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Kidnapped?! [Solo] Empty Kidnapped?! [Solo]

Thu Aug 10, 2017 1:02 am
Kama Uzumaki was not the picture of brilliance, elegance or strength but what she was the picture of, was her ability to fight her way out of most any situation she had currently involved herself least up to now. She was at the moment, tied up in the back of a caravan carrying her to who knows where for the simple fact that she had gone a little farther out of the village then was probably acceptable. The young Kunoichi had only wanted to pick some special flowers that she knew grew on the outside of the walls, and hadn’t thought that any kidnappers may actually be around to grab her. Mainly because she didn’t ever actually consider getting kidnapped was something that was going to happen. She was a ninja after all, you'd think she would see through these kinds of things..though it is a little hard to see through being knocked unconscious she supposed. The last thing she honestly remembered was climbing down the wall thanks to her new surface walking jutsu to the brightly colored plants below. She had picked them before and noted that the roots had a soothing quality and could heal bruises and scrapes with quite the efficiency. Unfortunately for her, Kama's bright red hair made her an easy target that could be seen from quite far away, and it was rather easy to figure out not only where she was climbing to, but then knock the poor Kunoichi unconscious to take her for whatever means they intended. Kama herself did not intend to be captured easily, and was beginning to think of a way to get out of this mess without causing greater harm to herself, or letting anyone know she had gotten into such a mess. It took her a moment to regain her senses anyway, and she had a splitting headache to boot. Likely caused by whoever had hit her. Whoever it was must have been strong because she couldn’t even remember the blow. It had come nearly instantly, and she had just suddenly been tied up in the back of some bumpy wagon going who knows where. Her surroundings were dark, and the wagon smelt of rot and decay as if it was moments from breaking down all over the roll. That would be way luckier for the Kunoichi then her life had been thus far though, so she was going to have to figure out a way out of this without hoping for such miracles. She looked around for anything she could use but unfortunately it was just too dark to see anything that would be of assistance to her, much less anything that would cut through these ropes. Somehow whoever owned this wagon couldn’t be bothered to care for the wood and the material of his ride but he could definitely buy some super quality rope. Even if she tried to stand she couldn’t from how her legs were bound, and things were looking altogether grim for the girl.
Kama tried to focus on her teachings from the academy on how to get out of this situation, or any techniques that might come in handy for getting out of these coils of ropes. She concentrated, thinking back to a day of class where something likes this was being gone over.

The red haired girl was sitting in class, barely awake as her teacher was going over formula’s and the chakra processes and other such nonsense. The Uzumaki herself really just wanted to go outside and practice her skills but was, unfortunately, stuck in this boring room. She had her head laid on her desk, hair splayed out in all directions as her eyes were filled with an emptiness and non-understanding nature that she generally had during lectures of this sort. She leaned back, yawning quietly as her teacher was finally getting to the good part of the lesson on how to actually perform a jutsu that was being taught about that day. “Now class, there may come a time when you find yourself on a mission where things have not gone as planned. Youve been captured and need a way to escape or at least move around the area but you’ve been tied up. What do you do?
Ayana, the know it all, was the first to throw her hand in the air, waving it around like a lunatic as the teacher called on her. “Well if you’ve been tied up, then the rope escape ninja art would work perfectly right? Then you could escape your binds and be free to move.
The teacher nodded and smiled, affirming the girls answer and likely filling the blonde with more hot air then she already had. Kama had a brief vision of Ayana growing to extreme proportions and exploding like an overfilled hot air balloon, and had to stop herself from giggling out loud. Unfortunately her teacher had noticed, and shook her head with distaste at Kama’s antics and disruptions. Moving on with the lesson, she began scratching on the board with her lesson on this technique, turning around after she had written a brief explanation and summary of what it did. “Now, Ninja Art: Rope escape is a fairly simple ability and technique to learn, and would allow the user to untie a rope around them with just their chakra, provided they have the skill necessary to do so.
With that she gave a small glance at Kama who responded by sticking her tongue out at the teacher. “Now, to actually perform the technique requires calm thought and the ability to precisely move your chakra in a way that would twist either the knot of the rope, or the rope around you in a way that would cause it to fall off of you. Some ropes are tougher than others and may require more strength to get free, but in most cases this jutsu would free you immediately and with little delay, as long as you do it without notice by your captors.
Kama made a quiet noise, wondering when this would ever even be a problem for her…

