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Aryll Hyuuga
Aryll Hyuuga
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Sweep the Leg (P) - Page 2 Empty Re: Sweep the Leg (P)

Sat Apr 08, 2017 7:05 pm
Xyxer’s sudden outburst would cause Aryll to wave her hand in his direction, rolling her eyes and sighing like literally every teenager ever.
”Calm the hell down, Xyxer. I’ll keep it PG.” She’d say, waving her hand as if to fan away the salt she felt resonating from the Abyss Walker, which had a space in it in Aryll’s mind even though the actual title had no space. This was mostly because this paragraph was not as substantial as the others and Aryll felt like she should increase the size of her paragraph so that her word count would be higher and so that her post would look better in general. Really, it’s a very OOC motivation (OOC standing for Out of Character, the O standing for Out, the other O standing for Of, and the C standing for Character), but that was unfortunately how the cookie crumbles when you’re trying to fluff your WC and train some stuff, like, say, a fucking wheelchair that still isn’t approved. Most unfortunate. Very sad. Maybe a mod will read this and realize how tough it is living in this world without a wheelchair.

Ah, but I digress, we haven’t gotten to that part of the story yet.

Xyxer’s comment about her not wasting money was met with a shrug.
”My hope is that he’ll realize he should just give me a decent place to work if I just keep being as inconvenient as possible. He has to step over this thing every time he wants to take a piss, so maybe I’m starting to get to him.” She said, tapping the blade with her foot, a satisfied, mischievous grin on her face. ”Besides, it’s not like he can’t fix the house himself. He can make wood out of fu- freaking chakra.” She mused, stuttering over the last part of the sentence as she restrained herself from swearing. ”It’d be the closest thing he’s done to helping me out since he came back.”

Xyxer’s next inquiry as to why she stayed actually gave Aryll pause. In truth, her method to handling these issues was to ignore them, to not say a word about them and to bottle everything up. With Xyxer, she felt like she could speak her mind, but she’d still remained silent on this particular issue. She didn’t know how to articulate her feelings. She didn’t know why she felt this way, why she stayed, or why she wanted to leave. It was all rather confusing.
”I… I don’t know.” She said, her tone dropping. ”He’s all I have left. I feel like if I leave, I’ll lose everything. There’ll be no going back.” She sighed. Shaking her head, dismissing the conflicting emotions, she appeared to do a complete 180 in tone.
”I don’t know. Can we talk about something else?” She’d say, dismissing the subject.

Xyxer’s comment would be the only thing that drew Aryll’s attention, as all of this chakra bullshit would go unnoticed by her, mostly because the narrator had a hard time what was going on with that OOC, which as previously mentioned, is an acronym for Out of Character. Not even looking at him, she’d look up ponderously, before looking out the window, then back at the blade.
”I’d rather not bring this back outside, it’s a huge pain in the ass to get in and out through the window, and it won’t fit in the stairwell.” She said, turning to face Xyxer, her eyes widening. "A walk sounds nice, though. I haven't been outside all day. Shall we?"

Aryll turned to face Xyxer, her eyes widening as she saw the forming cloak of... Chakra? She saw chakra flowing through Xyxer's body as if he had just unleashed well of the stuff. She could practically feel the aura manifesting from Xyxer. In fact, she could feel it. A bestial, hostile energy emanated from her friend, And Aryll found herself unable to speak. With her byakugan, she could see Xyxer's chakra circulatory system seem to expand, filling his entire body with a sort of amber aura, permeating his body and expanding outside. This was almost solid chakra. Her eyes wide, Aryll would attempt to speak.

"X-Xyxer, what the hell is that?" She stammered, nearly tripping over the giant blade as she tried to step back to avoid the tailed cloak, for fear it might burn her or something. While she trusted Xyxer, the aura she was sensing radiating from him felt alien. Even though she could not sense chakra, Aryll knew that this was not Xyxer's power, but something else entirely. She’d never seen chakra of this magnitude, never experienced this sort of raw power. She’d thought she was quite powerful, being able to lift such heavy constructs with her chakra, but now she saw that she hadn’t but an inkling of what real power was. She felt horribly minute and insignificant, as if she were naught but an ant before a giant.

