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Never meet your heroes (P,IO/Den) - Page 3 Empty Re: Never meet your heroes (P,IO/Den)

Fri Jul 28, 2017 8:49 pm
(So passive Dr puts the damage the explosive tag does to me at 25, but my health is 50 so I'm unaffected. If you need me to post the links to the stuff with the dr lemme know but I think I explained everything in cb awhile back)

Den was knocked back by the explosive tag, thankfully however the thud of him landing on the ground some was masked by the sound of bits of earth hitting the grass at the same time. 

So it seemed the boy hadn't detected him again after the explosion, or at least that's what Den surmised as he silently got back to his feet. Deciding he didn't wan to to spar someone who used normally lethal techniques, essentially even if they were willing to destroy their own possessions like the boy had just done with his mug when he set off the explosion, Den used the Body flicker technique to leave the Courtyard at 210 speed, ending up atop the roof of the University. 

He'd use his chakra Sensory to track the boy as he focused on Sanctuary, and unless the boy left the mist and spotted him Den would teleport back into his dimension after a few moments. The mist would clear as the Sage left the world.

[Exit unless stopped. I'll post ap costs and such if needed]
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Never meet your heroes (P,IO/Den) - Page 3 Empty Re: Never meet your heroes (P,IO/Den)

Sun Jul 30, 2017 6:15 am
Akemi felt a sudden shift in the space-time continuum as his timeline was shifted back a few months, bringing intense feelings of disorientation and confusion to the tiny Hiyu. He blinked, the sound of the explosion ringing through his ears, the sonorous sound was almost deafening, and it wasn't helping at all with his current confusion. Anyway, if his memory was correct, this was a... What was it again? Oh yeah, a spar. 

Confused, scared and just downright terrified, the tiny Hiyu let his seven heavens die down, leaving him stranded in a blinding mist. He was against a kage, this was something which he needed to win! At least... That's what he hoped, if he could actually find the damn kage. This mist was proving to be quite difficult to contend with, in fact, Akemi had a brief fear of being eternally trapped within the horrible, choking air.

Suddenly, the whole thing cleared. Revealing an empty courtyard, and a hole where the bench had previously been. His eyes widened as he looked around, where was Den? Had he... Akemi refused to believe it, he hadn't... He couldn't of. Had he vaporised the kage with his explosive note? His breath quickened, cold sweat ran down the side of his face. 

He ran up to the hole and looked around, not finding traces of anything or... Anyone. His breathing slowed, there wasn't any way that the kage had been destroyed, especially when there was no evidence of the Kage's destruction. He remembered a book he had bought recently, in the book, it had detailed that Den had access to a variety of space-time techniques. Using his deductive reasoning, Akemi figured out that Den had grown bored and left or something. Who knew?

So, sighing about this disastrous day, Akemi left the courtyard, vowing to 1v1 the kage again sometime.


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Never meet your heroes (P,IO/Den) - Page 3 Empty Re: Never meet your heroes (P,IO/Den)

Mon Jul 31, 2017 6:14 am
Lol fun read, approved
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