couldn't resist his urges to want to pinch himself. It was a pretty huge coincidence that he just happened to find such a friendly Genin while he was out on a stroll, but maybe that meant things were looking up for him, right? His father always told him you could have all the skill and smarts in the world, but if you were unfortunate enough to be the unluckiest man in all of existence, you wouldn't be able to win at anything. So, all Yoichi needed to do was a dash of luck and just the right amount of control and he'd have his very own perfect replica!

"Hey, that's a pretty great analogy! Alright, I think I understand it. Just have to focus.."

Again, handseals were weaved at a quick and accurate pace, signifying he was a seasoned student. The familiar puff of smoke emerged next to him once more, and the moment of truth came as the cloud slowly dispersed into the air..

"It's perfect! After months of practice, I've finally got it down! YES!"

His fist rocketed into the air as he jumped around in excitement, his perfect clone copying his actions down to the smallest of muscle movements. After a few moments, the clone dispersed, and Yoichi started to settle down a little from the massive breakthrough he'd just made.

"Man, I can't thank you enough dude! I've been trying to get that down for months, not realizing I've been using too much chakra. I guess I was scared I was using too little so I overcompensated..reminder to never do that again."

He spun around, pointing to a nearby tree with a confidence that clearly stemmed from his recent success. If he could get one jutsu down, why not go for another? The transformation technique was something he sucked just as bad at, if not worse than cloning himself. But, with Fukuro's message in mind, he was sure he could do it!

Handseals were formed for the technique as Yoichi focused his hardest on molding the necessary amount of chakra for the jutsu, visualizing turning himself into an exact replica of Fukuro. But, alas, it was nothing more than a thought. As the plume of smoke faded away, somehow he'd turn himself into a gorilla with five arms and six eyes.

It was exactly as horrifying and disgusting as it sounded. Having the misfortune of being able to see his reflection in a nearby puddle, he quickly dispelled the jutsu after a quick shudder, reverting to a much more visually appealling form.

"Okay jutsu, don't understand how trying to turn into Fuku ends up making me a mutated gorilla, but if you want to do this the hard way, then let's do it! Alright, let's go!"

Attempt number two. Was he using too much chakra again? Maybe if he dialed it back down a little..another pillar of smoke, this time unveiling..

A Yoichi who hadn't changed at all.

"Just like you said, too little chakra and the jutsu won't even work. Damn it..a lot of luck involving finding the right balance of chakra, huh? Well, whatever! I'm going to pass the academy no matter what! Screw being stuck in these chains while another village mocks us and lords over us, I'm changing all of that!"

Bold words coming from someone who didn't know a single jutsu, but it was said with complete genuine. He knew fully well that the task of liberating Konoha was simply too far out of his hands, but that didn't mean he wouldn't train until the dream was obtainable.

He had too, for everyone he ever loved.

WC: 725
TWC: 2270
Fukuro Uchiha
Fukuro Uchiha
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To Infinity and Beyond! [Training, IO, NK] Empty Re: To Infinity and Beyond! [Training, IO, NK]

Fri Dec 14, 2018 12:21 am
Fukuro appreciated the young shinobi’s attitude. He seemed rejoiced to have someone with a little knowledge on the jutsu he was struggling with. Although Fu was far from an expert he had been practicing some of these jutsu since he was a child, most of them were second nature to him. When Yoichi went into the process of summoning another clone Fukuro watched with interest. He hoped the boy was successful, especially since he understood just how agitating it was to continue to fail at learning a new jutsu. In the next moment Yoichi had summoned a perfect double of himself. Exhaling in relief, Fukuro watched the duo pump their fists into the air. This action caused Fukuro to laugh before giving the student a thumbs up. “Good job, Yoichi.” He praised.

When Yoichi admitted he’d been struggling for months Fukuro nodded at his thanks. “No problem. I definitely understand how annoying it can be to get stuck on a jutsu. Most of the times you just need an outside eye, so glad I could help.” He admitted.

Fukuro could tell Yoichi was an energetic ninja, mainly because before he knew it the boy was off and practicing another jutsu. He watched him weave the hand seals for the transformation technique while crossing his arms over his chest. As his deep blue eyes peered at the boy he could not help but smile, hoping he was successful once again. The explosion of smoke shrouded Yoichi’s body, yet what emerged was slightly disturbing. A large, bizarre, gorilla stood before Fukuro with five large arms draping down. Whether it was the extra appendages or the team of eyes, Fukuro was sure this jutsu had gone way off track. Maybe the boy had just been trying to turn into a gorilla?

As the jutsu was dispelled Fukuro gave out a shallow snort before hearing his name and feeling the subtle twitch come from his left eye. “You….uh, that was supposed to be me?” Maybe Yoichi needed a bit more help than Fu thought…

Yoichi did seem to understand his short comings though. The next time he attempted to use the jutsu he failed in changing his appearance at all. Well, he had fought at least half the battle by now. It should not be too difficult for the boy to progress from there. Still, Fukuro felt a need to chime in. “Usually I don’t need as much chakra for a transformation jutsu as a clone. Maybe that’s your problem? Remember each jutsu is unique so just because you have the chakra dialed in for one doesn’t mean it will work for another.” 

Fukuro ended his sentence by clasping his hands together, forming the seals needed for a simple transformation jutsu. “Like this. Transform.” As Fukuro’s chakra exploded out, creating a small cloud of smoke that enveloped his body he would focus on Yoichi. As the smoke cleared Fukuro had succeeded in turning himself into the boy’s image, even their height was perfectly in sync. Waving away the last bit of smoke, Fukuro tapped his chin a bit before snapping his fingers. “Oh. It also helps if you stay focused. Try not to rush it this time.” Dispelling the transformation jutsu, Fukuro would return to his own form, still hosting a supportive smile. “Good luck.” 