It made her realize just how inexperienced she was as a Kunoichi, despite having spent the better half of a decade as one. Despite all the obstacles she’d overcome, she was still nothing. She did not know what this energy radiating from Xyxer was, whether it really was something alien or if it was truly Xyxer’s own energy, but it was clear that it was leagues above her own power. She didn’t know whether to fear or stand in awe, because while she didn’t think Xyxer would ever hurt her, she felt as if this unknown presence might have other ideas.

Standing back against the table, she took a shaky breath and mustered up the courage to speak.

"That is you, right...? Xyxer?" Came her voice, seeming smaller and frailer then she'd like. Aryll hated showing fear, she hated letting slip that she wasn't as calm and confident as she would like, but right now, she couldn't help it. It was practically an involuntary reaction. After all she'd been through, it took a lot to put Aryll at a loss for words.
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Sweep the Leg (P) - Page 2 Empty Re: Sweep the Leg (P)

Mon Apr 10, 2017 4:24 pm
There was a palpable changed in the atmosphere of the room when the beast found itself manifesting once more inside a vessel. Hachibi was steadily gaining control over the body, it wasn't a sure thing yet, but it was a slow process. It'd have to be a slow process with such a high ranking shinobi, and the Bijuu had nothing but time in this case. It could sense the fear of the girl as soon as a tail had formed on the cloak, snaking towards the roof as if it was a groovy reptilian. Groovy. While the chakra boiled off from his body, and the conflict for control started to become more apparent within the male, there'd be a few times that the Hachibi would slip through, having picked up some less than desirable traits. At least, it was a trait for now since he wanted to rile up the Mizukage, to force him to burst out in pure, seething hatred and cause more damage than he needed to. The vessel was so strong, so powerful.. if he could make it rage and release him, he was certain he could kill far more than he had before. There was excitement in the beast for a change, it wanted to see what it could do.. and, well.. it had a perfect way of annoying the male who relied on fear.

"What the hell is that? Well lil' child, let me throw down the hat and prepare for an engagement of lyrical combat. I'm feral, I'm out of my habitat and I ain't planning on being a doormat for the Kage." Hachibi spat out while having minor control during the cloak, after all, it was Xyxer's first time using it and he was unsure on how to put the breaks on this wild beasts' rhymes. He paused for a moment, seeming to collect his breath before he started once again before any interruptions could be made, he had no idea how long Xyxer would be powerless for, and he wanted to make the most of it since he knew any direct act of violence would immediately be shut off prematurely.. at least, with this meager tailed cloak, "It's me, spitting free, the major Ha-chi-bi. Shut your eyes, don't you see? I am THE key. Revise while I improvise." Oh boy, was Hachibi feeling it now. He could sense something beginning to seethe, and it wasn't from pride.

Gaining back some temporary control, Xyxer started to speak with the mild distortion that came  from repressing the bijuu while inside the state that granted him power. "It's just a little party trick. Nothing to be worried about, Aryll." Xyxer stated in the friendliest way he could manage, although it was still a given that there were a few snarls hidden within those words despite his best efforts. The power that coated him was so delicious, and he wanted to keep drinking it in to see how strong he could truly become.. it was an enticing prospect to be the apex with the bijuu inside of him, to be able to eat any jutsu, and person. The beast would allow him to do so, to sate his desires and those of his blade. He'd grown increasingly attached to Samehada over the years, and so it felt like he was merely sating the need of his twin whenever he fed that blade something delicious like the chakra of bijuu. Now, the eight tails would be helping him to increase it's power, to become.. something more.

As these thoughts swirled around his heat with the constant battling, a new door was unlocked within him. A new burst of power rushing throughout his body, and the cloak would show the aesthetic of the new power. An appendage split from the tail that was already waving within the faint air above them, growing thicker as it split to form into a second, branching tail that hovered over the two of them. The tails now seemed to be perfectly behind the spinal column of Xyxer, yet angled when they reached the back of his head so that they formed a pair of what appeared to be large, amber horns. It was perhaps the Eight Tails wanting to show itself, to not be hidden away. To force the Mizukage to reveal his nature to the village, to reveal the true beast within.. ostracizing had been a powerful tool for bijuu gaining power over their hosts, and perhaps these people would force Xyxer into becoming a pariah, alone with only Hachibi and Samehada.

