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Blaisa Sarutobi
Blaisa Sarutobi
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The Spiraling Sphere Empty The Spiraling Sphere

Tue Dec 01, 2020 11:34 pm
Walking out the gates of her clan’s district, Blaisa could be found travelling to Konoha’s Orphanage during this chilly, winter day.  Wrapped up in a black hoodie with a Konoha symbol on the back followed by black shorts, she was much more prepared for the weather than she had been a few days prior.  Located closely to the west of the village’s Academy, Blaisa had never visited the Orphanage before, only having to go due to being assigned a mission via mail.  Taking a moment to ponder on what it would be like to be raised with no parents, she was only able to relate about half of the way, being born with wonderful and loving parents only to lose them both during a time of crisis. 
Currently on the fastest pathway to get to her destination, she could not help but reminisce the time that had just occurred a few days ago relating to the Lumber mission.  ‘How did I have such good control…’, she began to silently think to herself while raising her right hand up slightly, attention directed towards the center of her palm.  Although the young shinobi had been training her chakra manipulation and rotation for the entirety of her life with the assistance of her Academy teacher mother, she began to wonder if she may have recently passed another milestone in her shinobi career.
The question is simple.’, she began to think after pondering on the topic for a while, ‘Do I have the capability of doing it again?’, she would go on to finish her thought.  Getting closer and closer to the Orphanage, Blaisa decided to take a left in order to arrive at her destination a little later than first announced, heading towards the Uchiha and Hyuuga Districts instead.  It was time to casually test her limits, not wanting to cause too much strain on her body to the point where she would not be able to finish the mission, but enough to where she could determine her worth.
Continuing to travel on her new route, Blaisa walked as she once again held out her right hand, gripping the bottom of her right arm with her left.  Her steps grew to become slower and slower, as the young Sarutobi began to close her eyes and connect with her inner chakra networks.  Focusing on the spiritual energy that resided within her, she began to empower her spirit, being able to feel the chakra begin to surge throughout all the tenketsu points in her body.  Naturally, as her spiritual energy began to build, her physical energy grew in tandem with her spirit. 
Blaisa knew that her chakra was going haywire, and as of right now all she wanted to do was test to see how much chakra she could generate, as well as how quickly.  Being flooded with an unfamiliar sensation of immense power, the shinobi subconsciously stopped her pacing in order to fully concentrate on building up as much chakra as possible.  An invisible aura that was only able to be sensed by sensory ninja began to enrage around the silhouette of Blaisa, causing her hair to flow in the wind and leaves to rustle around her.
Although at first promising not to strain herself too hard, the Sarutobi could not help but go back on her word as she began to huff in a low toned, strenuous way, giving this form of chakra generation her absolute all.  A few moments went by before the shinobi quickly opened her eyes, taking in a view of her surroundings, noticing the amount of power she was displaying.  Being able to successfully hold on to this high level of chakra, a wide smile began to cross the array of her face as she jumped up in place, spouting a cheerful attitude. 
Taking a moment to bask in the massive confidence boost, Blaisa quickly switched to a more serious tone, as she knew that this was not what she was truly striving for.  With proper training, anyone could generate a massive amount of chakra in a short period of time.  The point of internal debate was if she could control it or not.  Keeping her left-hand gripped around the bottom of her right arm, she tried to mimic what she did the other day while she was out collecting lumber.
Closing her eyes once more, Blaisa applied more of her spiritual energy towards shutting down all the tenketsu points that covered the entirety of her body, only leaving one of the points open.  The one in her right palm.  It was easier said than done, as initially Blaisa was handling this part of her own personal training well but encountering one small problem.  The more tenketsu points she shut down, the harder it was to control the massive amount of chakra that was pouring out of her body. 
Concentrating once more on the flow of her spiritual energy, she realized she needed to pour more physical energy in order to balance the two energy systems out.  With her eyes still closed, she began to change her form from a freeing, agile one – to a tough, durable, grounded one.  After a few moments, Blaisa began to huff again, letting out a slightly louder roar than the one before.  Seconds pass by as the Sarutobi began to feel more and more points of chakra shut off, allowing it all to pass through her body and straight to her right palm.
The large, raging aura of blue chakra began to disappear from all around her body and instead formed into a massive aura of chakra that surrounded only her right hand.  Although the chakra was being directed to one specific point on her body, it was too much for her to do anything with.  Blaisa needed more control.  Knowing this, the shinobi attempted to contain this chakra by forming it in to a small, round ball that hovered a few inches above the top of her hand.  Realizing that the chakra began to naturally take on its own form, she immediately opened her eyes in order to spectate the progress and give her body directions in case something was going wrong.
Upon further inspection, she was able to slightly recognize the shape her chakra was creating.  ‘R-Rasengan?!’, she thought to herself in slight panic, remembering a lesson taught about this specific, rotating jutsu during her time in the Academy.  Suddenly, the realization had hit her.  ‘Power and Containment.’, she began to analyze to herself silently.  ‘There are three steps required in order to obtain peak levels of chakra control that equate to mastering something as famous as the Rasengan.’, she continued before finally grasping the last piece of the puzzle. 

Rotation.”, Blaisa said out loud quietly before masking a face of unshaken determination.  The shinobi completely forgot about her Orphanage mission, reaching her final level of personal tenacity towards accomplishing this huge feat.  Unbeknownst to her, she had been practicing how to do the Rasengan for basically her entire life, being baffled that it took her this long to realize something that was sitting right in front of her vision.  Being this close to mastering something such as this, the shinobi began to take this all the way. 
While dishing out massive amounts of chakra power and containing it within one central point in her body, the shinobi released her left hand from her right arm and began touching the disturbed sphere of chakra in a circular motion.  The ball of chakra began forming into a perfect spiral, containing an uncountable amount of chakra lines that were crafted within this beautiful form of chakra control.  Faster and faster did Blaisa scale her left hand around the whizzing spiral of chakra, causing it to compress into its most confined form.
The Rasengan. 
With the famous jutsu crafted right before her eyes, she looked down at the completed Rasengan in an unrivaled look of shock.  Resting her left hand down to her side, she began to raise the Rasengan up into the sky, still not believing that something like this was tangibly possible, admiring it from every angle.  Still residing in the middle of the village, Blaisa could not test out the power level of the jutsu right here as she would get scolded for it by someone later.  The village was still under repair and thriving at that, rendering her not being able to bring herself to cause more damage to it. 
Being overcome with an expression of pride and achievement, she twisted her right wrist into dispelling the jutsu, as it disappeared from the world feeling a rush of chakra return back into her network.  Standing still in a moment of shock, she looked at her right palm only to notice that it had been battered and bruised due to the Rasengan’s first time use.  ‘Yep….’, she began to think to herself with a smile across her face, ‘It said it would do that in the books, too….  You were right Mom.’.
Taking a moment to reminisce in the past, Blaisa looked up into the sky with a happy, grateful expression before continuing on her path to the Orphanage in order to complete her mission – almost skipping down the walkway with a high level of joy.


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The Spiraling Sphere Empty Re: The Spiraling Sphere

Tue Dec 01, 2020 11:36 pm
Approved exit claims!
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