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Higuto Aburame
Higuto Aburame
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Higuto Learns the Rasengan Empty Higuto Learns the Rasengan

Tue Jan 23, 2018 3:53 pm
Higuto stepped onto the training field with a plan. He had planned that he'd be learning a new jutsu today that was regarded as being one of the most powerful jutsus in any ninja's arsenal. It was considered an A-rank technique which if was involved in a ninja's technique a ninja could severely damage anything it came in contact with. The technique was known as the Rasengan and he had learned that it was supposed to be a spherical rotation of chakra in his hand. He had heard that among the easiest ways of learning was to go through three separate stages of the technique: One involving a water balloon, one involving a rubber ball, and one where you take everything you learned through the first two and making a jutsu out of them.

He had remembered to stop by the store to pick up a couple of water balloons and rubber balls as he set them down on the ground beside the river. Being as the majority of his training would be involving his chakra mainly he felt that he didn't need to warm up his body in order to get it physically prepared but he did feel it was necessary to meditate in order to get it ready for the workout it would be going through. He smiled as he sat down beside the river and put his hands together as he put himself into a meditative sleep all while calling upon the inner chakra within him. He called upon it as it whirled around inside him and he recalled the memories of everything he had to go through in order to get to where he was today with his body. He felt stronger, way stronger than he was when he first started, which pleased him as he felt he only needed to grow a little bit stronger before he felt he was at his goal of becoming strong. Memories of his parents floated into his mind as he couldn't help but wonder if they'd be proud of him for where he was as he smiled softly upon seeing their faces within his head.

He felt the waters of the nearby river beginning to branch off and circle around him as they offered their energies to help him in his meditation and trance and he welcomed the friendly liquid into him. He felt his chakra warming his body as it spread out all around him and he opened his eyes once he felt that everything was now ready for him to take action. He got on his knees, grabbing one of the deflated water balloons beside him, as he dipped the balloon into the water and filled it up until it was full. The balloon was perfect in size in terms of radius, since the rasengan had a radius of 3 inches, as he started to slowly concentrate his chakra into his hand while trying to swirl it into a circle. This proved incredibly difficult as, even though he could feel the chakra swirling and saw the balloon moving because of it, it wasn't going in such a frenzy as it was supposed to be as the balloon remained rather calm and tame. He continued to try and work his chakra to move around in a circle as he gritted his teeth in concentration all while feeling he was making really slow progress.

He thought that he could get his other hand involved in order to help out in circulating the chakra as he placed his free hand on top of the balloon and tried to regulate his chakra into more of a wild circle. He felt the balloon grow more out of control due to him concentrating his chakra in such a way which proved to be a good sign as he smiled and continued to try his hardest. He made progress, slowly but surely, as he could see more and more bulges appearing in the balloon's shell as he concentrated more of his focus and chakra into it. He began to pant as the control and chakra going into the training was beginning to take it's toll in his body as he couldn't help but feel that he was going to need to take a break soon. He'd hoped that he'd at least make the balloon burst before he did, however, as that would've served as the indicator that he was going to make it. He tried over and over again as he watched the balloon continue to bulge and make a swishing and swirling sound but never did it burst. He continued to practice, though, not giving up as he concentrated all his chakra through both his hands. He was severely disappointed as he did this as it proved he still had a long way to go in terms of controlling his chakra as well as improving his overall stamina.

He closed his eyes, hoping that would cause a bit more of a stir in his chakra, as his mind relaxed and he could feel and see his chakra within his mind trying it's best to follow his will. He could then see it was going faster and harder now that his concentration was entirely focused on swirling around inside the balloon. His hands focused chakra from both of their palms as the chakra continued to go crazy in it's circle as the balloon began to expand outwards in all directions. He smiled, his eyes opening, as he could feel he was very close to his goal of making the balloon burst as he redoubled his efforts and concentration into his chakra as he was rewarded by the balloon expanding outwards further. He panted as this was taking a lot out of him but he focused his mind and will to continue and to not give up while he was ahead. He thus proceeded even further as finally the balloon expanded outwards so much that it finally popped and water burst outwards going in all directions.

