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Higuto Aburame
Higuto Aburame
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Higuto learns Insect Sphere Empty Higuto learns Insect Sphere

Mon Dec 04, 2017 3:30 am
Higuto stepped onto the training field once more, his mind set on learning to better control the insects within his body, as he knew that by the end of today's training he was going to probably be the most tired he'd ever been in his life. He had gained the idea to train his insects to learn a powerful offensive jutsu. He felt his chakra was prepped and ready to start as he decided to practice on the first jutsu: Insect Sphere. If he remembered correctly the technique correctly he could use it to direct his kikaichu to surround an enemy and latch onto them from all sides, imprisoning them with little chance of evasion or escape, and draining their chakra reserves dry.

He decided that he'd train in the jutsu with one of the nearby stumps on the field. He walked over to it until he stood a few meters away and takes a deep breath. Determined he forms the Ram seal as he next extends his arms and insects begin to crawl out of his coat sleeves and fly off around the wood stump. He watches and silently commands them all to continue swarming around their target until they form a sphere around the post. "Secret Technique: Parasitic Insects..." The insects close in on the post as they all try to latch on to any uncovered spaces of the log. "Insect Sphere."

The bugs suddenly disperse as the chakra that flowed out went haywire as the bugs became confused and fly around in all directions! Higuto extends his arms as he wills the bugs to calm down while he tries to control his chakra flow a bit better so as to not scare the insects so much. They all slowly fly back to him as they fly around in circles and await his next command. "Ok, so this is going to take concentration. Maybe if I only focus on the cluster that is able to latch on instead of also on the ones that can't..." Again he brings his hands up as he forms the Ram sign before extending a hand out as he wills the insects to fly towards the stump and surround it once more. The insects start to slowly close in as Higuto concentrates and focuses on the target. "Secret Technique: Parasitic Insects... Insect Sphere."

Some insects latch on as others once again dispserse from the task and fly away in a frenzy. He calls them all back, panting from the exertion, as he watches them all circle him once more. "Well maybe I need a bit of a warm up stretch first." He waves his hands as the insects all come to him and fall back under his jacket sleeves to rest within his body once more. He takes off the jacket, walking to a nearby tree and resting in on the roots, as he walks back and begins to stretch. Before long he begins to hop and jog in place before getting on his hands and does a quick set of pushups. After doing about 20 he hops up onto his feet and begins to jog around the field. As he jogs he allows the bugs within him to come back out and fly around him as some landed on the grass and began to feed. He kept jogging around the field as he kept his breathing controlled while feeling his body loosening up and his chakra flowing a bit better through his body. After about a half an hour spent running he stops and cracks his knuckles. "Ok. Let's try this again now." He walked back towards the log as he raises his hands up and the bugs start to gather around him again. He closes his eyes as he brings his hands together once more before forming the Ram seal once more and extended an arm out as the insects swarmed once more around a log. The bugs begin to swarm around it once more as he focuses solely on the log once again. "This time for sure. Secret Technique: Parasitic Insects... Insect Sphere!"

Finally after the insects find their places they latch onto the log and Higuto can feel them trying to draw chakra from the stump of wood. Naturally, since the log doesn't have any chakra, the insects fly off and head back towards Higuto. He pants as he feels tired from using a lot of chakra. He leans over, resting his hands on his knees, as he takes breaths of air while trying to rest his body as much as he can before continuing. He allowed the insects to continue buzzing around him as he hops up and down to try to keep himself energized. He began to twirl his hands as the insects all flew to his movements and swarmed around him as he thought of what next to do. He began to swirl his hands all around the air while trying to increase his control over the insects in a way where his chakra seamlessly worked to prevent him from wasting a lot of chakra. He controlled the bug to fly once again towards the stump before making the ram seal once more as the insects started to circle the stump once more. "Secret Technique: Parasitic Insects... Insect Sphere."

The insects swarmed and dived into the stump as they began to once again feed on the stump. This time Higuto wanted to test his control by seeing how long he could keep them on the stump. He lowered his hand as he concentrated his chakra into his insects as they obeyed and stayed glued to the stump. He thought that it'd bring him great prowess in chakra control if he did something while keeping the insects on the stump. He started to proceed and continue jogging while keeping his attention to the insects that were still crawling of the single piece of wood that was jutting from the ground. He jogged more and started skipping while trying to keep his attention in training his body as well as his chakra. He jogged over to another stump as he began to hit it with his fists and feet while keeping his control on the insects.

