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Wed Aug 08, 2018 11:31 pm
The young Hozuki was on his way to the library. There was something he just couldn't get off his mind after his fight with Kinkaku. He called himself the legendary brothers as if they were very known around Kumogakure. But Kyson never heard of them. For someone as strong as him to not even be talked about in the village is a problem. Did he runaway or go rogue? And what about the brother he spoke about, was he still out there? Not to mention the 9 tails chakra cloak that he had. It made him question whether Maku had anything to do with it. So many questions ran through his mind. And he needed some answers right away. As he made his way down to the library, he didn't know where to quite start. Maybe start with 'K' for Kinkaku? But he doubted the man had an entire book about him. So he'd probably be in a book that talked about past Kumogakure shinobi. He would walk over towards the librarian. "Um, excuse me. Is there a book or any novel that has information about a legendary duo, Kinkaku and Ginkaku?" He would ask the librarian. 

The woman nodded as she was familiar with the two judging by her smile. "Oh you must mean the famous 'Gold and Silver Brothers.' They have a interesting story and were very powerful together. Though they were looked at as traitors for attacking the 2nd Raikage. I'll get the book so you can read it yourself." She said as she was off to retrieve the book. With a shocked and surprised look on his face. He didn't know what to make of the information he heard. T-the, second Raikage? That was hundreds of years ago... that doesn't make sense.. Kyson whispered to himself. He was eager to read the in depth story so he could see the real story behind these two. Maybe he could get an idea on what the fan does since he never used it in battle.

As she brought the book back and handed it over to Kyson, the boy would nod. "Thank you." He said as he walked over to a table and took a seat as he opened the book. Skipping through pages and finding the story behind the two brothers. As he ready their story thoroughly. It still wasn't adding up. Did they fake their deaths? But that still doesn't explain how they are still alive and young hundreds of years later. Maybe a immortality jutsu. But he definitely died during our battle.. He thought to himself. Continuing to read the story, the librarian walked over to see if anything was alright. "Excuse me, by any chance.. did one of them become a jinchuriki?" He would ask her. He wanted to know how he got that chakra. But was it from before or was it new.

"Well, not sure if its true.. but a legend has it that the two were swallowed up while trying to capture the 9 tails. And they were inside it for 2 weeks until they began to eat its flesh from the inside. Til the beast threw them up and they were able to use some of its powers." Kyson nodded his head as he heard the information she have him. "I see.." Was all he could say at the moment. Because what seemed like a urban legend was probably true. If that was the case, that explains why he was able to use the 9 tails cloak. But even though that was true. Why was he alive and what brought him back to the land of the living? So many questions that didn't have an answer. 

Looking through the book, he continued to see the fan he was always holding. They were actually holding quite a few weapons. But it seems it was 1 of 4 of the weapons that they have stolen. It also mention being a weapon from the sage of sixpaths.. all of this was starting to confuse him. "Five treasured tools... sage of six paths.. living for hundreds of years... None of this is really adding up. And I never heard of none of this." He didn't know what to think of it at the time. There was too much information and questions. But he did receive something valuable from this information. The fan is called the Bashosen and apparently... its able to use all 5 elements. He didn't think it was that powerful of a weapon. And with that alone, he closed the book and got up from his seat. Taking it back to the librarian. "Thank you for finding this for me.." He said as he was on his way. This information wasn't what he was expecting. But nonetheless it was very important. He'll comeback to it another day, but for now he had a lot to think about.

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-  815 words towards Sick weasel technique
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Thu Aug 09, 2018 1:17 am
Take your weasel to a vet.

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