He couldn't help but nod to this as he chuckled and cracked his knuckles while trying to wipe away any water that got on him. He panted as he felt his chakra was drained from the exercise that he had been putting himself through as he couldn't help but take a seat beside the water in order to take a bit of the load off. He took some big breaths in as he filled another water balloon as he knew, even though he had succeeded with his initial training, he still needed more if he was to have any chance at the next step. He filled the water balloon to it's fullest as he took the balloon into his hand and began again with his chakra training. This time he was going to make certain he could complete the training with just his one hand as using the other hand felt a bit like cheating in his eyes. He therefore set his chakra into a more controlled bit of fury and circling as he didn't want to waste all his chakra into the training. He thus kept up the pace with just his one arm, his mouth curling up and gritting his teeth, as he could see the water inside churning intensely as he put a bit more chakra into the mix.

He panted as he felt his chakra draining but closed his eyes as he tried to keep his control over the thing to it's fullest. It wasn't before long he felt progress as the water balloon finally burst and splashed all over him and the ground. He smiled as he laid in the grass to take a rest and he stretched out while in the grass in order to feel as relaxed as possible. He wanted his chakra to gather itself a bit better than it was and the only way one usually could do that was if one meditated while they were relaxed. He closed his eyes as he allowed his mind to flow freely and feel out the chakra within him as he could feel it grow bit by bit until he felt he could continue with his training. He sighed softly as he was told that the only way one could establish success in the next part of the training would be if they increased their power by a large margin. He brought his hands up to form the Tiger seal as he gathered up his chakra, as much as he could, as he opened his eyes and got back to his feet.

He picked up one of the rubber balls as he sighed, knowing that this was going to be even harder than his first efforts, as he panted and concentrated his chakra into a circular motion once more. He tried to focus all of his attention in getting the rotation of his chakra motion as strong and powerful as possible so that he'd stand a better chance of destroying the ball sooner. He panted as this took a toll upon his body and chakra but he knew that he'd need to persevere if he was to get in any form of better shape with his powers. He chuckled at the challenge of the whole training process as he knew that if anyone was looking his way they'd think he was pushing himself a bit too hard as he also knew this was a process that usually took weeks or months to improve upon. So all in all he was making great progress he felt as he had already passed the first part of training which he had heard usually took a couple of days itself to do.

He still needed more, though, as he felt he wasn't getting anywhere quite as fast as he would've liked. There were still so many ninja out there with strength that completely eclipsed his own and he wanted so badly to be able to walk along with them sooner rather than later. That required hard work to do. He knew that better than anyone out there. And he felt that with haste and calculation he could get to where he needed to be as soon as he got done with whatever training he put himself through with speed and frenzy. So he stood there, rubber ball in hand, as he tried to increase the power that was held within it while not having much in the way of luck. It then hit him right then and there that there was indeed a way that he could learn the technique a bit faster as he smiled to himself and laid the rubber ball down. He then brought his hands up to form a crossing shape with his fingers as he summoned his chakra into two separate portions. "Shadow Clone Jutsu!"

He was engulfed in smoke, feeling his chakra splitting apart from him, until he was standing there looking at two more copies of himself standing before him. He smiled and nodded to them as they each took a rubber ball themselves and started focusing on it in the same way that he did. He picked up his own ball and began to focus on it as well as the three of them all tried their hardest to make their own rubber balls burst. He used the two handed strategy he had done with the water balloon previously and tried to concentrate as he could into making his ball explode from his power. This proved even more difficult then expected as, instead of bursting, his ball developed a hole within it as the air within the ball hissed out like a balloon. He grew frustrated as he noticed the rubber balls his clones were working on went through the same frustrations themselves as they too experienced holes forming on their rubber balls and the air within them hissing out. He panted as he decided to stop his training for a moment to replace it with a bit of physical exercise in order to get his training done in other aspects of his body.

