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Sparring, Kari vs Xuba (The beating countinues)PNK Empty Sparring, Kari vs Xuba (The beating countinues)PNK

Sun Aug 19, 2018 7:35 am
Kari stood in the training grounds in front of dummy. She had bandages wrapped around her hands to minimize the bruising from excessively striking the dummy. Taijutsu was not her specialty but it was a good workout and she believed it would help her understand close range combat. Only, there was a small problem. Dummies don't fight back. She proceeded to unleash a combinations of punches and kicks which send the dummy into a spinning frenzy and forced her to block the arms as they rotate onto the other side.

The girl wore a purple t-shirt, and dark blue shorts. She had a white headband in order to limit the sweat running into her face. The words Fight with hearts before and after the word were written on the side. Kari had the headband rotated, so that the words would read on her left side. Her shirt was drenched due to the combination of the heat and the hard workout regiment. Her breath was heavy and her hands felt like they were on fire. It was not surprising since she did not normally fight this way but so the life of a ninja. Nothing was normal.

She was the only one on the grounds, this being one the the main reasons she decided to workout here, however she head that one armored guy might be wandering the area. She had been working hard to overcome some of her weaknesses and now she felt she was ready to take him on. She made sure not to bring any puppets since she did not want to risk any collateral damage. Also, she wanted to focus on her normal combat in order to understand how to move Kumo more efficiently. However, this was all just rumor and she had no way of knowing for sure if he would show.

In the corner of the ring that circle the training dummy, she had her backpack, a box for bandages and first aid stuff, and her trusty water. Her black cloak rested folded up against her backpack in cause it grew colder or she was suddenly called in for something. The chances of that happening was slim anyway since today was not day of duty and everything has been quiet. A nice day to draw something if someone was around. Maybe this was not the best idea...
Tatsuma (xuba) Uneo
Tatsuma (xuba) Uneo
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Sparring, Kari vs Xuba (The beating countinues)PNK Empty Re: Sparring, Kari vs Xuba (The beating countinues)PNK

Sun Aug 19, 2018 1:59 pm
The soft clunk of metal and iorn was the accompanying sound of xubas approach. Yet the head peice of  his armor was off revealing his grey mane of hair. He was moving at his natural  slow pace. Quietly observing the training ground. 

This was untill the hurried sounds of footsteps could be heard behind him. The voice of another man looking similar to him yet long waist length grey silver hair. The brother of this man  was accompanying him at the moment.

Their voices quiet as xuba quietly was explaining the applications of these training facilities to xabi.

"In theory, dummies  are a stationary way to work on your weaponry, and taijutsu, it also in a large supply of  them. The diffrence between these two and a real opponent. You do not have them fully reacting to your motions. The inner intent of human plotting cannot be replicated. You understand xabi?"

Xuba asked as he was making sure his lecture was of course fully understood. The simple teaching was obvious as its intent and full work would supply another with the tools nessary to survive.

"think i get it. But what happens if the opponent is weilding some weapon? Or utilizes vome contraption that one cannot fully understand? Like as simple as it may sesm so many applications can be done."

Xabis remark was a good reminder to xuba that at least xabi thought on his toes. Seeking a new way to fight. Noticing not everything is straight forward nor are they easy to utilize in theory, vs application. These details simply means one needed to work on how everything works at the end of the day. The countless applications were more then taking 5 steps, but understanding that your next motions had a response to the opponent.

"Correct as it is noted xabi. But let's see. The thing is that it may not always make very much sense. If you over wrry too much you will make a mistake. The person that loses their cool. Even with a weapon, or some other contraption. They risk dooming themselves. It is a test of patients and resolve. Something that people forget.... an example is this little girl."

Xuba stated as the two came to a stop a good distance away. Xuba recalled the girl as she ran away when her toy was damaged.

