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A quiet day? (nk) - Page 4 Empty Re: A quiet day? (nk)

Tue Sep 12, 2017 12:53 am
She blinked a little confused. Was it custom to just invite random shinobi to travel home with you? She could almost see the disapproving look on her father's face when she walked up to him to say that she wanted to visit Kumogakure and would join some to him unknown Kumo-Nin on their journey back and it would not be a problem at all. Even if the Hogokage and the village were fine with it, she could see him nailing her to a wall with his own ribs. Also she did not want to go. She might like Sakana and he did not seem like he was trying to harm her, but could this count for the others? No not likely. So she shook her head as he invited her: "No, I will surely one day find my own path there, but thank you for the offer it was very nice."

After the jellyfish attack she was laughing a little more but then she calmed. Then she took a deep breath and indeed got his address written down, but only under the high promise, that she would show it to nobody else. So she stared at the paper and nodded. "I will not show it to anyone, because then I'd have to share you, that would be troublesome", she put the paper away and then wrote down her address for him and smiled. "But be careful when visiting, my father does not only bark he bites too", with a chuckle she then listened further nodding as he declared he would go. "I had much fun as well but I'd rather not have you plant any seals on me, because sometimes it is more fun if both people are surprised to meet each other and I don't want to tip you off, when I try to come for a surprise visit don't I?", she tilts her head and smiles at him while shaking his hand. "Return home safely", she bowed until she could not hear is steps anymore, then she waited a tad bit longer until she made her way through the bushes and brambles again back to the park and back home. What a day.

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(Thank you Sakana I had so much fun.)
Mako Mitsurugi
Mako Mitsurugi
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A quiet day? (nk) - Page 4 Empty Re: A quiet day? (nk)

Fri Sep 15, 2017 6:30 pm
approved for claims @ sakana
approved to sanae unless you want to use the wc toward jutsu or skills
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A quiet day? (nk) - Page 4 Empty Re: A quiet day? (nk)

Sat Sep 16, 2017 7:44 pm
Since someone informed me, that I indeed trained somethig i was able to lear I am... Redoing my claim.
Sorry to be so bothersome.

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Madrigal Kaguya
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A quiet day? (nk) - Page 4 Empty Re: A quiet day? (nk)

Fri Oct 06, 2017 11:41 pm
Approved Sanae
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