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Training  Devouring Sphere  Empty Training Devouring Sphere

Mon Jun 14, 2021 3:28 pm
Another day with nothing to do means another day to train. Nasu got out of bed after taking a couple days off. He had done a lot of training so he needed a little break to be able to keep on going. So Nasu started his day like normal. He took a shower and got all his gear together. He laid it all down on his bed and he went to go make some breakfast. He was thinking of just doing something basic today. He normally likes to make semi big meals but today he decided to just make some hard boiled eggs and eat them instead of anything big. And that's exactly what Nasu did. He grabbed a bowl and poured some water in it. He filled it up close to the top and then put it on his stove. He boiled the water and then put the eggs in it.  After sitting around for a bit he grabbed his poured out boiling water and took out his hard boiled eggs using a spoon. Nasu had hard boiled three eggs which was just enough for him. He cracked the shell on each one and then made sure he removed every piece of egg shell he saw. He then sat down and started eating them. He cut each one in half and then just ate them with his fingers. It wouldn't take him long to finish eating three hard boiled eggs so he just quickly finished them. He would then go grab his regular training gear. He would wear his new armor from Travin just to make sure he could get a feel for it and how it feels while trying to use jutsu. He would also bring along his kunai and shuriken just in case he wanted to do some throwing practice with any of them. 

Nasu started the walk down to the training facilities so he could start another day of learning jutsu. Today was going to be different though. Most of the time Nasu reads about some kinds of jutsu and then learns it based on what he read but something weird happened the day before. Nasu wasn't doing much at all. He was just sitting out on a beach watching the ocean because he was completely bored. He was practicing his hand signs a bit to make sure he could get them down easily. Nasu tried to practice hand signs regularly just to make sure they were perfect. While Nasu was just making some random hand signs he started to activate some kind of jutsu. He couldn't really figure out what it was but he did try to use it. Nasu had formed the hand signs Tiger/Bird/Ox/Monkey/Rat/Bird. When he did, chakra flowed through him. It was weird though because the chakra wasn't staying in him. Normally you release the chakra and some jutsu comes from you but in this case the chakra flowed from Nasu out to a point in the ocean. There was a weird ball of chakra that you could see out there. Nasu used his sharingan to watch as the chakra flowed from him to the point of this swirling ball. The chakra would then flow around into a ball that was getting bigger and bigger. It started out as just a bit of chakra flowing around itself to make a ball shape but the more chakra Nasu used the bigger it got. More chakra just kept on swirling around and around to form this tight ball. It even got to the point where Nasu didn't need his sharingan. He could just keep seeing with his own eyes the ball of chakra. And when this sphere hit the water of the ocean you couldn't even see the water around it anymore. It had destroyed all the water it had come in contact with as well as the ground directly underneath the large sphere. So Nasu had decided that this sphere was going to be the next jutsu he was going to learn. When he finished thinking about all that had happened the training area was finally in sight of him. He had walked there while just thinking about this new jutsu. He was pretty excited because he wanted to learn how to do such a destructive jutsu and then maybe he could grow as a shinobi into higher ranks. 

Nasu was still the lowest rank you could be. He was a gennin in village ranks and in the power ranks he was nothing but D as well. To get higher in the ranks Nasu would have to go and complete a hunter mission. So far though Nasu hasn't been strong enough to even attempt a hunter but with all these new jutsu he had been learning recently he could probably go right for one soon. He wouldn't want to go alone though. Although he has some jutsu he wouldn't want to go into a fight that he couldn't win. “Maybe I'll get one of my friends to help me out. Hmm I haven't seen Gonk In a while so I don't even know if he is in the village. Travin is out on an important mission. Which leaves me with Saya and Shikuki. Maybe I'll get one of them to help me out or see if anyone else is applying for a hunter mission when I go to request one.” Nasu cut his thoughts short as it didn't matter too much for the time being. Nasu walked up to the front desk of the training area. “Excuse me. I'm about to start working on a new jutsu. I had just learnt of it recently and found out it's a very destructive jutsu. I was wondering if you could be so kind as to point me in the direction of where a nice open field is so that I dont harm anything around me.” “Of course if you go down the hall and take the seventh door on the right you should enter a nice big open field. There you can let any jutsu you want unleashed.” Nasu thanked the lady and walked away. He walked down through the narrow halfway until he got seven doors down. He went through a set of double doors onto a giant open field. There were some flowers around as well as birds chirping from above. They were flying around the place having a fun time. Nasu walked down through the field to try to get a bit of distance between him and the training facilities itself. The field was full of different types of flowers. It was to the point where if you had a pollen allergy you wouldn't be able to stay out here. It even made Nasu decide if he really wanted to destroy such a nice area.

