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Power to Protect Empty Power to Protect

Sat Jul 15, 2017 1:10 am
The sun stretched over the horizon, bringing its warm light to the Hoshigakurian buildings the stretched high into the brilliant blue sky. The grains of sand that coated the tan structures listened in the orange sunlight, bringing about a brilliant glow that illuminated the city. Yurei stared out at the sunrise from his cot, observing the brilliant site as his body slowly allowed him to wake up.

The Uchiha was still partially out of it from when he was last conscious, or at least could move. The conflict with the zealots on top of his exhausting training regimen had drained him completely and utterly, leaving him a husk barely clinging to whatever chakra he had left. He felt immensely better now, however. His chakra had regenerated into its full potential, burning deep inside him like a bright flame without the immense heat.

Yurei clenched his fist, recalling the events that had transpired that night. So much had happened, and he could still remember the pain, not only physically, but the mental torture that it brought on. His mother’s screams had rattled him to the bone, nearly shattering himself. He had not heard her scream like that since his father died. Those zealots… they made her so afraid. They nearly burned his house down, and Yurei still hadn’t been able to confirm the damage they had caused. Instead, he operated on his mother’s word, trusting her to tell the truth. Or perhaps she just didn’t want her son to be worried while he was recovering.

Yurei took a deep breath, looking back at the sun. If only he had been stronger, more vigilant, this wouldn’t have happened. They caused so much damage. Perhaps not physically, where most of the wounds would be allowed to recover, but mentally? Morally? Emotionally?  Yurei didn’t feel as strong as he had been, but he did feel angrier. That was not an emotion Yurei particularly liked. The boy was not often angry, instead keeping a happy-go-lucky nature about him. Perhaps that was his flaw, his major fault. Maybe that’s why they were able to attack with such ferocity.

The chakra within Yurei’s body swelled in his eyes, activating his pale sharingan. He had it now: the second tomoe. Aside from color, his eyes matched that of Damon, now, and with it, he found that he had become even stronger. Unlike the first tomoe however, it had not been activated by sadness. Perhaps it was the rage he had felt, or that worry. Or perhaps it was the hopelessness he felt. Yurei had spent his whole life believing that he could stop the brutality of the religious zealots and bring about an era of peace for Hoshigakure. But on that night, all of that was questioned. That hopelessness had enabled him to achieve a greater power, but it wasn’t enough. Sure, he was able to fend off the villagers, but his home had suffered damage. His mother. Himself. He couldn’t let that happen again.

Trying for peace was one thing, but endangering his family was another. Yurei wanted nothing more than for the village to come together, but he kept thinking about his father and what he had said. Yurei had endangered his family. His father wasn’t wrong about that. All of his parents’ hard work had been demolished. And now, they knew where he lived. And he couldn’t always be home to protect both it and his mother, as well has his memories of the past. This place meant much to him despite the misfortune it carried with it.

Yurei closed his eyes for a moment, in thought. He had to get stronger. That was the only way to protect those he cared about.

The pale Uchiha slowly crept out of bed and looked underneath it. He found no jutsu, but instead bits of dust. Yurei frowned and stood up, stretching. The floor wasn’t as cold as usual. Instead, it was more welcoming to his feet. Or perhaps his fevers had just heated his body to the same temperature as his fire jutsu.

Yurei popped his neck and stretched, finally moving his body after days of rest from overexertion. That was dangerous, but the benefits were worth it. Perhaps it even contributed to his earning of his second tomoe. Yurei placed his arms inside his kimono as he took it off of his rack. He tied it around his waist and attached his weapon pouches to the light blue silk.

The pale Uchiha slowly slid open his door and stepped down the hall and into the living room where he found his mother.

“Glad to see you’re awake!” she said, standing up from her chair. Takia rushed to her boy and have him a hug, picking him off the ground. She quickly recoiled, placing him back on the ground. “You’re not too sore, are you?”

“No, I’m fine now. Thanks, by the way,” Yurei said, smiling.

“Oh, you’re fine,” Takia said, dismissing it. “I replaced our windows. They look the same, but hey, they’re cleaner,” she laughed.

“Yep!” Yurei said, examining them. The Uchiha looked down at the floor. The wood paneling had been scorched, leaving dark burn marks all in numerous places. How many firebombs had been thrown in here? Yurei scratched his head and took a deep breath.

“Don’t worry, about that,” Takia said, placing her hand on her son’s shoulder. She looked at his clothes and weapon pouched, coming to the conclusion that he was headed out. “If you’re going out, I have some things for you,” she said.

“Things?” Yurei asked. “I was just going to head to the library and see if I could pick up some new jutsu.”

“I already did!” Takia said, pulling a scroll from the cabinet. “You were out for a long time, so I figured I could pick up a few things for you.”

“Thanks, Mom!” Yurei said, taking the scroll from it.

“It may be a little too much for you. I don’t know. From what I read, it looked like it had a lot of drawbacks.”