"Good head on her shoulders. But she needs to take risks. Xabi."
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Sparring, Kari vs Xuba (The beating countinues)PNK Empty Re: Sparring, Kari vs Xuba (The beating countinues)PNK

Sun Aug 19, 2018 10:37 pm
Kari stood over her bag and opened her jug of water. It had only be a hour of training but it was hot and she needed a water break. It would be bad if she just fainted from dehydration or heatstroke. She then draped her cloak over hear head to block out the sun and leaned back against her backpack. If she was an armor loving ninja, she would not come out on a day like this. It was probably like an fireball in gear like that. She squished more water around her mouth noticing that all the ice inside already melted. it was a shame since the jug was three fourths full.

After 5 minutes of rest, she jumped back to her feet and threw her cloak over her backpack and water jug hoping that it would keep her water cooler. She returned to the dummy and shook her hands in the air. Then she hopped in place getting blood pumping through her body. Then she punched the dummy. This was followed by a side strike which send the dummies arm which nearly hit her but she blocked it before sending it back around. This continued until she added another arm to the equation by hitting it and parrying it along with the other air. She continued striking the dummy continuously not paying attention to anything around her, however if someone were to call her or speak loud enough, she would stop by parrying all the arms and halting them.
Tatsuma (xuba) Uneo
Tatsuma (xuba) Uneo
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Sparring, Kari vs Xuba (The beating countinues)PNK Empty Re: Sparring, Kari vs Xuba (The beating countinues)PNK

Sun Aug 19, 2018 11:25 pm
naturally the heat played little means as a shinobi that was unfit for wearing their armor. Was clearly never meant to run around in the harsh environments in the first place. Still it played a part to xabi who with a few beads of sweat glanced at xuba a bit conflicted.

what kind of training has he truly gone through... where has he been to not be as affected by the heat on such a day as this... then again he must've traveled many places before returning home. Perhaps seen many things. 

xabi thought as he focused on the girl now as she was intent of the training dummy As it was impressive. Although more then a few years younger then the two brothers she to xabi was doing pretty well, but as xabi learned from xuba many times. The inhabitants of the city rarely faced a real threat. Thus he practiced as xuba called it passive analysis of the motion and the way the opponent moves. As despite the strikes done the body of a person  moves in many ways and in this case reveals the simple fundamentals of their combative capabilities. including the habits one may posses. All this he was doing as xuba spoke continuing his lecture to xabi as they were still out of earshot.

"every combat fighter has a rhythm xabi. The thing you must always learn is what it is. Through offense and defensive preferences and their evasive habits, In this case you will learn more to handle the opponent in the most efficient and risk free manner. An art that cannot be mastered, because we do it every day. which side of the road to walk? should we eat this if we know sometimes it may be unsafe? we are always calculating, learning, adding up the results that may or may not come true. Because we are flawed too. we too make mistakes."

xuba stated as he quietly watched kari go to work on the dummy. it was smart she was using the dummy to practice strike and reacting to counter another's movements as it would get tricky if the induvidual were to set in plan additional motions to keep themselves on the upperhand. or watch as our hopes and dreams merely get crushed at the end of the day. After a few moments xuba and xabit would continue towards the girl. As they after approaching would stand 6 meters away from the girl having decided to show up.

"yo what is up?"

xuba would speak up having nothing to worry about. Meanwhile xabi stood about 1 ft behind xuba. he would hope the girl would respond. As she seemed eager to improve greatly in chances while in curiousity to what drove the girl .
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Sparring, Kari vs Xuba (The beating countinues)PNK Empty Re: Sparring, Kari vs Xuba (The beating countinues)PNK

Mon Aug 20, 2018 12:09 am
A voice signaled the end of her training. With one more round of parrying, the dummies momentum was halted. She took a deep breath, letting the stinging feelings in her forearms die out as she processed the voice. It was a voice she knew all too well. The older boy who ruined a previous training session here. He was a boy who's strength greatly surpassed her last time they met. Even now, since she had no puppets, he was probably stronger. However she worked too hard to let this moment pass by. In fact, it was one of the very reasons she was here. Her previous defeat, where she gave up, it surely painted a image of weakness in the boy's head. Today, she was going to change that. She was not going to run away. In fact, she had another plan in mind. She turned into his direction