He thus would let his clones continue the chakra training for him as he would begin to jog around the field in order to get his legs a bit stronger than they were. He needed a more stronger body before he could perform the jutsu anyway, he felt, and he would try to improve the strength of his body before he'd continue with his training. He panted as he ran, his clones focusing on their own training, as he utilized his chakra into his feet in order to make himself go a bit faster as well as being able to run along the water and walls and trees. He started to zoom around the field as he kept on focusing and gathering his chakra in order to split it up among his clones so that they could do more themselves in the training. He started to hop along the trees more as he jumped high into the air all in the hopes that his legs would grow a bit stronger than what they were. He needed speed, after all, if he was ever going to be able to catch up with those he planned on using the jutsu on as there were those out there that were so fast not even he could keep up with them.

He tried to keep his strength up and focus on the task at hand as he felt he had trained his legs hard enough in order to continue with his task. He landed in the middle of the field as one of his clones smiled and showed the remains of their rubber ball as they seemed to have succeeded in completely bursting it open using nothing but the power of their chakra. The clone who succeeded with the deed disappeared in a puff of smoke as the original Higuto gained his experience and could see how the clone was successful in getting their rubber ball to burst. He thus picked up his own ball and began applying the same strategy, taking in a deep breath and closing his eyes, as he focused his mind on a certain point of concentration which he envisioned to be his family's locket. Concentrating everything on such a small focal point would allow his concentration to soar a bit higher than where it was previously and therefore give Higuto a chance to increase the level of chakra he put forth into the technique.
He felt his chakra surge thanks to this strategy and he then heard a loud pop as the rubber ball he was holding burst and shattered as he opened his eyes to see the ball's remains gently falling from the top of his hand. He smiled and felt really pleased with himself and his clones as he high fived his remaining clone and took up a small balloon. Now came the final test of the rasengan which was taking everything that was learned with the previous two and forming a rotation of everything to form the rasengan! He was so close he could taste it but he just needed to focus his power more acutely in order to obtain his goal. And that was going to be hard. He took the balloon and blew into it until it was roughly around the size the rasengan was supposed to be and he gave it to his shadow clone. The clone immediately went to work with the balloon as he applied everything that was learned with the previous tests and was not happy anymore when the balloon burst almost immediately.

Higuto sighed and blew another one, just as his clone went about getting another one ready, as he blew air into it and focused more of his concentration into the image he held within his mind of the locket to try and control his chakra more. He looked at the balloon as he could feel his chakra within swirling around and causing the balloon to move in such a way that it looked no different from when he was using a water balloon as it swirled in many different directions than from before. He kept up his focus as he tried his best to keep everything in one spiral rotation. The balloon began to calm down in terms of it's acting as though it was about to pop any second before it once more suddenly acted up upon his guard being laid down upon seeing progress. It was then that the balloon popped and left Higuto feeling distraught over being so close and then being pushed so far. His clone seemed to be having better luck, even though their teeth were gritted and they looked to be on the verge of collapsing, as their balloon was slowly calming itself down from popping.

He watched, then, as the balloon calmed itself down to the point where there was no longer any movement it seemed coming from it. Higuto blinked, watching his clone succeed in getting his chakra to go in a perfect sphere and not disturbing the balloon at all, before the clone sighed and disappeared in a puff of smoke just as the balloon slowly fell to the ground. Now armed with the knowledge and experience that his clone had to go through in order to achieve his results Higuto picked up that same balloon and began to apply what his clone had applied to the technique. He began to be relieved upon seeing the balloon take much less of a churn then it was originally accustomed to as he panted and kept his concentration. Then the amazing happened as Higuto saw all churn that the balloon was previously going through disappear as he smiled and watched it calm down completely all while he could still feel chakra going through his hand to form it. He panted as he kept it up to make certain it wasn't any sort of fluke before he finally let it disappear and he dropped the balloon to the ground as he fell along with it to rest.