When Nasu was far enough away from the training facilities he decided to give this jutsu another try. He made the hand signs Tiger/Bird/Ox/Monkey/Rat/Bird and then a tiny ball of chakra appeared about 15 meters away from Nasu. That should give him enough space so that he wouldn't get hit by this orb. Nasu slowly poured his chakra into the orb watching it get bigger and bigger. When it had grown into a three meter radius orb it started to get unstable. The orb started to shake alot so Nasu activated his sharingan to see what was going on. Nasu could see the chakra in the orb and it wasn't looking very good. At first when Nasu had activated the jutsu the chakra was slowly moving and was overlapping itself to create the ball form. Now things have changed quite a bit. The chakra was moving a lot faster than before that was probably what was causing the shakes but that wasn't the only problem. Instead of the chakra flowing in different directions to create a ball, the chakra started to all spin in the same direction. It got to the point where the orb turned more into a wheel. It definitely was not how this jutsu is supposed to work because Nasu could tell that this was probably going to get to the point where it was going to explode. Nasu had no idea how  bad the explosion would be though. For what he knew it basically destroyed anything it touched and if it was going to explode it could destroy the whole area. Nasu knew that he had to stop this explosion so he did what he could. Ox/Board/Dog/Bird/Tiger. Nasu summoned his Iron snake directly around this orb. It got caught inside and after a couple seconds it exploded. The explosion was contained by the iron snake but the snake got destroyed at the same time. Nasu decided that this time he would make sure to control the chakra. Even though it wasn't the best idea to try this again, Nasu did anyway. Tiger/Bird/Ox/Monkey/Rat/Bird. Nasu relaunched the jutsu. Nasu used his sharingan to carefully watch the orb. He controlled the chakra and made it keep  its orb form. After it hit 6 meters in radius, Nasu deactivated the jutsu. The orb slowly then disappeared. The ground where the orb was was completely destroyed. Nasu decided this time to give it everything he had.Tiger/Bird/Ox/Monkey/Rat/Bird. He launched the jutsu for what was probably going to be the last time for the day. The orb grew to 10 meters in radius. It had a speed power and health of 100. Anything the orb came in contact with was completely destroyed. After Nasu had finished using the jutsu he fell on his back. He was very tired and was exhausted from using this jutsu. It took so much chakra to power that using it would be hard. After some time though he should have the hang of it and should be able to use the jutsu a lot easier. It would definitely take some time to get to that point though. It was useful to have another jutsu though that Nasu could pull out whenever he needed it. There was a chance that it could even damage his hunter heavily. It would then take a lot less effort to finish them off. But it definitely wouldn't be enough. Nasu would probably have to go all out if he actually decided to get a hunter mission. Afterward though maybe he could spend some time trying to figure out what's going on with his sharingan. That was still something that was going to take a lot of thought. Especially since Shikuki and him both had the Mangekyo sharingan. But the intense pain that came with the one use of the eye was enough to have Nasu stop thinking about it. And then there was the blood that started to drip from his eye which made it even worse. And then there was the warning from Travin which was not to use it anyway. It would be nice to know what the eye did though. Nasu at least had the obvious thought which was knowing that this new form of sharingan he had held immense power. And that for the rank he was it was definitely not a power he should be messing with. For now he should just leave it be and focus on learning more jutsu he can actually use.

Nasu then started the walk home for the day. He had done another full day of training and this new jutsu would definitely be a lot of fun. Even though Nasu knows he can't use it almost anywhere in the village it would still be something cool to show Travin at their next training session. When Nasu arrived home his mom had greeted him at the door. She had already made a nice dinner for the family. She had made apricot chicken for us. It was definitely one of the better foods she cooked. It was always delicious and I was able to always fill them up and leave leftovers for the next day. They then had some nice salads which were also good. Nasu’s mom made a great homemade salad dressing. Nasu still needed to get that recipe off of her. They then had some desert after. There were some nice brownies. They melted in your mouth and were delicious. After Nasu was done eating he thanked his parents for the tasty food and then went up stairs to his bedroom. He took off all his gear and then he went straight to sleep.

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Training  Devouring Sphere  Empty Re: Training Devouring Sphere

Mon Jun 14, 2021 3:34 pm
Training  Devouring Sphere  Gonkfi29
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