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Mon Jan 22, 2018 3:09 pm
The young man woke up and was groomed to start to his day. Finally, wearing his original attires he would head downstairs and begin his day. However, another day felt like a new Shinobi must occur doing his natural daily things. What was today going to be, another moment of silence or will it be some intense hardcore training? He didn't know, but after all, he was an academy student preparing for his ultimate genin test. Yeah, he needed to learn the basics, but it seemed he wanted to take baby steps and take it slowly and effectively. He heated up from his bed after a long dream, it was time to shine and bright during the day. A smile from his face ready to shine and start the day, it was difficult getting up from bed, but what had to be done, should have been done. The day was settling, and the best was still to come. He smiled across his face, knowing what was going to be going on today. Later, doing his original things, eating and all sorts, Fall would then hug his uncle who was standing right in front of him. Without any hesitation, he looked at him with a confused face, wondering what was going to happen. While on the top of that, his uncle spoke up and whispered him something in his ear. "Recollect, you are a strong Shinobi, and you must not let nothing get to you." Whilst holding his hands on him, fall replies. " I value your support uncle really I do, but from this point on I must do things for myself." Time wasn't on before as it was, puppet user fall wanted more in his lifetime. He desired to achieve something far greater than anything, and he had the motivation to go out there and get kicked pumping. Before he passed on, he would ask his uncle who was in need. " I require you to train me some basic Jutsu before I move on to the main Genin exam, and I wish for your help, and I understand you are dealing with things, but could you please support me here?" He would take his uncle as his uncle would nod, they both headed toward the field and started on with the day. "Firstly, remember this Jutsu is a gutsy where you visualize a way out if you are placed in Genjutsu So, obviously I will try to put you in it without you knowing it could be now or never, so be prepared." He would complete his sentence and then looking in Fall for a response." Understood, my boy?" Fall then looked at him and replied, " oh indeed, yes." Nevertheless, Fall didn't know that he was already ranked in the Genjutsu, and yet he would suddenly lose his balance and then fall. He realized he had messed up and started to do it and again until he got the idea of it. Eventually, he would go. " Release."  The Genjutsu which he was reckoned to be gone, and yet it disappeared. Yes, he did it finally, knowing what was going to go on,  he looked back and saw his uncle disappeared. We'll that was disappointing, but that didn't irritate him and so in the training field looking for the Jounin, who would teach him the last basic Jutsu before his exam. He found out a handsome librarian who seemed to be doing hard work. It was pitiful to see her suffering and being someone's slave. She deserves better. He wanted to achieve by taking her into his sleeves and supporting her.  The beautiful eyes he was gazing at and yet, couldn't get his hands off her, it was something improbable. She was questioning. Why would this young man continually keep staring at her, and for sure she slapped him across the face, and told him to leave. The expression changed into the somewhat embarrassing moment and yet the Shinobi, left the scene without no hesitation. It was time to head over the area to work on his basic Jutsu which he was eager to discover.  The Jounin would be close to the corner where fall would be heading in his direction, He questioned if he would teach him the next basic which was tree climbing. We'll first it didn't look very simple, but it was a really effective Jutsu in reality. Once approached, he would then inquire if he was cable teaching him the Jutsu. The matter was this Jounin was learning a couple of Jutsu, and yet he came in and asked if he would teach him.  A Jounin was believed to be at the arena, directing a couple of Jutsu of himself.   However, He anticipated every move he was doing and walked towards him without a sweat. " Hey." Was the word he sounded out at the Jounin, who looked at him with a serious "I was wondering if you could teach me a pair of basic Jutsu? I would really appreciate it."  He would say, and then looking at him waiting on a response... The man replied in a tone of where one would say that was beautiful. "My friend, evidently I am keen on teach you the basics. However, what comes after I am not being able to teach you all in one day as it does require patience." The Jounin smiled wide as he can, and knowing that the kid was going to be a wiz.  Fall wasn't surprised by his response, but he eventually accepted it and was keen on learn. So after some time explaining he would be ready to do it within himself. So, seeing a couple of trees he would head to a close by tree and focusing on his chakra with his eyes closed. Nothing was more beneficial than focusing on It felt neat, and he decided to open his eyes while the blue aura circled around him, which he then focused on taking the first step to the trees which he failed. And so he would simply do it time and again, which wasn't simple enough, but better yet,  he would continually be doing it until he got the grasp at the moment. He believed he was on the top off the tree and was glad he completed it. He then would home after a long day, and yet the best was yet to come. It felt great for sure, and he left within a flash. 

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