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Vagabond (D-Rank)
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Armed Thug mission [nk] (Ryuka,Natsume) - Page 2 Empty Re: Armed Thug mission [nk] (Ryuka,Natsume)

Sat Oct 06, 2018 5:22 pm
[I was gonna edit into an exit, but since Tak approved one exit already, I'll just say Ryuka returned the criminal blah blah blah. EXIT. WC: 1466. Claiming;

2000ryo. 5AP

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Armed Thug mission [nk] (Ryuka,Natsume) - Page 2 Empty Re: Armed Thug mission [nk] (Ryuka,Natsume)

Sat Oct 06, 2018 5:25 pm
Natsume blinked as Ryūka swiftly disarmed and handled the woman, visions of what could've gone wrong briefly flashing before her. She shook her head free of those thoughts. She had to focus! She nodded at him as he hopped off to investigate whatever leads he had, and turned her attention to the woman and her nearby accomplices. Hoshi easily knocked out the woman (she wasn't dead, no, but Natsume flinched as she remembered the kimono-clad man Hoshi had nearly destroyed once) and left the bullish man to her.

She squared her shoulders and, like Hoshi, ducked to the side as the man turned and charged at her. Instead of hopping off, however, she twirled around him, grabbing his arm as she went and locking it in place behind his back. She lifted her free hand to the sky, generating bolts of electricity that jumped from her sprawled hand through her body and into the bullish man. As he spasmed, she used the weakness of his body to shove him down to the ground and then sat atop him, her knees digging into his arms, and her weight centred over his lower back. She reached into her weapons pouch and retrieved a kunai, then smashed the metal ring against his skull, effectively knocking him out.

She sighed in relief as his struggles stopped and he went limp. This entire mission had been a mess. It hadn't gone anything like what the mission described, and she was beginning to wonder if the original mission had even existed in the first place. She looked to the woman, also knocked out, and scratched her cheek. "I should secure them." With the help of a worried civilian, Natsume managed to get her hands on some rope. It was not long after that both of the knocked out individuals had been tied up, and then tied to each other with several super secure knots.

Like a good little underling, Natsume waited for the two other Genin to come back, her arms crossed over her chest. She wanted an explanation! But neither of them would have anything concrete to offer, so all they would be able to do is get at what had really happened. She would frown. "This will be an interesting report, then." She would offer to help Ryūka take all of the criminals they'd found to the missions office and offer a second perspective for the report, and then, once it was all over, head home.

Maybe it was because it'd been left out on the counter for a while, but as she scarfed down the food her family had left out for her, Natsume decided it was noticeably less enjoyable than usual.


WC: 449 | TWC: 1412


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Hikari Hyuuga
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Vagabond (C-Rank)
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Armed Thug mission [nk] (Ryuka,Natsume) - Page 2 Empty Re: Armed Thug mission [nk] (Ryuka,Natsume)

Sat Oct 06, 2018 11:33 pm
Approved Ryuka & Natsume <3
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