The trouble making Kunoichi sighed, hoping she would never ever have to tell her teacher about a time when a lesson had actually come in handy. As Kama had already figured out the technique for surface walking, she had the chakra control to do this. Unfortunately due to the rope it was likely that it could take an hour or two to accomplish and she wasn’t sure where they would even be at that time. Unfortunately she had little choice in the matter and needed to leave as soon as possible, even if that meant several hours or even days. She grimaces, trying to use her chakra in a wave motion around her body. Little flakes of red seemed to light up the darkness around her as she poured chakra out trying to succeed in the move. She was panting from exertion already but she wasn’t about to give up. She could go like this for hours if she had to and there was no telling when the wagon would stop. She couldn’t afford her captor coming to check on her at this point, as him doing so would result in her being killed, knocked out, or the ropes being re titghtedned and none of that was something the girl wanted. She concentrated, biting her lip as she could feel the rope moving and shifting around her, sometimes tightening and sometimes loosenening depending on how well she was doing. In the dark, even with her chakra radiatinibg off of her she still couldnt quite make out where the knot was on her so it was purely guess work at this point on what made the rope loosen enough for her to escape. If she was strong enough she could simply release her chakra in a burst and destroy the rope, she imagined, but that wasn’t something she could pull off at her current skill level, try as she might. Droplets of sweat fell from her forehead as she concentrated and tried to keep herself calm. If she panicked she could move the rope the wrong way too fast and tighten it hard enough to seriously injure herself or make her escape impossible. But if she moved too slowly then she would never get out in time before she was checked on, and that simply wasn’t an option. If she was caught in this position she wouldn’t be able to fight much less run away so she had to get this right now matter what. The red glow around her began calming somewhat as she became better and better at refining where she was putting pressure on the rope, and where it was useless to try and move. She could feel the rope getting looser and looser with every ounce of effort and smiled to herself. She wasn’t gonna be stuck here in this wagon, no way. She sighed happily as the ropes finally clattered to the floor around her. She groaned and stretched her aching body and stood, stretching her back and arms to regain feeling. After all that she was a little exhausted, but she still had to escape. Though even as she thought this...the wagon slowly came to a stop.

Kama gulped, not entirely sure she had a fight in her and did her best to re-align the ropes as if she was still tied up. A sneak attack was her best bett right now and hope she didn’t get too exhausted and get replaced in the same position she was already in. To make the ruse seem more real and make the ropes seem tight around her, Kama had tore a piece of the rotting boards up as a makeshift weapon. In any case it would save her a little effort from straight up punching however came back in here. She steeled herself with what was to come as someone opened the fabric of the wagon in stepped in. Immediately the girl's nose was flooded with the stench of sweat and ale, and he leered at her with a toothy grin. He was a large person, not exactly fat but he did seem a little heavy for someone in this sort of business. One of his eyes was covered in a patch, a sickly scar coming from where the patch didn't cover and extending up the side of his bald head. Kama breathed slowly, waiting for her chance to strike as he got closer to her, standing almost double her height. He leaned close to her, still smiling. “Well loks like yar awake hrm? Thet black merket will take a purty girl like yours for a high price hehe.

Kama winced, but this was the perfect moment. The ropes dropping around caused the man some shock, and more so when he was slammed upside the head with a board as the Uzumaki rolled out of the way and jumped out of the cart, being blinded by the bright sunlight outside. Fortunately for Kama, as her eyes adjusted, she could see they weren’t horribly far from the village of stars and a bit of running would definitely take her back. However she still had a problem to deal with as she heard the thump of the man coming out of the wagon behind her. She turned on her heals, gripping her board with rage as the man hobbled up to his full height, his eyes full of rage. He lunged at Kama, trying to grab her and was met with the full force of a wooden board on his wrist making him grunt in pain, holding his wrist. He next tried to barrel into her with his full weight behind him, Kama barely rolling out of the way. He seemed surprised at this, and Kama retaliated by leaping forward with her board and striking him over the head and knocking him over onto his face. He groaned, trying to stand up as Kama repeatedly bludgeoned the man in the head until the board broke and he was thoroughly unconscious. The girls gasped, sitting for a minute. She shook herself back into full awareness. She had to hurry back to the village to get someone to pick this man up before he could hurt anyone else...

WC: 2,000
Stats: 10
Ninja Art: Rope Escape Technique
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Risako Akara
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Kidnapped?! [Solo] Empty Re: Kidnapped?! [Solo]

Thu Aug 10, 2017 1:06 am
Something something approved.
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