With the other tail pushing out, Xyxer felt a sweet sensation of relief and dropped his control of the body once more, allowing Hachibi to once more take up the floor with his sick raps, "Yeah it's me, making a decree! Count my tails, ore say two! Two in the crew, yet we're not through! Look at you, you know it's true." The Hachibi continued to spit, having learned a lot after it's time with Killer B, "Girl, you are blessed! Ore's impressed! Check out these rhymes, it just can't be stressed. There's unrest within this conquest, so follow me 'fore you get distressed, attest!" He finished off with for now, as other more relevant events had started to unfold.

From within the other room, Haru had felt the raw, primal energy of the beast as soon as the first tail had manifested. At first, he did not know where it was coming from, that was until he activated his byakugan and saw his sister in the other room, with the monster of a Mizukage. It hadn't been enough for Xyxer. No, no.. Xyxer not only had his grandparents murdered, but now, he was going to murder his sister while he was within the same house? This was something he could not stand for, even if it meant having to break his promise to the village. Throwing his body off from the sofa he had been sitting on uneasy, his powerful legs carried him towards the workshop like a charging bear with a purpose.

You don't fuck with the bear's cub.

That was what the Mizukage would learn on this day. Haru stood in the doorway of the room while the cloaked Mizukage finished his abominable rhyming, his byakugan catching all of the events within the room, mapping it out with precise detail within his minds eye. It was going to be a simple, quick attack. This was what the Mizukage deserved. Nothing elaborate, a simple, brutal disable to show him how little he was. Perhaps if his sister's life was not on the line, he'd have done something differently, he'd have spent his time disabling each and every tenketsu point of the monster, but he wasn't afforded that privilege now, not unless he wanted to turn into a monster much akin to the jinchuriki. With Xyxer's back towards him, Haru lunged forward with a series of powerful, short steps so that he remained in control of his movement while developing momentum. His right arm pulled back towards his body to act as a pivotal force as his left hand, closed, stretched out towards the center of the Mizukage's back in a blinding movement of desperation. Was it all desperation for his sister? Was that the only reason he was wanting to hurt this man so much? The answer was clear, the reasoning obvious.. it wasn't. It'd provide a fitting blanket of deniability for his own personal vendetta against the man, for now, until the die hards of Kirigakure were dead.

"Move." A voice roared within the head of the cloaked male, snorting with urgency. Xyxer did as he was told due to his susceptibility within the new cloak, the rush of power.. he wasn't quite himself at the moment, that much was obvious. As Xyxer moved, which he did by side stepping in a sudden movement, he felt a faint trail of wind cross his mid section as if something had just passed it at a ludicrous speed, something that could have certainly harmed him, even with the cloak activated. For a moment, he felt relief, he felt the sweet, sudden rush of being the victor. It was around about that time that he noticed that during his movement, he had not bothered to help Aryll. The beast had not factored Aryll into the equation when it sought to keep the host alive. It wanted to see more of this male's capabilities, and then it would decide on whether he wanted Xyxer dead or not himself, not some petty Hyuuga. The arm continued to sail past Xyxer, and it's next destination had been the girl who had not been too far from him once he had moved. She had tried to get away from the Jinchuriki herself, but the table she had pressed herself into wasn't too far from him given his earlier movements. The fist that was to cripple Xyxer, the one responsible for the death of the Hyuuga's grandparents, was now gunning for his own sister.
Aryll Hyuuga
Aryll Hyuuga
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Sweep the Leg (P) - Page 2 Empty Re: Sweep the Leg (P)

Mon Apr 10, 2017 5:44 pm
Aryll had no clue what to do, or what was going on. Xyxer did not seem himself, not in the slightest. Indeed, she actually felt the temptation to pinch herself in order to assure that this was actually happening. Xyxer, or whoever was speaking to her now, was singing. No, it was more like he was speaking rhythmically. It seemed a bit like Haiku, but really bad. She watched cringing a bit, in a strange mixture of terror, confusion, and bemusement as Xyxer paused, as if collecting himself, before continuing the strange, rhythmic words.

