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Kobayashi Senshi <3
Kobayashi Senshi <3
Ryo : 8700

And they said training was easy Empty And they said training was easy

Sat Apr 15, 2017 12:20 am
Welcome to the terribly longest thing Senshi had, had to do in a long time. The seals he had created in order to boost someones abilities, magically would not work for him. They had worked for Reizo, they had worked for Komori, and they would have worked for Komon if he had not been and idiot and listened. However, they would not work for him for some reason. He had gone over his notes obsessively trying to find out why the seals did not work on his own body. The closest thing he had been able to discover is that there must be some divine being that hated him, for some strange reason. Really who would hate him he was adorable.
In all seriousness, the best reasons he could find out is that it needed to be a foreign chakra. Your own chakra could not be used to boost yourself, because when attempting to do so it wouldn’t give you that little mystical boost that allowed you to be so much better than what you had been. So, in short, Senshi was stuck. The requirements to learn his boosting tattoo seals were rather extensive and with the war going on he didn’t have the time to teach someone else to give him the tattoo. So instead he had decided, that instead he would find a way to modify the technique in order to enhance himself.
The problem with that was it had taken months of dedicated studying in order to figure out what he needed to do, to make his first set of boosting tattoo seals. He didn’t have months, or the time to commit to studying something as much as he had before. He was entirely too busy being the boss. After all someone had to be the General in charge of the defensive forces of Kumo and Senshi had drawn the short straw in that regard. He’d much rather be out there, fighting for the Kumo forces and assisting in conquering other lands. Instead, he had, had to hand over all the plans he had drawn up to another Jounin and take over the defences.
Defences that were manned by old Chuunin, injured Chuunin, or the most recently promoted Genin. In short, it sucked, a lot. Especially all the whining that was coming his way, though they were disguised as legitimate complaints they were pretty much just whining about nonsense that Senshi couldn’t change. Pushing the information office Senshi grabbed one of the books on seals that he had in his tiny little closet office. This tiny little room had probably been a cleaning closet of some sort before the war that had been quickly changed to accommodate him. It was inside the mission office building though, which was a great perk since he got all the information he needed quickly and without fail.
The tiny room was packed with his desk, an L shaped on so that he had plenty of room to place things. A small book shelf for even more books that he might need. Two chairs in front of the desk for a visitor to sit in so he could receive update briefings or brief the watch commanders as needed. His large sword was resting against the wall behind him so that he could grab it quickly and leave. Though if he wasn’t careful in how he maneuvered around the objects he’d break them or trip over them. There was barely any room to walk and get out the door after all. Still, he had an office, that had to mean something right.
Now that he had the book in his hands he leaned back in his chair throwing his feet up on the desk, balancing precariously on the back two legs of the chair. His book was on different types of seals that enhanced things, usually items. His goal was to find a way to combine a few different seals to get the effects he wanted originally from his Tattoo seals. He knew that he needed to change quite a few things around, but the good news was that once he tattooed it to his body it would work, hopefully, just like the original set of boosting seals that he had created. He had already decided that he would focus on enhancing his speed and strength as those were the two things he needed the most.
He lifted his pen, that had been in his other hand and made a few notations in the margin of his book before absentmindedly twirling the pen around in his hand. There was a lot of information that he didn’t need in this book which made it a slightly tiresome read. While learning more about seals would always be beneficial, he did have a lot of other things that he needed to do. He was just lucky that he had, somehow, managed to complete most of his paperwork for the day already and had a good two hour free period before the next briefings would occur. Once that happened he’d be back to the terribleness known as paperwork.
He could not believe that amount of paperwork that was required just to run the defences of the village, and he didn’t even want to consider how terrible the Raikage’s work load must be. Especially with a war going on it must be even worse than he could imaging. Senshi gave a slight shudder of horror as he considered the terribleness of being forced to do even more boring paperwork than he was already doing. If anything, he was permanently convinced that the job of a Kage was terrible and he wanted nothing to do with it. Give him a platoon of shinobi to command and let him go out and destroy things or train and he would be quite happy with his life.
They should really explain to shinobi in the academy how much paperwork came with gaining more rank. Senshi probably would have considered turning down the promotion to Jounin if he had known. Well, no, that was a lie. If the Raikage thought he was ready for such a rank and bestowed it upon him than he would never turn it down. But, he would have been able to dread this horror much longer. Maybe that was why they didn’t tell you about all this nonsense in advance. That way they wouldn’t have multiple people just sitting in the lower ranks and wasting the Village’s funds and such. Well, it was a possibility but not really what he should be thinking about at this time.
Still maybe after this war he could get to doing something much more fun, rather than being stuck behind a desk for the majority of the day. In the least he could hope for that eventualality. Hope, it was really all he had to get out of this nightmare known as his day to day life. Senshi focused back in on his book reading quietly for several minutes before he finally paused on a page and stopped twirling his pen. He brought his feet down, and the front two legs of his chair landed on the ground with a loud clack. Pulling a notepad closer to him he began to write out several notes, especially from the page he was on.
He made a few half formed seal drawings and then began to work on a way to combine them together. He spent several minutes working on the drawings, each time he messed up combining them he would rip the paper off the note pad and crumple it up before lighting it on fire by coursed his lightning chakra through it and then throw the remnants into his waste bin. Growling in annoyance he focused on that drawing before picking the book up after another failed attempt and reading a bit more on the two seals he was wanting to combine. After several minutes he drew out a third seal and several different combiners and stabilizer seals.
Setting the book back down he began to work on the seals, the fact that he was incorporating a third seal now was making it even harder. He had to find a way to not only combine all three seals together successfully but also  find a way to stabilize them so that they would be able to interact with other seals as well. And also so that they would not explode on him. Would be a bad thing if he put this seal on himself, activated it and then it exploded and he lost a limb because he hadn’t done enough research and testing on it. Though frankly Max did make his prosthetics seem like a pretty cool thing, Senshi really wasn’t interested in losing a limb and finding out how difficult it would be to learn to work with a prosthesis.

