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War Council (Kyousuke) - Page 2 Empty Re: War Council (Kyousuke)

Sat Jul 08, 2017 3:04 pm
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War Council (Kyousuke) - Page 2 Empty Re: War Council (Kyousuke)

Sat Jul 08, 2017 7:32 pm
“The truth is that sometimes you can’t back down. While safety of the citizens is important we can’t give up our values just to avoid conflict. If for example the citizens were to be turned into walking corpses, should we allow that to happen to avoid battle or should we fight.” The question should be rhetorical, but the queenkage’s answer showed she didn’t understand this whole fighting thing. Keeping people alive would be her one and only concern moving ahead. Which sounded great, but sometimes people had to get hurt to do what was right.

“You are no longer just the queen anymore though. You have also assumed the role of a military leader and that comes with a set of different, difficult decisions.” There was likely no use in reminding her of the task she has just undertaken. She was likely just as nervous about the situation as he was.

“Eh, I’ll have a small gathering. Just a few people.” He would say before cracking a smile. “Or I could head over to Konoha send them a letter while I am at their gates telling them to let me and my compatriots in to celebrate my role as deputy kage, you know or else.” The man would say moving the letter to the table.

Kyousuke would nod as Akihana told him of the incoming tasks. Names of kage and deputy kage, Den is lazy, dirt bag’s coming to gate. He would mentally prepare the list before vocally confirming. “It’ll be done before I head to sleep. Oh, wait I’m probably not huh.”

“I’ll be there queenkage.” The jugo would state as Akihana said they will both be at the meeting to hear terms and present their own, but he looked mildly shocked by her opinion on war. Huh, maybe she does know a little.

Once the lady had left he would strip back down to his boxers and get to writing the letters. Of course, they would be much broader and presented kindlier than in his thoughts. If he were going to get any training in that night this would need to be done.

Once, all of the paper work had been finished the Jugo would slide under his weight lifting bench and begin to move his arms up and down with the bar and weights. He would stop once the bar hit his chest and then would raise slowly to get the most out of the workout. With the low weight, he had on the bar now it would be quite some time before his muscles would fatigue. Lower weight meant he could do more repetitions which is usually something you would want. In this case however, seeing how much each individual gate could up his strength limits would be difficult.

Shifting his body from under the bar he would set the object against the outstretched arms of the machine. They were there to hold the bar either to add more weight, less weight, or even just to relax. Picking up a pair of the heaviest weights he had available the man would place them onto the bar. After that was achieved while standing he would attempt to lift the bar. It was heavy, but still very much doable. Before once more attempting to lift the bars with his back on the bench he would do a light stretch. Cracking his fingers and back, he would then perform a few squats. Once, that was finished the man would slide under the bench and grip the bar before pushing up and sliding the weights out of the arms on the machine.

Each push up after the first twenty felt like hell. The ninja’s muscles were beginning to fatigue from a buildup of lactic acid. Just as his arms gave out and the bar began to lower down to his chest the ninja would call out the first gate. “Gate of Opening, open!” This in turn would give him the energy needed to continue his training with the weights. It would not last for much longer however as his strength once more started to wane. Perhaps it was time to open the second gate or to attempt to work a different muscle group.

The jugo would again set down the bar on the arms of the bench and slide out from beneath it. He would look around briefly before picking up two large weights and then setting them back down. The man would continue to do this for a couple of minutes, before he would then attempt to use the same weights and perform a clap. The metal plates would be at Kyousuke’s waist as he brought them up and kept the metal from clanging against themselves at the height of his chest. Part of the workout was stopping them from banging as the momentum of bringing them up also made them want to continue past. Different muscles within the ninja’s arms are what caused the plates to stop.

Within moments just like the last task this one had also become difficult and he would need another gate boost to increase his muscles potential. The second gate of healing was located next to the gate of opening within the brain, so all he would need to do is focus on channeling his chakra in that direction. He had opened the second gate before and he would need to do so again. Before it caused no damage, so it stood to reason that this time it should not as well. “Gate of healing, open!” Kyousuke would say through gritted teeth as his muscles got a second burst of new found energy and the speed of the clapping increased.
No visible change could be seen from use of the second gate, but with equipment one would likely find an increased heart rate, a spike in brain activity, and a rush of adrenaline. Of, course this information had already found its way into the data the man was keeping to test out the effects of each gate and hopefully soon he could add information about the third gate.

Kyousuke had chosen the location of using the second gate as within a hospital. There he could see anything within his body that had changed while using the gate. It just so happened that he did indeed see the effects of the gate of healing, in addition to the gate of opening. Each gate increased the blood pressure, but not to a dangerous level. Not dangerous yet, was what the man expected as the second gate under normal circumstances would usually be the precursor to a heart attack as the blood begins to pump rapidly. Luckily, the bodies of ninja were different capable of withstanding devastating blows and if he does say so himself his body was quite capable. At least that’s what he would tell himself in the mirror every morning. It was quite sad really and was supposed to be the deputy kage.

