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Blood Games: Aslatiel vs Dol vs Riku - Page 2 Empty Re: Blood Games: Aslatiel vs Dol vs Riku

Sun May 21, 2017 5:34 pm
[Akihana's stated that the poison mist will only last for 1 post, so assuming it's dissipated by now]

It was all over very quickly in a brief display of finesse from both sides. The sharp reflection of light on metal caught the eyes of the crowd as Kaos unleashed his silver weaponry upon the senior and the unconscious participants. The dark mist had swamped out around the pair by now and it was quite difficult to see what was unfolding, which mostly defeated the point of fighting out in the open but still left some anticipation for the hushed murmurs of the crowd as to what may be unfolding. 

Yet soon, the mist would start to dissipate and it was all clear to the observers once more.. they'd missed quite a bit of the action. Dol was propped on his back with a shuriken popping out of his jaw like an unsightly blemish, albeit one more detrimental to his health. His eyes ran over to look towards the unconscious male.. which seemed to have progressed into a more pale state, yet with a certain sheen about it. He was no longer alive, that was enough for Xyxer to tell after all of his years in dealing the unforgiving finality. Yet, the graze on his leg was not enough for him to have died, so it was evidently the usage of the jutsu that permitted him to be.. yet the male with a shuriken protrusion remained alive.

Mercy. A returning, surprising trait that was being exhibited during these games. Shrugging, Xyxer started to address the crowd once more, as well as Riku's questions, "Riku, acting out of mercy, has spared the life of his opponent Dol Harvard." He paused momentarily to lick his lips, a few members of the crowd booing at the neglect of the kill, "He has knocked Dol unconscious, with his other opponent no longer in the realm of the living, and so he is the winner of the fight. He will progress through to the final round of the Blood Games" He paused once again, his eyes moving towards the unconscious male.

Nodding his head for a few seconds as he started to agree with himself, he'd speak out once more, "And he will be joined by Dol Harvard, who murdered Aslatiel! He showed conviction in the ways of getting the job done, even if he was not successful in overwhelming his final opponent. May he recover adequately. Riku, take him to the medics inside and have him seen to that he's prepared for the final round and in full fighting shape.. and no, we respect the dead." Xyxer finished off with, somewhat irritated that he was even asked that question. Regardless, a few volunteers to the event would run in after one gate was opened, while proceed to not run into the water they'd pick up the corpse of Aslatiel and take him back inside so that the arrangements could be made.

[Topic Closed unless they want to post anything]

Riku wins the fight and proceeds through to the finale

Dol killed Aslatiel and thus proceeds through, with the medics healing him to their fully capabilities backstage

Aslatiel is, well,.. dead
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Blood Games: Aslatiel vs Dol vs Riku - Page 2 Empty Re: Blood Games: Aslatiel vs Dol vs Riku

Sun May 21, 2017 11:05 pm
Riku nods once, and picks up/drags Dol's unconscious body towards the hospital. He would pass him off to the medical ninjas there, and would make his way home glad to be done with this part of the chuunin exams.

[exit 1089 twc, claiming +5 stats]
Aryll Hyuuga
Aryll Hyuuga
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Blood Games: Aslatiel vs Dol vs Riku - Page 2 Empty Re: Blood Games: Aslatiel vs Dol vs Riku

Tue May 23, 2017 3:33 am
A to the P to the P to the R to the O to the V to the E to the D
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