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A Second Encounter (P, NK)

Madrigal Kaguya
Also Gin Kouen
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A Second Encounter (P, NK) - Page 4 Empty Re: A Second Encounter (P, NK)

Wed Dec 20, 2017 9:44 am
Sal couldn't help but laugh as Gin's dreamy expression as the result of their kiss slowly faded into realization. What was truly hilarious was the blush that flashed across his face, sitting up so the ninja would would have to slide off him. Alright, she'd admit it. Kid was hot. Not just when kissing with him or bedding him but just talking to him was quite attractive. Not to mention he was really cute, especially when his blush burned it's way across his face. Sal looked up at him with the widest grin, a tone of wanting resting behind her one good eye.

The Waitress came and went but Sal didn't care enough to notice. Why? Because Gin was right there. His little flirt made her smile widen evermore She sighed, content as she guided her lips upwards with his fingers on her chin, the two of them sharing another, shorter kiss. When he pulled away, Sal had her own little joke ready to go but Gin spoke first, remarking how they weren't going to need to train anymore fire jutsu today. She was, of course, close enough to hear what exactly he was saying under his breath and the girl laughed long and hard, pecking his lips again. Those things must've had some kind of magnets in them because she kept being drawn right at them... The mere SIGHT of those lips made hers tingle for them...

"Oh, aren't you the comedian today...?" She asked, gently drawing her palm down his cheek. "I have a thing for comedians..."

The waitress came by again and Gin paid their tab, the two of them slipping out of their booth with all of his new toys in hand. Sal would've taken his hand in his but unfortunately they were both being used so, instead she wrapped her arm around his, guiding him back to her apartment... again. What? A girl had needs too. Besides, having someone you slept with before meant they knew the stuff you liked! And, if you're accommodating, the stuff he liked.

*fade to black Xb*

A while afterwords, Sal and Gin were heading out and it was actually starting to get a little dark outside. What... had they been at it that long...? Geez, time flied when you were having fun...

"So... come back again this evening, Lover boy..." She giggled. "I wanna have you to myself..."
Also Gin Kouen
Also Gin Kouen
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A Second Encounter (P, NK) - Page 4 Empty Re: A Second Encounter (P, NK)

Wed Dec 20, 2017 6:25 pm
Gin would look to the sky with a raised eyebrow before turning to the girl next to him. “Seems pretty late as is. But I can certainly come back here tonight instead if that’s what you’re really wanting. I am however going to go do a bit of solo training before that. I need to practice some things that aren’t exactly safe for most others.” He would tell the lady before taking her hand and giving it a gentle kiss before giving her a grin and heading down the road toward a nearby training ground. The evening was starting to get cool and he could feel the need for training overtake him. He felt he could get some serious work done right now. Something he wanted dearly. He needed more strength, no, more power. Strength did nothing for him, but power. The force of his chakra was potent enough to naturally turn into fire chakra. The sheer force of the power that lay beating within was enough to keep anyone on edge should he start channeling even a bit of his extremely potent chakra. 

The sun was well on its way toward the horizon with the sky beginning to transform into it’s portrait of colours. Purples, pinks, and oranges coloured the heavens as what there were appeared to be bathed in soft pink hues. The great celestial body beyond them all being a deep red. He felt his blood pumping at this time. He needed something to take the edge off. He needed to expend some chakra, and rapidly. His body felt like it was getting hot, and not in the same way it was with Salaluna awhile ago. He took deep, haggard breathes as he walked onto the barren training ground. The fire chakra almost effortlessly began to swirl around him violently. The great silvery flames of chakra bled into the air surrounding him in a threatening manner. Almost as if it were daring anyone to come too close. The potency of the chakra was increasing. He could feel it thrumming through him with pure power. His heart pounded erratically, his lungs worked over time to try to feed oxygen to his body. 

He took one more, singular deep breath and held it. 

He flashed through two quick hand seals. 

He exhaled the breath. 

A great silver flame erupted from his lungs. The silver fire expanding over a large radius in front of him. The great fire threatening to torch anything caught within it’s burning grasp. He held the breath for a while, far longer than he ever had before. After a minute or two he would finally let the fire die. He’d tilt his head back, close his eyes and take in slow, deep breaths. The rhythmic moving of his chest the only hint he was alive. He stood there for a few minutes, letting his mind wander aimlessly before he righted his head once more and began to move through another set of hand seals. It was time to progress himself further. He had to be better, had to be stronger. 

