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Homecoming (p,nk, Xuba) - Page 4 Empty Re: Homecoming (p,nk, Xuba)

Thu Jan 04, 2018 6:33 pm
She would stand outside at the gate for a while, since although Harani was as fast as anyone would think she needed moments to appear before the girl. The woman with the dark skin and hazelnut coloured eyes hugged the girl upon seeing here. The hair, that had been in an almost elegant hairdo was now half way down and in the dark one would mistake the green for almost black. But in the light it displayed a deep forest like green. Harani would gently speak something into Sanaes ear that was about how sorry she was but the girl felt still so numb and far away from everything, that she almost did not even recognize being spoken to.
Afterwards she would take the medic inside the house where they came by. Now Sanae stopped and looked at both: "Tatsuma-sama, this is Harani Sulibethsunnya, she is my father's team member and most trusted medic", she introduced her, "And this Harani is Tatsuma Uneo, a wanderer that has chosen to fill the ranks of Hoshi not so long ago." Harani slight nodded at the man: "A pleasure please call me Harani and excuse me, that I will now go forth to investigate the matter at hand", she said firm but quietly. Since she was now inside she would change her footwear and go up followed by Sanae.

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Tatsuma (xuba) Uneo
Tatsuma (xuba) Uneo
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Homecoming (p,nk, Xuba) - Page 4 Empty Re: Homecoming (p,nk, Xuba)

Thu Jan 04, 2018 7:46 pm
Xuba quietly waited. For what was hours was truely a few moments. Even in the depths of greif one lost track of time. His thoughts now on ahead, yet his memories of the past still flashed through his mind.

The lady that appeared jolted xuba out of his thoughts as the hair was as he would say unique. Her eyes were quiet nice as it was this was the medic. 

I wont lie on a solem note, but she defintley would be fitting for sanae's father. Almost magical like....

Xuba thought as he brushed away the subtle thoughts. The mans face remained solem but now determined as he wondered how sanae would look older. Time truely was a castcading effect as he felt young but old all at once in a sense. Yet how to explain the orgin he had no idea.

Here she comes.

He thought as he opend the doors and sanae introduced him. He with a bow to the lady noting how she was dressed spoke up.

"It is a pleasure harani. I wish it was under less of an gastly manner."

Xuba felt the tears form deep within as he in his own inner world had now a cross road where both the corpse of sanae's father and his own mother laying there  the father silent, but hands on the deceased lay heavy on his shoulders.

However, this was a short lapse of  silence which he followed the woman and sanae quietly eyes closed and head bowed. Each step was like climbing a mountain on top of another, yet  xuba kept pace as they entered the door.

"He was such a kind man... we left the body as it was... we tried... our best. Im sorry"

Xubas head bowed quietly as he spoke up to the lady. He felt ashamed. The man whom he grew to respect. Dead and not even peaceful, as if he fought something and was unable to stand to his feet. But half off the cot of all things Suffocated.

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Homecoming (p,nk, Xuba) - Page 4 Empty Re: Homecoming (p,nk, Xuba)

Thu Jan 04, 2018 11:59 pm
Sanae would follow the woman up to her father's room. Upon seeing the body of the man that once was part of her team one could see a short moment of struggle to keep her composure but after that she would take out a sealing scroll and unseal what was hidden inside and soon have medical supplies and research tools to her hand. She would take a sample of what was left in his mouth and then run a quick exam on it and then shake her head: "You couldn't have done anything for him. This is a toxin I conjured up when we became Jounin upon his request. Ready to die if that meant keeping village secrets safe upon getting caught he had always kept one close by." Harani stared a little at the man before her before once again she took a deep breath filling out a form that was summing up the death cause, the approximated time of death and other formalities concerning the case of his demise. After that she looked at Sanae sitting next to her: "As first to be at the scene I will need you two to give your information in case there should be an investigation about this, but I don't think there will be one", she would hand Xuba and Sanae both forms to fill out and pencils to do so which Sanae proceeded to do with a stoic calmness to herself that felt almost dead to her.

While the child appeared cold or at least somehow parted from this world while she mechanically filled in what was but a mere formality to confirm she had been there and was alright with being questioned at whatever time they deemed fit and would not leave the village until everything was deemed right. Harani who had done her part gently ran her hands across the dead ones face: "You did not have to be the first at everything sempai, not that I wanted to die first but you could have tried longer", her voice was accelerating as tears were dropping from her eyes down her cheeks, "I could have found a way! You stupid thick headed I could have found a way even if it took a lifetime! You said you'd be there! You said you'd be her godfather! Stupid idiot!", she would almost scream at him while wrapping an arm around her belly and tears rushing down her face like streams of a river down a mountain.

Sanae looked at the woman that was sitting there. Every emotion she had could have been her own. But while she was even getting angry at her father who was lying there growing colder by the moment Sanae was only filled with a feeling of emptiness. She wanted to cry, she wanted to scream but something blocked that away. So all she was able to say in a quite silent matter was: "If it is soothing for you. I'd be that child's godparent instead although I am not much of a parent, I am said to be an excellent babysitter", it felt so dry coming off of her but now the crying woman was hugging her and crying onto her shoulder, the young Kaguya would gently pet her head.