Though imagine the amount of hidden compartments he could make on such a thing, especially if he filled them with traps and cool weapon ideas. He had to push the idea of a prosthetic out of his mind since he knew it was just his brain trying to distract him from the task at hand. He had lately found that his mind wandered pretty often, probably a result of the age pills he had taken when he had been promoted to Jounin to bring himself up to the age of twenty two. Many of his subordinates had asked him why he had chosen to do so and though they didn’t all agree with his explanation it seemed they had at least understood why he had done it. Plus well, his beard did look pretty awesome.  

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Kobayashi Senshi <3
Kobayashi Senshi <3
Ryo : 8700

And they said training was easy Empty Re: And they said training was easy

Sat Apr 15, 2017 12:57 am
This was when Senshi finally had a breakthrough, a sort of ahha moment if you will. Like the lightbulb had turned on and the darkness was swept away, suddenly Senshi could see clearly. Or well at least he could see clearly to what he needed to do for this specific seal. He still had many more to create after this, such was the life he was forced to live after all. Still, he was pleased at the fact that he had managed to have some sort of minor breakthrough in the creation of his newest technique. Really, what he needed was someone who could train him in these sort of advanced techniques so that he wasn’t forced to have to develop them all from scratch. It would be infinitely faster after all.
As Senshi finished drawing out the seal, with the multiple combined stabilizers in it as well, he sat back with a slightly pleased, very small, smile on his face. It had taken him just over an hour to find the seals he needed and then find a way to combine them together so that they would all work and then stabilize them so that other seals would work with them as well. This was only one seal of many that he knew he was going to need to create in order to get this technique to work. But this, THIS was progress that let him know that it would be possible in order to create the effects that he was going to. As he had been thinking earlier, hope was really all he had to go on and this was a large boost to that over used emotion that he desperately needed.
Senshi lifted his hand rubbing his beard in thought. Really the issue with the last seal seemed to be that it needed to draw power from a foreign chakra. The foreign chakra boosted it, enhanced a person because they could draw on the limited amount there was and then mix it with their own, thus making them better than they were. What Senshi needed was quite different. He wouldn’t have that extra reservoir of power sitting inside him and thus he would need to find another way to get the same effects. The seal he had just created served as the basis for the entire thing, it would allow him to link other things and be the main power source, or the battery, for the rest of the seal.
Since he didn’t want the seal to draw from his own chakra reserves during a fight, all he would need to do was expend a bit of his reserves to unlock the gate to the seal and then it would power it self. When he was not in combat he could ensure that gate maintained as much stored chakra as it would need in order to enhance his abilities. This would allow him to enhance himself without unduly tiring himself out in a battle, which was critically important. Though it would take a good deal of chakra to unlock the seal and thus allow it to power it up, and then he would still need to expend chakra to keep the gate open. It was honestly the only way he could think in order to make the seal stable.
He couldn’t have the power in it permanently open and flowing or it would eventually overload him and kill him. Thus he had built in a gate that had to be unlocked and then held open in order for the seal to be powered up. Unfortunately he knew that this meant that it would take a few moments for the seal to fully activate and flow through his veins. It would take all the concentration he had in order to force to gate open, but once he did maintaining a constant flow of chakra through it would allow it to remain open and then he could focus on other things. Like fighting. He was decently sure that the way this gate worked that he would be severely limited in what he could do when he was focusing on opening it.
