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Fri Sep 29, 2017 11:17 am
With a small smirk on his scarred face Kenshin would lead the other carrier of the Earth Grudge Fear, Sorethin, towards the gates of Hoshigakure. He had accepted the deal that his fellow heart thief gave upon their meeting on the borders of Haven and Forest Countries. Sorethin would give the silver haired Chunin the bodies of two people that he had killed, and Kenshin would help get him into Hoshi. And to make things even better for Kenshin what this deal entailed was not strictly against the laws of Hoshi, seeing as the village did actually welcome Missing Nin, a small fact that he had of course neglected to mention to Sorethin. The two of them had been walking for almost an hour now, and we're getting close to their final destination. The gates of Haven Countries capital were within their sight, and thankfully for the unsocial teen they had arrived just early enough to avoid the evening rush of people trying to enter the village.

Just as traces of pink and orange were starting to bleed into the sky Kenshin and his newfound travelling companion would reach the gates of Hoshigakure. Their arrival would of course be noted by the Chunin guards that sat within the booth just inside the walls of true village, who Kenshin himself quickly moved to approach. 

“Welcome back Kenshin, hope you had a nice hunt” the older of the pair would say with a knowing smirk in his face. He was a rather short fellow, standing just below Kenshin himself in height at 5’8. His age was apparent by the grey that was slowly bleeding into his shaggy brown hair

The other guard could only give a sigh of exasperation at his partner’s words.

“You know we shouldn't be letting his actions go unreported Han, what do you think's gonna happen when word of his little trips gets out?” The younger man would say as he ran a hand through his sandy blonde hair.

“Hah! If you really think they don't know what he's doing then you're an even bigger fool than I thought boy” the older of the two would say, his voice harsh and his tone condescending.

“Whatever, I don't get paid enough to deal with this sort of bullshit...I'm just gonna go home. Take care Han, enjoy the rest of your shift” the younger of the two would say, before exiting the booth and heading home, his job done for the day.

Kenshin would wait until he was out of earshot before speaking “How you deal with his whining I will never know” he would say with a hint of amusement in his smooth tone.

“Yeah yeah, laugh it up while you can kid, you know one day you'll get unlucky and be stuck in this damned booth. And when that day comes I hope you get stuck with Gin, then you'll know a fraction of my pain” the old man would say with a smirk of his own, his yellowing teeth exposed to the world.

“The day that happens is the day Gin goes missing” Kenshin would shoot back without missing a beat, earning a harsh bark of laughter from the grizzled old man

“You do that and I might just buy you a drink” Han would say as his laughter slowly faded, his eyes losing their mirth and going cold at the sight of Sorethin, something that Kenshin did not miss

“So what's his story?” The older man would say as he gazed at the stranger, distrust clear in his old eyes

“No clue, I didn't bother asking” Kenshin would say in  relatively emotionless tone, something that caught the guards attention

“Something wrong kid?” He would ask, a little concerned with the younger Chunin’s behaviour

“It's nothing Han, I can just tell this guy’s had it tough...he’s like us, if you know what I mean” Kenshin would say, the words obviously confusing Han for a few moments, before realisation dawned in his old eyes.

“ that's it then, he joinin?” Han would ask, getting a negative head shake from Kenshin

“Got it, gimme a sec to get a pass kid” Han would say as he walked into the back of the booth and began to dig through the papers.

As the older Shinobi did this Kenshin had to forcibly suppress the smirk that wanted to appear on his face. Han, just like he, was a former Missing Nin in the service of Hoshi, and one of the few people that he had ‘befriended’ during his time in the village. Well, Han considered him a friend, and the feeling was an extent.

It wouldn't take long for the older Shinobi to get the necessary forms in order, and once they were he would call Sorethin over to the booth.

“Alright, seeing as this is your first time in Hoshi I'll need you to fill out this form. You just need to write your name in that blank space near the top, and sign in that blank space at the bottom. It's basically just a declaration that you're not gonna break any laws during your stay, standard procedure and all” Han would explain, pointing to each area that Sorethin needed to sign, before placing a pen down next to the form.

Once Sorethin signed the form Han would stamp the form and place it in the correct file, which would in turn be put in the correct drawer to ensure that it was filed later. The older Shinobi would then withdraw a small card and hand it to Sorethin.

“That’s an official Visitors Permit of Hoshigakure, it'll give you access to most public places in the village, like the library, markets, water gardens and training grounds. Places like the Palace on the other hands will be considered off limits, seeing as you are an outsider with no business being anywhere near there” Han would explain to the Missing Nin

“That permit is basically your licence to be in the village, so make sure you keep it in your person at all times” he would then say as a smirk made its way into his leathery face

“Welcome to Hoshi” Kenshin would say with a small smirk as he began to walk away, the gears in his head already turning as he tried to figure out how best to use the bodies that were now in his possession.

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Fri Sep 29, 2017 2:46 pm
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Mon Oct 30, 2017 1:49 am
Sorethin would listen to the back and forth between the two, nothing one would have been a missing nin previously as well. That meant this was a safe haven of sorts. Fitting with a country name like it has. The guard would give him a license and explain to him the importance of it. Sorethin would nod his head in understanding. The snow haired shinobi would take the license and reach inside of his coat, going for what one might assume would be an inner breast pocket. But in reality was him stitching the license into the folks of his coat, using the threads that he used so very often. This would prevent the license from going missing and it would allow him to flash it easily when asked.

“Welcome to Hoshi” Kenshin would say and Sorethin would nod his head at the teen before the gray haired boy walked away. Sorethin himself would nod his head at the guards and move in himself. Intent on getting the lay of the land before finding a hotel somewhere. ‘I can stay here for a while it seems. Good, I’ll need a safe place while I train.’ He thought as he moved through the streets, an easy going grin on his face.

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Thu Nov 02, 2017 10:36 pm
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