"A blue sky, white sun. Why you..." Kari's monotone voice froze as she noticed the boy behind Xuba. She paused with her black face, unsure what to make of it. Behind Xuba stood another... Xuba. Was the man using shadow clone? He never used such a technique last time they met. Maybe it was the heat. Kari rubbed her eyes and turned back at the two with her normal blank face. He was still there.
"There are two Xuba-san's?," She droned as her eyes locked back onto the one with armor.
Her mind continued to cycle around the idea eventually leading her to think that they were brothers or at least family. She really hoped that was the case because anything else would probably make her brain explode. Plus this heat did not help her thinking. She continued to stare at the armored one, focusing on not averting her gaze to the other one. He was the target, the reason for her being here. As such she could not let the mind games cloud her objective.
Her dreary low voice finally broke free of the trance,"Xuba-san one, I have been looking for you."
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Sparring, Kari vs Xuba (The beating countinues)PNK Empty Re: Sparring, Kari vs Xuba (The beating countinues)PNK

Mon Aug 20, 2018 12:47 am
Although her response to the sky was snarky. Xuba didnt mind as it was merely teenager rebellion. As an adult he was beyond the simple stuff. Thus it was amusing that she finally froze up Due to shock. Twins were a rarity. So it was unserstandable. 

Yeah best to let her work it all out.

He noted the girl needed to rub her eyes. As xuba and xabi coughed hiding a snicker. In its wake. The response sent xabi to silently shake with laugher as he did not wear much cept for the  flak jacket xuba posessed. 

"Yes  i am a shadow clone. No no im much diffrent from my brother here."

Xabi's voice was not as gruff, but a bit softer from xubas. As xubas was due to experience and well a harder upbringing. The experience of  a wandering man. Yet this was amusing to xuba.

"Yeah its ok kari. Relax"

Xuba simply stated as her  statement did not surprise him very much. All the girl had to do was simply ask of course. Or a letter. Xuba could be found even if one simply looked towards one of the larger homes. His focus at the moment in these times were on other things.

"So what were you seeking me out for kari?"

Xuba asked quzzingly to the girl.
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Sparring, Kari vs Xuba (The beating countinues)PNK Empty Re: Sparring, Kari vs Xuba (The beating countinues)PNK

Mon Aug 20, 2018 2:41 am
The two Xuba's seemed weird as she stared at them. Xuba two seemed to be acting the most strange, almost as if he was hiding something. It did not seem malicious so Kari paid it no mind. These those type of expressions were not the kind she was interested in. Especially now when her goal was validation. She kept a blank face through it all. Though Xuba two continued his weird behavior by calling himself a shadow clone before correcting himself and referring to himself as Xuba one's brother. To call yourself the same as a clone but then say your different. Kari did not understand. Was he trying to mislead her, was his relationship with the boy more complex then siblings? The girl moved her hand to her lip to ponder the statement before Xuba one told her to relax. She sighed returning her focus to him.

"To redeem myself from my last defeat,"
Kari closed her eyes remembering the previous time they trained together, "Lets train again. I won't give up so easily again."

She opened opened her eyes but tilted her head down and altered her gaze. She could not pinpoint this sense of regret inside of her. If it was because she had to revisit that moment in the past, the fact that she would be competing in a event out of her element, or that she could potentially be overwhelmed again. This was not a test she walked into think she truly could win. This was simply a matter finishing something, like the submitting of a late homework assignment. While the payoff was limited, she could at least say she did not runaway this time. She could say Tsukami family name was not one for cowards. She took one more deep breath.
"So do... do you accept or not Xuba one-san?" Her voice grew more quiet, still keeping its soft yet dreary tone.
Tatsuma (xuba) Uneo
Tatsuma (xuba) Uneo
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Sparring, Kari vs Xuba (The beating countinues)PNK Empty Re: Sparring, Kari vs Xuba (The beating countinues)PNK

Sat Sep 08, 2018 9:10 pm
redemption?  now that was a funny word. in order to redeem. a person needed honor to reclaim in the first place. the hope filled bliss of some individuals really made xuba wonder at times what was it that drove some people to keep on moving forward.

