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Graduation Day Empty Graduation Day

Tue Jan 09, 2018 6:19 pm
Allegro woke up from his sleep as if he had never been to sleep at all. His restless night was born of anxiety for the following day. He rose out of bed with a look of determination. He engaged in his regular morning routine: brushed his teeth, ate his breakfast, and put in the earbuds to his MP3 player. He secured his ninja tools and fashioned them onto a pouch on his belt. He rolled up the last of his shinobi scrolls and secured them in his pockets. Then, he head out the front door without saying a word, only a raised hand for his Father to wave back at from the dining room table. Today was the day he took his genin exams.

The look on the young boy’s dark brown face showed determination, after all, he knew exactly what was at stake. He knew that today would determine whether or not he had what it takes to be a shinobi of the Leaf village. The kid dodged the hustle and bustle of the busy villagers whom were shuffling through the village streets. The boy's movements were loose and fluid as he grooved to the music playing in his ears. Soon he picked up speed when he heard the ninja academy bell ringing and echoing throughout the village. He tied his bright red hair up into a bun so that it would not get in the way of his sight just as he slid through the slowly closing academy gates. He had made it just in time for the start of the exam.

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Graduation Day Empty Re: Graduation Day

Thu Jan 11, 2018 1:23 pm
well then the day has come indeed. the fact that yen himself decided to take up the lucky student at hand in the test was both fortunate and unfortunate. his single  gazing over the soon to be document of a genin in question. to simply he was not going to make it easy for the student. just like the previous day.

now then... let see ill make this a challenge for him to conqure

yen thought as he looked up from the desk as the boy came in right on time. the clock struck 9 o'clock,  and yen looked up as he was in his blue cloak and the traditional straw hat on his head.

"you barely made it on time allegro... next time despite the soreness you are to arrive early take a seat As your test will begin at this moment."

yen said sharply as he was here a few hours earlier and was disappointed. still his job was simple. to test the boy, and test him he will.
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Graduation Day Empty Re: Graduation Day

Thu Jan 11, 2018 1:40 pm
Allegro filed into his seat in the class room where his exam proctors had begun the explanation of first portion of the exam. He was quite surprised to see Yensung Aburame among the proctors, the man who saw to his training personally. Seeing him there gave Allegro a mix of emotions, he felt both nervous, and determined to fulfill the promise he had made. That the next time they met, he would be an official genin of Konoha. They were passing out exam packets and pencils on either side of the classroom. Allegro’s face went flush of color and his expression was grim. He stared blankly at the exam papers in front of him. I…..had no idea there was a written exam…
One of the exam proctor shouted out “Begin!” and pencils all around the room hit their targets like shuriken to a log post. Allegro had no choice but to take the exam and just wing it. He flipped through the pages filling out what he could before submitting it. He handed it to his professor and looked behind him to see that every other seat in the classroom was still occupied. He had finished earlier than he thought. He was guided to a room where the other students would join him after a few minutes passed by. Eventually, everyone was gathered and separated based on who received passing scored to the written exam. Surprisingly, Allegro scored in the 100th percentile, along with several other students. The passing students were escorted to a neighboring forest area where genin typically practice to hone their skills. Several students congratulated him on his high score, while others declared their rivalry with him. Either way, Allegro was focused solely on the exam. His future awaited him.
With all the examinees gathered in the forest, the rules of the next part of the exam were explained. They were each given long white headbands to tie onto their body, representing their lives. Allegro obeyed his instructions and fastened it on tightly. Suddenly, a few other shinobi, several Konoha jounin stepped into the spotlight. It would seem they were to be assumed enemy ninja, and there task was to evade capture or death. Once the rules were assigned, all of the students taking the exams dispersed, Allegro along with them. He secured his headphones in place, yet put the volume on low. Just in case…
Allegro secured a hiding position among the treetops and observed his surroundings. He could see that several other students were nearby, attempting to hide, taking after him. With the enemy being several jounin level shinobi, this was the best option. He performed the transformation jutsu to recreate himself as a dark brown and green colored figure that could easily blend with the surrounding environment. Then the boy faded away as time went by ever so slowly….Just as Allegro was about to doze off, he heard the screams of some of the exam participants being stripped of their headbands. They’re not going easy on us, huh? I can dig it…Allegro took a gulp as a bead of sweat trickled down his next. He could feel a faint wind on his left ear as a voice whispered,
“Clever hiding spot, but not good enough!”
One of the ninja pursuants was from the Hyuuga clan, with his Byakugan fully active. After his encounter with Hikari Sensei, he knew he was in big trouble. The tree where Allegro was had exploded from the force of a hit, but the young boy managed to evade harm just in time. During his descent, he flipped over several tree branches to break his fall, but not before weaving three hand signs that would allow him to conjure two identical clones on himself. As his feet and right palm touched the ground, the clones appeared in the exact same position, each facing a different direction. Allegro and the clones scattered with ought hesitation. However it would seem that would not be enough, as the hyuuga knew exactly which one to chase after. So this is the power of the Byakugan? He continued running as fast as he could before tripping over a rock and tumbling to his knees. The ninja approached slowly with his arm outreached to collect yet another headband. Allegro Spoke for the first time during the entire exam,
 “I see.....So this is what it takes to be one of Konoha’s shinobi.”
Just before the ninja could touch his headband, a large foghorn sound rang through the whole forest. The exam was over. The arm that would rob Allegro of “life” was not outstretched to congratulate the boy on passing the exam. In the man’s hand was a headband with the Konohagakure symbol. Allegro formed a tear in his eye and accepted the acknowledgement of his achievement. He was now a shinobi. 

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