It would require further testing in order to find out the exact limitations, and how long it would take, but none the less he knew this was a drawback that he was going to have to accept if he was going to get the seal working at all. Now he needed to focus on a way to enhance his speed, as that was his first priority. He wasn’t entirely sure how to go about it, but he had an idea. It was just beginning to form, and it would be drastically different from how his other boosting seals worked. Instead of drawing power from another person’s chakra he could make his elemental affinities work for him. If he used wind chakra but focused it so that it would cover the user completely then maybe he could make it reduce the air resistance a person was constantly other.
Effectivaly his idea was to make a person more aerodynamic. Well not a person, himself. If he could make the person more aerodynamic he could also add in boosts of wind that would push the user of this seal to move faster. Make them like a feather moving through the wind, no resistenance, and thus better able to move around. It would take several hundred seals, and if he was correct it would cover the entire forearm or lower leg for him to accomplish. With this idea in his mind Senshi began to draw out on his paper several seals. They were wind focused, pulling on stored reserves of wind chakra. The problem was that he would need the wind chakra to make the cone around the body.  
Not only that, but adding the little boosts, the best thing he could hope for was for it be just a few centimeters off the skin. Anymore than that and it would require entirely too much chakra to fuel it and make the technique effectively worthless in using it. He growled lowly to himself as his pen moved across the paper drawing out what he had in mind. Nothing could beat the importance of getting the ideas he had flowing through his mind right now. His creativity had been boosted suddenly and he didn’t want to waste a single moment of it on another thought. The problem he was encountering was that the seals were having trouble reacting to the battery seal. He needed a better way to tie them into it.
With his own chakra acting as a stabilizer it would make it a bit easier, since he didn’t have to worry about adapting it to someone elses chakra. He didn’t need his chakra to mesh well with anothers, it already meshed with itself quite nicely. There would be no hazards on blowing up a limb here, instead the only hazard was not all the seals would activate. He needed all the seals, because if he lacked even one then some portion of the body would not be affected by the reduction in wind resistence. That would lower the amount of speed boost he gained but also potentially put his body in harms way. With every other portion of his body attempting to move at one speed, but a small section not doing so, he could possibly rip the limb or affected area off completely.
Which, in the end made it just as hazardous as if he was risking blowing up his limb. Plus this method of personal destruction of his body sounded much more painful than then just blowing it up. He continued to draw out, rip apart and destroy pieces of paper, and pretty much just work on creating all the seals he needed in general. He had several piles of paper stacked together of seals that would work well together when a knock at his office door occurred. Looking up, a fierce glare came across his face at being disturbed and his voice growled out the word enter. He was still bent over his desk working on it when the watch commanders from the previous shift that was just ending walked into the room.
They both stood in front of a chair each, giving a crisp salute and Senshi let loose a slightly annoyed sigh. In his eagerness to complete this technique he had almost completely forgotten that the briefing was coming up. Pushing himself back from his desk, he reluctantly put his completed seals to the side and focused on the two Chuunin before. “Be seated, Chuunin Izara start first, if you will.” His voice changed from the annoyed growl to one of polite interest, and since he had asked them to be seated he knew they would get the silent apology he was offering to them. It had been rude, and rather wrong of him to growl and be annoyed with these Chuunin. They were only doing their duty after all.