In addition to the increase in strength and speed, the second gate was also triggering the brain to release adrenaline for additional stamina. This would become effective as he reached muscle fatigue after another couple of sets even with the second gate. Thinking of it, his body would release a burst of the energizing hormone and his body would proceed to become reinvigorated. The boost of energy would fuel him for another three minutes as he continued to clap the plates together.

With him once more tired of moving the plates together, he would attempt to open the third gate for the first time. “Gate of Life, open!” There would be a shot of dopamine from the excitement of anticipation, but it was for not as the weights would hit into the man’s thighs and he would be unable to bring them up any higher. The struggle would be quite real as the veins in the man’s head protruded as he attempted his hardest to move the plates. He would soon settle on the fact that the plates would not go up anymore and set them down.

All of the weights that he had lifted that day made his arms feel as if they were on fire. Kyousuke would rotate his shoulders in their sockets and move around the room a little. The training made the stress of his middle of the night conversion feel a little less… Well stressful. It was one of the reasons he liked to keep his weights around and he would definitely need them in the coming days. With these… meetings. Probably will be like more of a list of demands, that the kage will agree to just to prevent a war from occurring. While that would be a good outcome, it may not be worth what they may have to give up. Thinking about this subject was only bringing the thoughts of the event back and bringing back the stress he had just worked out.

The Jugo would get a pair of shorts out and the same beater he had been wearing only an hour before. Then he would put on a pair of shoes and open the door to his room, but before that he would grab the missives he had written and hand them to another shinobi to be delivered. Once, they were handed to the proper people they would be duplicated and spread out. There were clear instructions to only inform the shinobi of Hoshi that this change in leadership was happening and that they were not to tell any of the incoming ninja of Kumo. If they were aware that Aki and himself were only put in charge recently then they would likely try to take advantage of that fact. They were already into forcing them into quick decisions and this may be just what they wanted.

Outside he would start to run as fast as he could without any help from the gates. The ground was wet from rain. While it was not raining at the present it seemed the weather would begin again. Kyousuke wouldn’t mind if it did though, he liked a nice cool rain to keep his temperature down. With each splash, the man kicked up as his sole clashed against the asphalt he would hum lowly. There was no song he had in mind just a soft tune that kept him moving until he reached the training grounds.

The ground was soft from the rain and Kyousuke’s weight pressing against the dirt pressed his feet into the mud. Kyousuke would walk over to his training area and look at the area he had just fixed up. The grass seemed to be growing nicely. So, he would move his training to another area. Perhaps he would move closer to the supply shed and grab some punching bags. He would not use them for punching however and instead would opt to throwing them.

Making his way over to the hut Kyousuke would attempt to open the second gate. It would be good to know later on if could jump start all of the gates at once or would have to go in sequence. It turns out you do not have to call out each gate in order The first two gates were opened once the equipment he planned to use was ready he would once more attempt to open the third. Third gate gate of life, located on the spinal cord around vertebrae c-3 to c-5. Effects likely to include increased strength and speed, muscle tear, and increased heart rate.

Grabbing two punching bags of one hundred and fifty pounds, Kyousuke would drag them outside. The idea was to have them around the weight of the average human. This would help him somehow in the future. Gripping the bags he would yell. ‘Third gate, gate of life open!” Kyousuke’s skin would immediately turn hot with the opening of the gate. Within moments the skin had become entirely red It was likely due to an increase in blood flow throughout the body. Looking at his reflection through a puddle he could also see that his pupils and iris were missing. All that remained were pure white sclera. He would have to find more of a biological reason behind that. Maybe he would present the evidence to Akihana as an expert in medical jutsu she would likely know and she did say her healing capabilities would be at his corner.

With his hands still gripping the bags the man would press down firmly with his fingers, before swinging the bag around throwing it roughly a football field away and it landed with a sound of slapping mud. It was quite a distance. One that he probably couldn’t do on his own, unless using the stone or steel form of assimilate all creation. While the gates didn’t make him quite as durable they did increase his speed like the sand form. The good news was that there were still five more gates to open and each one seemed to increase his strength by a large amount.

The second sand bag Kyousuke had would be thrown in a similar fashion to the first. It would land around the previous one. With a shrug, he would exit the third gate and return the sand bags to the shack. He would wipe all the mud off before placing them back inside.

As all of the equipment was returned Kyousuke could smell the water falling from the skies as the winds began to change. The pitter patter of droplets soon reached his ears as they hit off the roof of the shack. Kyousuke would exit the hut and run his way back to the palace the sun was on its way out and he would need some sleep to get through the rest of the days events.

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War Council (Kyousuke) - Page 2 Empty Re: War Council (Kyousuke)

Mon Jul 10, 2017 4:21 pm
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