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Akihana Akari
Akihana Akari
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Breakfast (Maku) Empty Breakfast (Maku)

Thu Jul 20, 2017 3:22 pm
Sleep had always alluded Akihana. Well, perhaps not always, perhaps since the day a downtown bar had imploded on itself and she had began wearing a black armband because he deserved to have someone mourn him in that sense. Over the years, over the life that felt too long these days, sleep had mattered little. The last time she had had a peaceful night's worth was back in Kumogakure, her head had fallen on the pillow every night with a reassurance that Youka was in the next room.

That he would keep her safe.

There was no Youka here, no Arata. And the ghost she knew was just that. He was not the person who had once trekked all the way to flower country in search of a blue rose, he was not the person who had once painted walls with her.

No, she had seen that person die.This was a ghost no matter how much he pretended not to be.

The blonde remembered a time when mornings were a hustle and bustle around the palace. Maids and cooks, hand maidens, kitchen boys, gardeners and court keepers, scribes and fools running around getting ready for the day. Not these days, no. These days the security was tight, everyone walked on tip toe and if laughter rang through the large palace, it was soft and hesitant, and quickly silenced.

Still, Akihana refused to give in to the gloom. Every weekend the kunoichi baked for the children of the city and today was that day. Rising from her bed, the kunoichi dressed in her usual commoners garb - an eccentricity the palace staff had long since made peace with and now just nodded along too, every Queen had a quirk after all - and made her way to the kitchen. The new genin had already compiled items on her shopping list and truth be told, she was looking forwards ti simply making pastries for the next few hours.

the kitchen looked to be quiet, if perhaps a bit dark. The sun had not fully risen yet. Conjuring up a small orb of light, the kunoichi let it trail a foot ahead of her, brightening the area at the expense of making he shadow dance everywhere across the walls and floor of the room.
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