A quick briefing from both Chuunins occurred, letting Senshi know what had happened on their shifts so that he could brief the incoming watch commanders. Once they had finished he gave a nod taking the reports they had each written out so that he could look them over and file them appropriately. “Good job, dismissed until your next shift gentlemen. Send in your replacements, please.” The two nodded offering quick salutes as they filed out of the tiny office. Senshi then spent the next six hours briefing the incoming commanders, working on the paperwork he needed to and inspecting various random things as was his job.

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Kobayashi Senshi <3
Kobayashi Senshi <3
Ryo : 8700

And they said training was easy Empty Re: And they said training was easy

Sat Apr 15, 2017 1:11 am
It wasn’t until late in the evening, just after ten pm, that Senshi managed to make it home from work. With a tired sigh he walked into his study knowing that he needed to focus on completing this bit of seal work while it was still at the forefront of his brain. While he had been working throughout the day, he had come up with an idea on how he could enhance his strength as well. The body responded quite well to lightning, since it interacted between every atom in the body. Using his blood as a conductor, his natural resistence to lightning, and his medical knowledge he was sure that he could easily create a set of seals that would cause the lightning to enhance his muscles thus making him stronger for a brief period of time.
He wouldn’t be able to hold it up for long, for fear of injuring his muscles too much and it would require him to not use the technique for a bit after he had used it, but that was fine with him. With the boosts this technique provided, if he couldn’t finish a fight before his time was up, then he didn’t need to be in that fight anyways, he needed to be making a very hasty tactical withdrawl. Once he was in his study he placed his sword against the wall and immediately sat down at his desk beginning to sketch out several of his seal ideas. This was the easiest part of the seal for him to create the only problem being he had to make it cooperate with the wind chakra seals.
But there were plenty of stabilizer type seals meant for making opposing elements behave together and after a short two hours of work on the seals he finally sat back a pleased expression on his face. The final image of all the seals had been draw out on a paper and as Senshi looked them over again, ensuring that they were all as perfect as possible, he made sure to figure out if it would work. He knew that this was a technique that only he would be able to use, unless he taught someone how to apply it to themselves, that is. Since you needed to have the balancing factor of your own chakra in it in order to make it work. It was the only way that it would work after all. With a pleased smile he placed the paper back onto his desk and headed to bed.
The next morning he woke a full two hours early, since he needed the bit of extra time in order to apply the seals. After a quick breakfast and performing his morning absolutions, he entered his study grabbing his notes from the day before and headed towards his tattoo shop. Once in side, he quickly set up, before grabbing the white ink. He had not placed his wraps on yet so the tattoo he had given himself before was in plain view. He quickly set to work with Irezumi Ju, and began tattooing over the image already in place. The white ink was replacing the old seals, putting the new ones over them. This had been the original reason why he had needed to work on developing the seals for so long.
He needed most of them to work with the preexisting seals he already had in place, with only minor changes that he could add in now. Once he had completed re tattooing the new seals, over the old image and the old seals he spent several seconds letting it dry before using his medical chakra to heal over the wounds the needles had made in his skin. Once he had completed that he grabbed the black ink and began completely tattooing over the new whit seals to hide the work he had done. He didn’t want anyone to know what specific seals they used in case they were some kind of sealing prodigy and managed to come up with a counter and break the seals he had on himself. It didn’t take long to finish the cover up job and once he did he had to spend several minutes cleaning up. With a deep breath he focused his chakra into his arm finding the battery seal. IT took a moment for his chakra to completely surround the battery seal and then with a sudden push he began forcing it open.

As he did so he walked around his shop, but he knew that the level of concentration this was requiring meant that he wouldn’t be able to do much else other than breath and move around while he was trying to open the seal. Finally he managed to force it all the way open and he felt the power beginning to flow through his body. It took several seconds before it finally enhanced his entire body, so much so that Senshi was relatively surprised. That would be a draw back, but he knew he would still be able to make good use of it in a fight. He jumped from foot to foot before exiting his shop and locking it up. From there he took off down the street beyond surprised by how fast he was with the seal active.   

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Risako Akara
Risako Akara
Ryo : 47750

And they said training was easy Empty Re: And they said training was easy

Sat Apr 15, 2017 2:00 am
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