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So this is the Mizukage's Chambers? [Xyxer]  - Page 2 Empty Re: So this is the Mizukage's Chambers? [Xyxer]

Sun Jul 29, 2018 5:12 pm
Following the actions of his brother, Xyxer remained quiet in the eerily silent tomb, the only sound outside of Takeo's footsteps being the gentle drops of water  from his frame, yet even then the sounds were inconsequential in this world. The sheer quantity of masks seemed to be overwhelming to the newly inducted ANBU, that was at least until something notably caught his eye and for a split second he resembled a meerkat before approaching one particular mask.

When he pried the mask from the wall and wore it as his new face, it was weird. It was oddly fitting, yet Xyxer couldn't understand why.. something beyond him seemed amused by the selection of features, so much so that he almost didn't hear his brother when he spoke out to him. What next.. a good question to ask when you've just been inducted into the secret corp of the bloodiest village in existence. A notorious assassination? A heinous kidnapping? Perhaps even a merciless maiming of another village's shinobi? No.. Xyxer had bigger plans than that for now.

"Prepare yourself to leave the village alongside myself and another within the next two weeks. I plan to invoke a Gokage Summit." Xyxer claimed, swallowing bitter memories of his failure to attend the summit on behalf of that treacherous Tenkage, if they had killed that snake when he was unprotected it would have solved many issues for Xyxer, yet alas the world sought to mock him, "The Summit should be straight forward, but if anyone dares to speak while I am talking at the meeting then kill one of their bodyguards.. or them, your discretion really." Xyxer finished, retrieving the torches.

Their time in this darkness was over and it was time for the new duo to climb up from the murky depths back into the spotlight of the heavens, yet neither would be content with just that.. Xyxer the least, as he desired to claim the greatest role in the known world. He'd have to be ruthless to do so, and would require days of meditation leading up to this meeting to steel himself for what may come. Granted that Takeo had now left the cavern Xyxer would follow suit, securely closing the entrance and making his way towards the rooftop.


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Yasahiro Yagami
Yasahiro Yagami
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Village Leader
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So this is the Mizukage's Chambers? [Xyxer]  - Page 2 Empty Re: So this is the Mizukage's Chambers? [Xyxer]

Mon Jul 30, 2018 3:33 pm




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