"you cannot reclaim things you have already lost. This is just the fact of the world you see. i'll go test you once more of course, but the thing you should strive forward towards. Is why did you turn away? do you truly think another trick,  or some technique will simply change that fact."

xuba simply stated as he stared at the girl and shook his head xabi in the meantime simply listened to the more experienced brother. the armor clad man spoke up and smiled.

"you could not even walk up to my hand and shake it. you assume that you have grown, but instead this fear and uncertainty merely can be smelled by a guy from a fair distance away. cannot even shake the hand of a person in your village. People who with ease, and a smile look you in the eye and trust your actions. these people who you will have to bend backwards over when death is a possibility?"

xuba simply stated he remembered how easily she turned tail and now if she had a hope of even coming close to matching him at all well he wondered if the girl could even push herself to doing something so simple.

"repetition begins by going back to the beginning. your toy was an unfortunate result from you assuming i will not target anything in your possession. Out there. they will take advantage of everything. even the very cloth you wear. to the very headband. so do not assume a large object will not fall victim to a person willing to crush and break you fully. when alone in the wooded or cold nights. what if surrounded. What if hunted for nothing but a few miserly ryo to go to bread for a child? all of this you will encounter girl. Yet  you seek redemption? ill just have to show you what i mean."

xuba said with a smile. her resolve had to be shown as he simply smiled softly. it was cute, but not going to buy it on s cutthroat who will kill her on the spot because of a naive outlook on life.
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Sparring, Kari vs Xuba (The beating countinues)PNK Empty Re: Sparring, Kari vs Xuba (The beating countinues)PNK

Tue Sep 11, 2018 12:20 pm
"Maybe but this time, I can."
Kari only wanted to finish without running away. She wanted to finish the fight win or lose. She could not rewrite time. She could not erase the past. However, she could capture the future with the pencils of her present.
"It was a tactical decision, one I don't regret. If that situation happened again, I would still have made those choices. Today though, the situation is different. My goals are anew. I have not changed, only my objective."

"Sorry, but that is not a custom I grew up around. My family only shakes hands with partners of great value and trust. You neither are of great value and I don't trust you. So forgive me but I will not shake your hand."

His comment about death was interesting but objectively it made no sense.
"I... I don't wish to insult your jester, your commitment to protecting me if I were close to death. However I think that conversation is irreverent to the actions you want me to do."

From her on out, Kari was done answering him.

"You talk too much..."
Kari stated before running at him at her full speed of 100. There was nothing in between the two and the girl would try and avoid anything that got in between them.
"I am not doing this for you. I am doing this for me and my name."
If she managed to get within an arms reach of the boy. She would try and punch him in the stomach at her full power.
Tatsuma (xuba) Uneo
Tatsuma (xuba) Uneo
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Sparring, Kari vs Xuba (The beating countinues)PNK Empty Re: Sparring, Kari vs Xuba (The beating countinues)PNK