WC: 551
TWC: 2653
{2653/3000 Shadow Clone Jutsu}
Yoichi Hisato
Yoichi Hisato
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To Infinity and Beyond! [Training, IO, NK] Empty Re: To Infinity and Beyond! [Training, IO, NK]

Fri Dec 14, 2018 12:25 pm
Take it easy. He had all the time in the world to master it, there was no need to rush the process. As always, Fukuro was an immense help- without him, Yoichi would've been truly lost. Again, the handseals for his technique were formed as the young academy student focused on molding his chakra to perfection. Using jutsu was all about finding a proper balance, and while he certainly needed to get better at finding that balance, he needed to focus on performing the jutsu first.

A pillar of smoke erupted from Yoichi, and as the plume dispersed into the air, it would reveal an exact replica of Fukuro, who was doing cartwheels and backflips out of excitement. He couldn't fail the test at this rate!

"Yahoo! Konoha's Verdant Wind masters yet another technique!"

It was clear that was a nickname nobody had ever called him, but it still sounded super cool. Hopefully he could get it to catch on, but that was a fun side-quest for the future. For now, he'd dispell the transformation, and in an instant he was back to his normal form yet again. While there was certainly a plethora of jutsu for him to master, he could focus on that some other time; Yoichi had some questions that needed to be answered.

"I hope you don't mind if I ask you some questions that might seem a little personal, do you feel about the whole Kirigakure situation that's going on right now?"

The childish, over-the-top attitude melted away, replaced by someone who was serious. Yoichi wasn't even a Shinobi and he could feel nothing but contempt and anger towards the situation; he couldn't even imagine how Fukuro felt.

Nevertheless, despite what the Uchiha's answer might have been, Yoichi knew it would be considered rude to pry further and deal with such a dark and heavy atmosphere. It was a bright, sunny day with the flowers in full bloom, and their attitudes should've reflected that.

Picking up a pebble off of the ground, he took a moment to admire its beauty. Not a single rough edge could be felt, and it shimmered brightly under the midst of the sunlight. It was amazing how something so beautiful could be created even while the village was at its lowest point.

"You know, they call me the rock skipping champion around here.."

Propelling his arm forward, the rock flew through the air, bouncing gracefully across a large pond several times before making it to the end of the water and settling down on land.

"After you're finished mastering that technique of yours, you wanna join me? It's some pretty relaxing stuff. Plus, we can talk about whatever. I bet there's a whole bunch of ninja stories you can tell me, right?"

While he was aware Fukuro was just a Genin, the Uchiha had to have fought at least a couple of bandits, right? What type of jutsu did he use? Had he ever failed a mission? Were bandit swords as really as pointy as the teachers said they were?

While he waited for Fukuro to speak, he continued bouncing stones across the water.

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To Infinity and Beyond! [Training, IO, NK] Empty Re: To Infinity and Beyond! [Training, IO, NK]

Fri Dec 14, 2018 2:21 pm
There was absolutely no surprise when Yoichi moved to try and attempt a transformation jutsu again. Fukuro really hoped he at least showed some improvement, yet if he could not reference Fukuro while taking the form of a mutated gorilla that would be nice as well. As the explosion of smoke wrapped around Yoichi, Fukuro had a good feeling about this try. It was solidified when the younger boy flipped out of the smoke with a triumphant shout. Fu arched a brow at the self-declared title that Yoichi gave himself but he decided against saying anything. 

There was a noticeable shift in the mood as Fu listened to Yoichi's question. Why did he ask the Genin about the Hidden Mist? It had come out of nowhere but he was not quite sure what to say. Fukuro hated the Hidden Mist village, they had made a mockery of the village his late father held dear and Fukuro could never forgive that. The Genin remained silent before turning away from Yoichi. His hand waved through the air to his double who still sat on the building behind him. 

On the rooftop Fukuro glanced up to his shadow clone waving an arm in the air, beckoning him down to the track. Tucking the small black book he had been reading into his pocket, Fu stood up and drew his back into a deep stretch. Looking down at the duo below, Fu quickly formed a handseal in front of his chest. His chakra would explode out, flowing into his legs and allowing him to move faster than he was normally capable of. From the rooftop Fukuro would use his Body Flicker technique to appear before Yoichi. The moment Fukuro touched down, the clone beside him was dispelled into a small puff of smoke. As the memories of the clone flooded Fukuro he was reminded of the oddity of the younger boy's question. 

Sooner or later the Hidden Mist will pay for what they've done. When that time comes I just hope I can help deliver that justice.” Fu explained, crossing his arms over his chest. His expression showed the agitation the shinobi held for the Hidden Mist and it seemed he did not want to delve any deeper into the subject. When Yoichi picked up the small stone Fukuro snorted at the boy's comment. “Rock skipping Champion, huh?” He asked. Fukuro bent down to take one of the stones into his own hand. It was not nearly as soft or smooth but it was good enough to be tossed. Gazing out over the waters, Fukuro shot his arm out throwing the rock towards the large pond. As soon as contact was made the rock sank down into the water, causing the boy to arch a brow. Was it really that difficult? Bending down again, Fukuro grabbed a few of the small flat stones and worked to skip each one of them. One by one the stones would fall into the water without any of the grace that Yoichi had shown.

Yoichi had spoken of great ninja stories, but what could the shinobi tell him other than the occasional rowdy group or small time thief he would encounter while on patrol or sentry duty.

Although he was not sure how to tell the story, there was one event that came in mind. “Well, once there were these really drunk guys causing problems at a parade. They were huge, each of them like seven feet tall. I was able to send them off with my newest jutsu, the needle Jizo.

The jutsu is still…a bit tricky for me but I am working to perfect it.” He admitted, before rubbing a hand over his chin in thought.

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