When Xyxer claimed that his name was Hachibi, Aryll’s eyes narrowed a bit. She recognized that name. One of the legendary tailed beasts bore that name. She believed it took the form of a cow, or some kind of flightless bird. Maybe… A black-haired alien man with a monkey tail and lots of muscles? That one felt rather specific, Aryll had no clue why she thought of it. Being honest, she didn’t remember, as she’d never been very bookish, but it would explain what Xyxer was experiencing now. Was Xyxer a tailed beast? No, wait, that couldn’t be right, Xyxer was made of water, that didn’t make any sense. She wasn’t thinking horribly logically. Aryll’s thoughts might have been more coherent had she not been in the middle of a one-sided rap battle with an otherworldly creature possessing her friend.

Xyxer seemed to regain control of himself once again, assuring Aryll that he was fine, and that it was merely some sort of party trick. To Aryll’s knowledge, Xyxer did not attend many parties, otherwise he’d know that this was a terrible joke. Even as he assured her that he was fine, his words seemed guttural and hostile, in a voice that didn’t seem to be entirely his own.
”That’s not funny, whatever you’re doing.” Aryll would say, stepping cautiously towards Xyxer, over the blade in the middle of the floor. Around now was the time that Aryll would notice the second tail, and for a moment, it looked as if Xyxer had sprouted two horns, taking on the form of the Hachibi… A goat? That’s what it was, Aryll remembered now. Hachibi took the form of a goat.

As Xyxer began to speak in that weird way again, Aryll’s discomfort grew. She didn’t know what kind of game Xyxer was trying to play with her, but the welling chakra coupled with the sudden change in his voice seemed dodgy at best. Still, she trusted him, so she would try to be polite and allow Xyxer to have his fun. Uncomfortable as she was, Aryll would not retreat. Uncomfortably, she’d turn away and begin to take a step towards the window in order to escape the situation.

What next occurred felt as if it were happening in slow motion. Haru entered the room, though Aryll barely followed his movements, and only thanks to her still-active byakugan. As Haru crossed the room in a few fractions of a second, aiming a punch at Xyxer. It all happened so fast Aryll didn’t have time to shout in protest. Just as it seemed that the strike would land, in all likelihood killing her friend, Xyxer’s form shifted, and in his absence, there was nothing but air between her and her brother. Haru’s eyes seemed to widen as he realized what was about to happen, but there was simply no time, the course had already been set.

As her brother’s fist impacted her back, Aryll felt bones shattering, a shockwave of force that cascaded across her body and shook her to her very core. Haru had managed to restrain himself in no small amount, but the force was still too great. Aryll’s bones crumpled like cardboard, and as she felt her feet pulled out from under her by the sheer force of the blow. The look of shock and regret in Haru’s face was clear, but Aryll hardly noticed it as she sailed through the air, her body spinning from the low blow, so that she landed with her back against the stone wall, the force of her landing cracking the stones and leaving a small crater. She felt her bones jarred even more by the force, and a warm feeling seemed to spread through her body as she sunk to the ground, slinking to the floor as she fell to her side, the cold stone floor serving as yet another blow for Aryll to withstand. She lay there, her blood slowly pooling around her, her life hanging on by a string. Her byakugan had been deactivated in the impact, and as her vision returned to normal, jarred by the force, a peaceful, blissful sort of agony washed over her, and she felt her mind starting to retreat into sweet sleep. She was tempted to simply give up now, to close her eyes and let things be as they may. She was almost ready to let go.


As Aryll blinked, her eyes seemed to weigh a ton, and she strained with the mere effort of holding her eyes open. The idea of speaking occurred to her, but her mind felt as if it were separate from her body at the moment. Her jaw was likely broken, and as the cold, metallic taste of her own blood mingled on her tongue, she feared that moving at all might make it worse. So she lay there, broken and dying, a half of her hoping that she’d be quickly rescued, and half of her ready to embrace this sweet sleep and join her mother, her father, and her grandparents at last. Perhaps Haru would follow soon after.
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Sweep the Leg (P) - Page 2 Empty Re: Sweep the Leg (P)