The sun beat down upon him as soft clouds moved slowly across the sky as they sometimes would float under the sun for him. He continued to increase his strength with the multiple hits he delivered upon the wood over and over again. He wiped the sweat off his brow as he stopped hitting the stump and began to focus mainly on the insects once more. He felt he couldn't control them anymore as he wiped his hand away and the insects swarmed off the stump and around him once more.

His control over the insects had left him nearly completely out of chakra as he collapses on the ground while panting and trying to gain his chakra back. He allowed himself to rest a little bit as he laid on the ground and watched the insects fall and lay on the ground next to him. He laid there for a while as the minutes passed by with him laying in the grass. He chuckled at his accomplishment and after a bit more resting slowly stands back up on shaky legs. The insects too begin to fly upwards with him as they buzz around his head as though checking on him to see if he was ok. After a while he stretches his body before feeling ready for one more try at perfecting the jutsu.

He brought his hands up as he forms the Ram seal once more as the bugs respond to his chakra by flying around, ready to follow his lead, as he extends his hand for one more time. This time he points at a boulder as the insects swarm and encircle around it like buzzards ready to eat their prey. He twirled his hands in front of him as they responded by way of circling the boulder faster and more organized. "One last time... Secret Technique: Parasitic Insects..." The insects flew around and kept a perfect spherical shape around the boulder as they swarmed. "Insect Sphere!"

The boulder was suddenly covered in insects as they stuck on it and tried to suck chakra off of it. He held his hand up as he made them continue to stay on the rock as well like they did with the stump. He continued to command them to focus on the boulder completely as he could feel his chakra being drained by the act of keeping them there on the rock. "I need to make certain that I have control over this jutsu. Or else it might not handle very well in battle." He continued pouring what little of chakra into the technique as he could as the insects followed his command and continued to stay on the rock. He stretched as he kept himself calm and calculating all while holding his hand up more for the insects. He tried so hard to keep the insects on the boulder a bit longer and was able to keep them there for a few more minutes. It was then that the remainder of his chakra finally exhausted itself inside him as he fell to the ground panting.

The bugs dispersed from the rock and flew over to him as he breathed in and out while trying to keep himself composed. The insects all flew close as they too were tired yet, once again, checked to see if their master was ok. He looked at them and nodded as he commanded them to withdraw within him once more. The insects obey and slowly crawl up his shirt sleeves until they all once again reside inside him as he tries to stand. He struggles to make it to his feet as he pants and is able to get to a kneeling position. He takes in a few more deep breaths before realizing he had done it! He had mastered a jutsu that would be a perfect attack against any enemy.

He struggled to his feet as he stretched and walked over to the tree as he leaned down to pick up his jacket. While leaning down to pick it up he can't control his knees as they give out and he collapses in a sitting position next to the tree. He picks up the jacket and pants softly as he slowly puts it on. After putting it on he leans against the tree and sits to look out at the river. He smiled as he rested, feeling the familiar sensation of accomplishment, as he had once again learned something new. He smiles and looks up to the sky as the day had brought about some outstanding results for the day for him as he sighed a heavy sigh before standing up from his tree trunk.

Standing on his feet he walks over to the river and kneels down as he cups his hands and places them in the water. Upon grabbing a cupful of water he splashes his face with the refreshing coolness as he takes another and splashes once more. Tasting it he spits as it's all salt water which makes it undrinkable for him as he stands up once more and gives one final stretch to get the kinks out of his body. Afterwards he walks towards the exit as he watches the birds fly past the trees and chirp due to the beautiful day. Higuto leans against a tree near the exit as he rests a bit.

Exhaustion sets in as he feels that he's in need of a long nap after today and feels he'll collapse soon as he gets to his home. After resting on the tree a bit he once more gets on his two feet and begins to walk off the training field. The thought of using such a powerful technique against enemies makes him happy as he walks off with a smile.

(WC 2,015)

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Higuto learns Insect Sphere Empty Re: Higuto learns Insect Sphere

Mon Dec 04, 2017 2:53 pm
Im getting 2005.

Approving that amount. If someone else gets something different feel free to correct mans on mobile.
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