As he finished the last sign a small dome of fire chakra would explode outward from him at a rapid pace. The concussive force of this attack would shove back those without the power to withstand it’s force and those that weren’t pushed back would be incinerated by the flames. It was a technique he’d only discovered recently, and it easily had the power to turn things around if someone go too close for his liking. His chakra would spike again as his appearance changed. His eyes would gain a glint of silver fire, his body heat would increase drastically and each breath produced steam. A light seemed to shine out from within him, living off a radiance that most others wouldn’t be able to match (unless they were from a certain light using clan). He’d let this chakra spike hold for a bit, taking control over it and letting it build up. He needed to get the range increased to about ten meters before he was willing to consider this technique done. He was about to try it again when suddenly an immense pressure fell upon the field. 

No, it was too widespread to be JUST on the field. This feeling must have blanketed the entire village. It was power too, as he wasn’t known to have chakra sensory yet he could feel it outright. A potent intent to kill, so so powerful in rage and anger it choked up the genin even here. It felt as if it was coming from The Unseen University. ‘T-The Kage’s chambers? Who is this?’ He’d think, falling to his knees from the pressure. It held him in his sway, making him think the harbinger of dead had arrived to kill him for some reason. He couldn’t move, could barely breathe. He fought to stand, fighting against the pressure with all of his might. Suddenly, just as quickly as it appeared, it was gone. Like a flame snuffed out by the wind. “What the fuck?” He said to himself before shaking his head. Maybe he should get something to drink before training again, after that he needed a break. 

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Academy Student
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A Second Encounter (P, NK) - Page 4 Empty Re: A Second Encounter (P, NK)

Wed Dec 20, 2017 8:41 pm
Saluluna smiled widely at his promise to return, something she could finally look forward to in the evening. She giggled as he kissed her hand before running off to "solo-train", the one-eyed beauty heading back inside to take a nap. It was going to be a long and very interactive night, was it not? She should get some rest in while she still could. When she opened the door to her apartment once more, however, two of those same cylinder-things fell right on her head, forcing a small gasp of surprise from the half-blind ninja.

"Stupid little things..." She giggled, observing them in her hands. "The day you stop coming into my life is the day I'll be happy... Actually happy... For now..." She popped the top of both of these pretty little gifts. "Let's see what kind of goodies you have for me THIS time..." With a vomit of confetti and a noise akin to a party-popper, what came out of this little duo were...
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A Second Encounter (P, NK) - Page 4 Empty Re: A Second Encounter (P, NK)

Wed Dec 20, 2017 8:41 pm
The member 'Sal' has done the following action : Roll Dice/Flip Coin

'20-sided dice' : 10, 2
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Academy Student
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A Second Encounter (P, NK) - Page 4 Empty Re: A Second Encounter (P, NK)

Wed Dec 20, 2017 8:59 pm
A red-and-white sword not unlike the one Gin had gotten earlier in the restaurant and a small, sharp six-sided dreidel. The Sword she could use... Heck, she could even smell a soft-sweet scent radiating off the blade, almost beckoning her to lick it. The other...? Bah. Hardly even worth looking at... Well... maybe she could throw it at someone real good...

Nevertheless, like before with these useless items, Saluluna was disappointed, tossing them on her chest of drawers to be put away later. Oh well... maybe the next time one of these showed up, it would redeem it's breatheren. Sighing heavily, she stripped off her kimono and the flack-jacket she wore underneath, flopping out on her bed in only her white-shirt, black pants and shoes, taking a small book off her bed-side table and began to read... It helped her fall asleep after all... Made it easy to ignore the sharp anticipation of what was coming...

Only a few minutes into her book however and a SHARP energy shot through the entire room, something even someone without chakra-sensory could detect... It was haunting, powerful, but it's alignment between good and evil seemed to swap by the instant. Sal's normal smirk was gone, replaced by a very serious frown. What was that... where was it coming from...? Before she could even hazard a guess, however... it was gone without a trace...

All Sal could think was...

"Aw, dammit! I left my eye-wrapping! I guess now I have to use my headband..."

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