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Tatsuma (xuba) Uneo
Tatsuma (xuba) Uneo
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Homecoming (p,nk, Xuba) - Page 4 Empty Re: Homecoming (p,nk, Xuba)

Sat Jan 06, 2018 10:27 am
Xuba listend quietly as he heard it was a poision that killed the man of the lady's concoction. It made sense. Dead men/women never spoke. As it was similar methods of hiding cahes of ryo and other valueables from other theives and robbers. One needed a quick way out.

I never had a quick out... perhaps because i knew i would not cooperate under normal circumstances  still... i understand. It was  to leap first before the team. He was the leader.... im sorry suichiro...

Xuba thought as he gazed at the papers quietly and signed them as he kept the writing the same as he did with the kage. Closer to his writing as he finished it while crying as the lady spoke to the dead man.

It was so painful as he made sure to keep the papers dry from tears still he could see the connection and depth of the father and even the medic.

"Such... a man to reach all of the hearts..... i belive that there was a way...."

He stated through tears as he handed back the completed paperwork and took a deep shaky breath as he looked down at the corpse of the man. Emotion was such a deep bullet.

"His gift despite knowing the immenit ending... he came home... the showing of an amazing man."

He said quietly  as he heard the shocking news. He was to be a godfather. A guardian of a child and to be an amazing honor.


His voice  was surprised yet now he gathered himself once more this alone was a bitter surprise. Yet perhaps there was a  string of gold to this.

A new dawn arises. I wonder what is sanae's reply?

It did not take as long as xuba gave a small smile at her response. The very thing that was amazing. She took up her responsibilities like the leader she is. It was impressive and amazing.

"You will do great."
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Homecoming (p,nk, Xuba) - Page 4 Empty Re: Homecoming (p,nk, Xuba)

Sun Jan 07, 2018 1:04 pm
Moments go by in which Harani would cry onto her shoulder and she would gently pet over her head and would endure her cries until she raised her head and looked at her with teary red eyes as Sanae would stroke away her tears. "Thank you child", she said softly speaking and calming herself again breathing a little in and out. Together with her she would make preparations that needed to be made. Some calls had to be made and one or two hours later at max there would be people coming to take care of the dead body so it would be brought to one of the temples that Sanae would choose, so the body could be prepared for the parting ceremony and would not lay around the house all day or night and after they had carried him off Harani would also make her way home promising to help Sanae with the burial service and sending out invitations to his closest friends to attend the funeral and things like that which the girl would gladly agree to. Since she had never done this before and was kind of overwhelmed with everything. Little did she know that there was much more trouble to come but that evening she would neither eat nor interact much with Xuba anymore. She would excuse herself because she felt tired which she did, but while feeling tired she could not sleep so well.

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Homecoming (p,nk, Xuba) - Page 4 Empty Re: Homecoming (p,nk, Xuba)

Sun Jan 07, 2018 1:07 pm
Tatsuma (xuba) Uneo
Tatsuma (xuba) Uneo
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Homecoming (p,nk, Xuba) - Page 4 Empty Re: Homecoming (p,nk, Xuba)

Sun Jan 07, 2018 2:23 pm
Xuba quietly watched the two as they finished. Hence he then wandered off in reflection of his own. What it meant to do so much yet watch a person fall. Yet again he could not save a life. The fate of a girl unknown to him, a boy he treated like a little brother and willingly protected. Now a daughter lost a father. Each of these losses and struges shared the same thing.

Maybe i bring more greif then joy... cursed child to a man amid the turrets of the curses... regardless. I will continue on. Ill be here.

Xuba thought as he gave sanae her space and retreated to the guest room to quietly meditate. It was to clear his mind and gain focus. The people came and went. Yet xuba quietly listend for the wind. It howled as it felt cold and empty. 

Sometimes the wind is like that, but my emotions are going raw... i must keep them down. For right now.

Xuba thought for a moment as he then cleared his mind as he meditated  for hours till the chill at least did not feel as constricting. The body was moved, but still it remained... perhaps it was the dull reminder of the cold truth. 

For once... i will accept it... ill keep trying to clean the bloody hands... now for him as well ill do it.

Xuba thought as he leaned against the wall sitting up and hence falling asleep. The nightmere returned. The countless hands and sounds of starving children sorrounded him. Although faintly he heard a voice softly calling to him. The face obscured by a light he could not pass. It burned in his nightmeres. So instead he helped the others out despite the pain. As he could only help them, but when it came to himself. He stared at the light as it sheared his flesh.  Only to retract it. 

Im no savior, but only a step to be stepped on or a hand to assist across the roaring rivers... was i fool to belive that i could help myself any further? Maybe.... now to return home and find a way out.

Xuba thought as he slowly came back to the waking world.


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