Tue Apr 11, 2017 5:39 pm
While Xyxer's form slid to the side and witnessed the punch of Haru, he noted a few extra details while it all went through. The most immediate notice was the sudden sullied expression of the aggressor, a look of bewilderment and horror stretching across his face in the space of milliseconds. It was clearly an action he did not want to go through with, but his devotion to harming the Mizukage was far too great for him to stop the attack at such a late interval. The second thing he noticed, which was primarily the will of the beast, was the positioning of his feet; his extension had forced him into an unstable position with his punch far too dedicated for it to be pulled back easily. This meant he was going to be pushed off balance incredibly easy, which was the will of the Hachibi, and it would happen not too long after the thought traveled through his mind. The third detail that Xyxer noted was how weightless Aryll seemed to be while she glided through the air, it almost seemed serene and peaceful. Perhaps that was because his mind had started to try understand the events happening and had slowed them down to make sense of it all, which only gave room for the beast to take control while Xyxer was attempting to fathom the workings of the event.

All the beast knew was that it could hurt this person, Xyxer's will did not extend to keeping him alive, and with that event he had even less reason to resist the warring ways of the Bijuu. With no resistance against the actions of Hachibi, and the delayed processing of the current event, a clenched fist rose up from the side of the cloaked individual, soaring up through the air before it struck the upper ribcage of Haru firmly.


A notable cracking sound suggested the breakage of several ribs, and thus internal bleeding would be the death of Haru, the beast thought. Not only that, but the power of the dishonourable attack had caused Haru to fly backwards due to his positioning which had caused him to be unbalanced with the over-extension into Aryll. All the while this happened, the head of the host twitched erratically towards Aryll as the conflict became more apparent. The Abysswalker wished to see what had become of the slumped girl ahead of him, sitting down with her head lulling forwards as if she had just been told a sweet lullaby to help her sleep. The Hachibi, however, kept forcing Xyxer to watch the flying form of a disgruntled Haru; an oxen ready to charge and crash into the opposition with it's powerful body. However, there was a bit of Hachibi that still longed for Killer B, even while this fight remained prominent in it's mind currently. It did not put much value on the life of Haru, nor whether he'd be difficult. He saw him as a joke, and as such, he continued the humiliation of Xyxer as he flew like a concord, "You're a joke of a man, just a lil' miscreant, beating on your sister and avoiding the blazing red giant." It stated plainly, before something interesting took place. Haru did not collide with the wall in the way they had expected him to, as he had manouvered himself around while in the air via a series of constricting his body into a rolling position, extending his legs, and stretching out his arms in order to garner enough wind resistance so that he could hit the walls first with his feet. While that happened, he'd use the momentum of the throw to make him crouch against it without even needing to activate chakra in his feet before jumping back from the wall with his powerful legs, back towards the dishonourable one. Hachibi wasn't about to let a sucker get in before he finished the final verse of humiliation, and so he spat it out as soon as he could once the bear had made his flying tackle apparent to the trained demon, "This isn't the time to be nonsensical, the bear's in a snare, 'bout to get his ventricles impaled by Gyuki's tentacles, surgical precision, call me Doc Ock" And with that the rhymes would be gone, the bijuu no longer having time to dilly dally with such minor things when indulging in it's carnal desire of rage.

Haru's attack had been noted and planned for by the duo, despite their conflicting notions on how to handle the assault, they had resorted for a more restrained method of fighting the Hyuuga. Not because they didn't respect the strength of the male (Xyxer at least, that is) but rather because they couldn't dedicate enough securely to this moment with the belief that the action would win them the fight. The hand of Xyxer flickered towards his sash, lifting it up momentarily so that it's weight would be released with the rest of the belt fall off from his back, with Samehada crawling away from the fight, probably outside of the door due to it's master's wishes. With Haru's fist in front of them not soon after the release of the great sword, they put the plan into action as soon as they could. Xyxer started to fall backwards himself, positioning himself so that Haru would not be landing directly on top of him, but that he would have a momentum advantage over him to pivot the bear away from himself. His hands viciously latched onto either side of the male's wrists while he flew through the air, tugging him down to force him to abandon his no winged flight, his center of gravity quite notably plummeting. Xyxer rolled over the male with the momentum, the two of them rolling over once, and then while the second roll was underway something occurred. Haru was now on top of him and Xyxer was restrained under his body. He looked down towards the wall they were closest to and that was where it revealed itself: Haru had stuck a leg out and stuck it against the wall to stop the momentum, resulting in a much earlier end to the rolling than they had anticipated. "You fool. Ore should handle this." The beast roared inside of his head, yet still the two of them watched in anticipation to see what Haru would do next.