Yurei nodded, unraveling the scroll and examining the contents of the parchment. The Soul Expulsion jutsu? He had never heard of it. The jutsu seemed to increase one’s chakra pool and speed. Impressive. Yurei read on, ascertaining that the jutsu had remarkable potential. “Mom, this is perfect!” he said, rolling the scroll up. The jutsu was just what he needed. It was a powerful physical augmentation jutsu. The sharingan and the flicker movement jutsu had a similar effect without the boost to the chakra pool, and neither were as potent as this in terms of power. “Thanks!” Yurei said, hugging her.

Takia smiled, easing him away from her. “I knew you’d like it! Be carefully with it, though. Ok? I don’t want you overexerting yourself like last time, you hear?”

Yurei nodded, eagerly running out of the door as soon as he slid on his bamboo sandals. “Love you, Mom!” he yelled, opening the door.

Takia smiled at the boy. “I love you, too,” she whispered.


Outside, Yurei eagerly ran down the sidewalk. It felt so good to be able to run again. Although he had been unconscious for the majority of it, Yurei had become absolutely sick of bedrest. It was appalling to him to waste time, and he certainly had been. Some of it was his fault, which made him slightly frustrated with himself. He shouldn’t have been so foolish. Exerting himself like that was a stupid move, but he couldn’t have predicted what would have happened, right? Or could he have? He had been so foolish, arrogantly prowling the City Blessed by the Stars with his headband on. He wished he could take it all back now. There was no sense in wearing a disguise, now. They knew where he lived. The only thing protecting him now was their fear. And that was a powerful tool both the good and the bad could use. Yurei had no intentions of being the bad guy, however. He was the defender. But in their eyes… was he the attacker?

Yurei didn’t ponder that thought for long. It was too scary for him. Instead, he moved on down the sidewalks, maneuvering through the streets and passing the sandy-colored houses that lined the sandy concrete. Yurei moved quickly, never slowing, and never trailing off. Learning this justu was his main goal. He needed to protect his mother, his home, and he needed to accomplish his goal. This jutsu would no doubt help him in his chuunin exam as well, an added bonus.

Yurei turned into the marketplace, jutsu scroll in hand, as he wormed his way through the crowd, carefully avoiding bumps until he had entered the ‘shinobi district.’ Yurei moved on, passing up the shinobi academy until he had finally reached the shinobi training grounds. Yurei slowly came to a stop, taking a deep breath before he moved forward anymore.

The pale Uchiha unraveled the thick parchment and gazed at its black inked writing. The jutsu was fairly intimidating give its details. His soul was leaving his body? Sounded creepy. Still, it provided him with the power he need. The handseals seemed easy enough, just three. Rat, then boar, and lastly tiger. Perfect. Not too complex.

Yurei placed the scroll down and bent his knees, getting himself into ready position. The boy inhaled deeply and then exhaled, raising his hands to his chest and forming the handseals. He carved through them in a flash, signing each seal rapidly. Rat, boar, then tiger.

A faint red glow began to circulate around his body. What sort of ninjutsu was this? The glow became slowly brighter and brighter until it appeared that the boy was on fire. Yurei looked at his glowing hands and smiled. This felt like real power, and it was stronger than his flicker movement technique. Yurei clenched his fists, channeling his chakra to his eyes, revealing his pale sharingan.

In a flash, Yurei lunged forward, starting across the ground. He had never felt this fast before. The power was incredible, but it wasn’t just his speed that was accelerated. Yurei could feel his chakra boiling. It, too, felt stronger.

Yurei quick came to a stop, kicking up and as he slowly. He raised his hands to his chest once more and signed: Rat → Tiger → Dog → Ox → Rabbit, and then Tiger. It was the phoenix fire jutsu.

Yurei kneaded the boiling chakra within his body. The surge of power within him felt immense, greater than anything he could have done on his own. The chakra within his lungs became heated, as if a wild blaze within his own chest. Yurei exhaled, releasing the built-up chakra within his chest in the form of six fire balls, all launching forward and exploding in the sand. Spires of sand rose into the air, hardening in the immense heat Yurei had generated. This justu really was impressive! Yurei dashed forward, lunging at the spires faster than he had ever moved before, and pierced them with his hand. The heated sandstone snapped in two as Yurei came to a stop. His hand was throbbing, but he had successfully broken the sandstone. Impressive for one who did not value strength in a fight.

Yurei looked at his hands once more, the fiery glow emanating off of his body. But then, it slowly faded, and then it happened. The Uchiha recoiled in pain. The jutsu has sapped away his chakra. He felt as he had a few nights ago, completely drained.

Yurei collapsed onto the ground and exhaled, then breathed deeply, staring up at the sun. Was this the price of power? Yurei slowly pushed himself up, finally adjusting to the pain and sudden loss of his chakra. Yurei looked to the scroll that lie in the sandy plains and retrieved it. He scanned the text, finding something he had not seen before. The jutsu was very short term, and it after its duration it saps away your chakra. Yurei clenched his fist. Was that price worth it?

Yurei picked himself up, wrapping up the jutsu and placing it into his felt. “Mom is going to kick my butt,” he choked, walking back to his home.

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Power to Protect Empty Re: Power to Protect

Sat Jul 15, 2017 1:55 am

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