Sat Sep 22, 2018 11:53 pm
objective changed huh?... well it must be nice to stay a moment this time.
xuba thought as he listened to the girl's responses. They did speak volumes to what it meant to the girl she will stay this time. Perhaps it was to prove to themselves that there was indeed fight still living in her. The very easy to see that her value in a handshake was very little. but then again the major point was clear. Her trust in himself or any other was little to nonexistent.
she is a piece of work..,.but this is whats you get when you toss children into the fry.... perhaps shinobi should be reserved for individuals over the age of 17. like shopkeepers. the maturity is lacking....
xuba thought as xabi simply took a seat. he was going to observe from a safe distance of 40 meters away as he simply took a seat and studied the two. The girl was to him more of an understandable and simply creating boundaries. perhaps even just trying to find her way. But from what he knew from meeting xuba. Xuba was not the individual to merely watch a child get stomped to putty. yet xabi never embarked in combat. His meek appearance was more the sign. but xuba he trusted. After all they shared the same body... so perhaps there was in it too. the same potential to be powerful.
In the meantime xuba was quietly observing the girl. he knew from the previous encounter that she was merely one to rely on small gimmicky tricks with seemingly threads made of chakra. Now on that note her handy work was questionable and it was answered that she indeed improved with speed in the time between the two meeting.
yes you sped up... that good at least. Speed is good when you need to move quickly and make sure you are within your opponents range. Keeps you safe from simple and most attacks. the danger is oversight,. just because you or I am fast does not mean we are unable to  avoid everything... annnnd she actually trying to approach how cute.
xuba thought as he observed the girl attempting to rush towards him in this case xuba merely took up a light and casual stance so he can remain mobile while relevantly capable of striking back as she closed the distance. now it was back to the flow of combat. The area was level grounded no holes or the sorts in the ground or anything like that. So as she closed the 4 meter gap. so with this xubas base response was to react with the basic responses. little to no need to do anything fancy. However his guard was simply an open handed guard left hand lead. While right hand rested in a loose half open handed guard right over his gut. with his left foot in front and slight shuffling of his feet top for  mobility.
He would merely begin shuffling as kari approached the 2 meter mark and xuba would merely observe any base stance work. But then due to seemingly not having a clue to hand to hand combat.....  she would attempt the rather annoying habit of cocking her fist back as she continued to approach him. running towards him as if the movement would somehow make it easier to strike him... this with no coherent stance proved to be very unfitting to the girl. and was costly. As her hand being cocked back was the sure tell sign of a strike coming and more so the foolish thing to do. despite her speed enhancements. there was a lack of logic. no base preparation to respond to additional counter measurements. But now there was the danger that would present itself.
she would reach arms reach of xuba and that was all fine and dandy as her punch would be aimed at his gut area. well that would not work. as xuba would simply with his left hand in circular motion and using the left hand he would initiate the inside to outside block open handed as he would shift his right foot forward and grab the girl’s arm with his left hand.  Pulling her towards the left side and exposing her the outside of her body as it would prevent most retaliations that the girl may try to utilize.  All the while should she try ro do anything she was completely at his mercy here. Her threads would as he observed simply come from her fingers and like the toy users they were they would never approach without some idea hiding up their sleeve. Dangerous of course, but unwise if they would step into the range of an hand to hand combatant. So during the motion of the whole thing xuba was observing the girl for any additional motions she may try to use and  would be able to react to them as required.  
(inside to outside block: open handed:+10 speed (due to scaling) final speed: 135, following taijutsu technique will gain an additional +5 in speed, and kari loses-5 speed due to inside to outside block.)
Even should she attempt to pull back her arm or better yet attempt to use some threads with either arm xuba would simply continue to grab on to the arm. As he would be significantly faster. As even if it was a fake strike or such xuba would still commit to the inside to outside block.  As with the grabbing portion of the inside to outside block. kari would be unable to break free of the grab as xuba’s strength would be much higher then kari’s. being able to feel should kari attempt to shift even a finger. Thus, as he shifted his right foot forward xuba would tug his left arm towards him to knock kari off-balance. Keeping kairi’s arm straight as he would maneuver her.,and away from his body As he would do this. Xuba would vault over the girl using the girl as a balancing part hence would prevent her from moving as/ xuba would using this maneuver would send her hurteling into the air before she ever realized what happened. And would be standing on the ground gazing up at the girl as she would be flying through the air in thought. Yes she would be caught in a tree 45 meters away as she would travel in an arch. The throwing motion would be so powerful that she would be spinning uncontrollably unable to move. Lest her strength stat was high enough.
(early sacrifice: +85 speed(+35 from scaling),+60 strength (+10 from scaling) final speed: 210, controlled strength so to not kill the girl: 70, throw speed: 180. Reaction time to follow taijutsu motion due to black and white heavens: 220)
with her crafty natrure in mind xuba had many other tools he could utilize in order to keep the  girl busy and on her toes  and unable to really act or reavt for the better use of words. The threads as he knew could be pretty stealthy in appliance and such, but this was the danger that they possessed and nothing that he would not notice. Still if all went as planned xuba would simply wave at the girl now in the tree if all his actions went fully as planned.

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