Within his mind he was amazed at how quickly he was able to take to the technique and how strong and powerful his chakra felt while it was within the balloon. He couldn't wait to test out the results upon fully resting himself as he wanted to see the effects of the rasengan in question and hope it would be as powerful as everyone seemed to say. He rested his chakra, meditating to make certain their was still some left to accumulate, as he closed his eyes and relaxed while listening to the trees rustle in the wind and the birds chirping in the distance. He could feel the little amount of chakra that he had left within him was churning and trying to gather itself in order to achieve his bidding but, from what he could feel, it was going to take a lot yet before he could proceed any further. So with that he got up to his feet, his legs weary from his training, as he decided to get back down on his hands and pass the time with some push ups.

He started to push up and down in cadence to a rhythm within his mind as he tried hard to keep himself calm and relaxed with the sounds of the natural beauty around him. This was all for the purpose of developing himself in order to preserve that beauty, after all, and he wanted to make certain he was strong enough to do whatever it took. He panted as he continued his push ups, something that he had grown accustomed to doing so well, as he felt his arms growing tired quicker due to the chakra deficit that they were suffering from. He felt that he had done enough of push ups as he got to his feet and started to charge after the training stumps nearby and he started to attack them all separately with his feet and fists. He felt himself growing even more tired, his chakra trying to revive as much of itself as it could, as he pounded his attacks into the stumps in order to make his skin a bit tougher and his muscles a little stronger. He was happy with his current strength but he knew that there was always need for a little more and he wanted to obtain as much of it all as he could.

After a while he stopped, panting and sweating as he tried to wipe it off his forehead and rest himself a bit in order to relieve himself of any annoyances. After a bit of resting he got back fully up to his feet as he decided he was going to end today's training session by utilizing what he had learned and actually see what it could do against a rock or a tree. He decided he'd go into the forest and use the surrounding trees in order to achieve what he needed to as he picked up all the things he had brought with him and hopped deep into the forest. He panted, his chakra within him telling him he was spent from all his workouts, as he landed in the middle of a clearing and dropped all of his equipment in order to prepare. Upon feeling that he had everything he needed he closed his eyes and focused within his mind the locket, it's small and circular shape and how it fit right in the palm of his hand, as he applied within his real hand the chakra that he had trained through the three necessary steps he had gone through earlier.

He could feel his chakra swirling around as the air around him began to surround the palm of his hand in the form of a sphere as it sat on top of his hand in a seemingly perfect spiral of condensed chakra. He had been told that it was supposed to resemble the qualities of a miniature bijuu bomb and he was quite content with that description as he could feel the power radiating from the sphere. This led him to want to try it out on one of the surrounding trees as soon as possible as he looked at a rather weak and rotting one and charged at it with his Rasengan. Once he was upon it he thrust his hand forth as the Rasengan came in contact with the tree and the results proved devastating! If the Chidori mainly got it's power in accuracy rather than force than the Rasengan made up for any missing accuracy with it's raw power! The way that the tree not only broke off from the point where the Rasengan but also was blown back quite a ways away from Higuto was astounding to say the least as Higuto couldn't help but smile at his new ability as he relaxed the remainder of his chakra and felt the ball of chakra shrink into nothingness from his palm.

He felt content with himself, having just achieved the seemingly impossible and acquired the jutsu in the span of just one day, as he went back to his equipment and decided to call it a day. He started running back towards the Leaf village, his equipment on his back and in his pockets, as he had cleaned up after himself and was taking with him the remains of the balloons and the rubber balls that he had used in his training. Upon returning home he locked himself inside and took a well deserved shower as he could feel the soreness and tiredness within his body begging him to hit the bed. After drying himself off and getting into his night wear he laid in the bed and couldn't help but be excited for what tomorrow would bring. He closed his eyes and ended his day with a smile as the stars outside shone brightly for him and his upcoming future.

(WC 4,008)

(Objective: Claiming 20 stat points and the Rasengan)
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Higuto Learns the Rasengan Empty Re: Higuto Learns the Rasengan

Tue Jan 23, 2018 4:07 pm
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