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Shichiro Hashimoto
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Beating the Heat Empty Beating the Heat

Sat Jul 28, 2018 12:27 pm
The sun beat down on him and the horse with relentless fury as he stood waiting on the paved road. His brother was certainly taking his time returning, which he probably should of suspected considering how far away Komori's deployment had been in comparison to his own, still though. This kumogakure summer heat was unbearable. "Gods it's hot out" He'd mutter as he wiped the sweat off his brow. Seconds later, as if to agree with his rider dust would whip its head back and neigh. The sudden movement and sound catching the hyuuga off guard and almost felling him from his saddle.

"Easy, Easy!" The jounin would stress as his head whipped to the side of the road, desperately looking for shelter from the merciless rays pouring down from the sky. Alas the site that greeted him granted him little comfort, as he had been for quite some time the hyuuga found himself trotting through a seemingly endless plain of grass. The valley's in front of his village's mountains offered little shade, and scarce if any trees. Discouraged his eye's would shift to the other side of the horse, seeming to see nothing their as well.

He'd almost given up hope before he saw something faint in the distance. Could it be? He'd think to himself as pulled on the reigns of his trusty steed, signaling it to pick up the pace. The horse seemed confused by the suggestion at first, as if it was wondering what kind of cruel man would make it gallop in weather such as this. But when it's eyes saw what Komon had seen it was more than happy to oblige.

And so the pair bolted forwards, on a trail towards what appeared to be a small wooden cabin like house, laying on the outskirts of the mountains complete with its own miniature pond. It seemed rather convenient, and also rather odd. "What's someone doing living all alone way out here?" He'd say aloud, realizing that talking to the horse was becoming a bit of an odd habit. It would take a few minutes to reach the house, given its deceiving distance in the long open plains, but the duo would eventually arrive and Komon would dismount, finally letting his feet return to solid ground.

Still holding the reign's to the horse he'd walk it to a post near the pond before tying tug to it with a rope. The length of the rope would keep the horse from bolting away never to be found again, but also allow it to rest in the shade created by the house as well as drink from the pond. "Get some rest buddy, we've got a lot of journeying left do do" He'd pat the horse before walking towards the house, intending to find out who lived here, and ask if he could rest there for a while. After all, they were in lightning country, and commoners were required to give their shinobi quarter when asked. It was a perk of being a shinobi in kumogakure that the boy had seldom used. He'd always felt it was a bit overly intrusive, but he was willing to make an exception in this case. The sun was unbearable.

Stopping in front of the door he'd make his arrival known by knocking no more than three times. "Hello? Is anyone home?" A few seconds would pass with no answer. So naturally, he'd try again, this time a little louder than the last and with a few more knocks. "Come on its hot out here!". But again, no answer. It seemed whoever lived here was not present at the moment. The jounin would shrug to himself as he thought. The house was close enough to the road he and his brother agreed to meet at, that it would make a good place to rest, so whether the resident was here or not mattered little to him.

His foot would launch forward, forcing the door open. "I'll just let myself in"

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Missing-Nin (B-rank)
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Beating the Heat Empty Re: Beating the Heat

Sat Jul 28, 2018 12:37 pm
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