His white eyes saw only the searing burn of rage, yet even that roaring flame was diminished momentarily when he saw the results of unbridled rage; his sister. His fist hadn't impaled her, yet she was rocketing through the sky faster than he could ever dream of running. He had tried as hard as he could to dampen the impact, but it was to no avail.. she was but a genin and did not have the appropriate experience or techniques to defend against the attack. His train of thought was soon disturbed when he felt a rush of pain through his ribs and he became aerial himself, spinning sideways with his eyes still focusing on Aryll. It was true, he had made a mistake, he had harmed his sister and there was no defense for that.. but was he going to allow the sacrifice of his sister impede the ultimate goal? Was he going to let this tyrant win solely because he had missed?! No.. this was one of Xyxer's games. This had been intentional, he had WANTED the death of his sister. The inferno that was the Hyuuga's hatred erupted from within once more, and his mind was back in the game. His byakugan had picked up much of his surroundings, with his healing factor mending the bone within his abdominal area, the punctured organs soon grafting themselves. He was not going to go down so easily, not to this lunatic. Stretching his arms out from himself while he was moving through the air, he caught enough resistance in order to force his body to pivot in the air so that it was facing Xyxer, his legs curling up towards his body to give him the ability to rotate easier due to lacking the resistance in that particular area due to having a smaller surface area. With that in mind, he extended his legs out shortly afterwards, his body slightly tense so that the impact wouldn't snap his knees on impact. His feet hit the wall first, absorbing the impact shortly afterwards while he crouched towards the roof, his muscles tensing more when he descended. Then, like a coiled spring, he shot back out towards the demon that blazed in it's unrighteous glory, it's tainted aura defiling. It spoke some rhymes, and he had to admit they were pretty sick, but he did not care for them. This was about the kill. The safety of his village. The safety of his sister. He witnessed the right hand of Xyxer, Samehada, get dropped from his body and attempt to crawl away, while also noting the descent of Xyxer himself. What he was going to attempt became obvious not too soon after, and he plot accordingly. The distance from themselves and the wall wasn't too great for his extension to not catch it. With the light grasp and tug of Xyxer, he went with the flow until it was time to stop the brakes on the rolling train, his feet planting firmly against the wall while the fool below him believed they'd still be moving. He didn't account for Haru not being mentally incapacitated, and he'd pay the price.
Certainly this wasn't the best position to be in, yet he still had his hands on the wrists of Haru which would restrict his movement, no matter how furious he was. That was, of course, until Haru tucked one elbow sharply down, yet he didn't tuck it into his own body, he had tucked it down into Xyxer's. Impacting the undefended flesh harshly, he grit his teeth in order to not properly show the pain he felt at that moment in time. It seemed that the burning intensity of the cloak did not even faze the male who was constantly healing, which.. kinda maked sense really. Regardless, Xyxer ignored the pain through sheer will, and the forcefulness of Gyuki, yet he was forced to relinquish his grip on one wrist of the male, which allowed Haru enough freedom in order to recoil his arm and launch a punch towards the torso of Xyxer while he was pinned. The natural offensive instincts of the Abysswalker saw the opportunity in his attack to launch his own, with Gyuki nodding in agreement to that course of action. With the one hand he had still gripping onto the wrist of Haru, he'd yank as hard as he could while pivoting his hip sideways, forcing the bone into the mounted position of Haru which broke off his contact with the wall, sending the male who was mid punch off towards the side in a light ground throw. "Kill him already!" Gyuki howled, yet Xyxer did not wish to engage in a purely ground battle with this male, he knew how destructive he was with his fists from his Hyuuga bloodline alone, and it didn't help that Haru had dedicated a large portion of time towards learning their techniques, and even refining them to fit his own combat style. So, Xyxer pushed away from the ground into a roll away from Haru when he threw the Hyuuga to the side, using the momentum from the roll to stand up roughly five meters away from him.

Haru's plan had worked, and all that he needed to do at this current point in time was buy himself some time in order to put his fist through the liar's face. He knew how to do that, he'd studied close quarters combat long enough and he'd witnessed the combative style of Xyxer himself, and in the current position he was in he knew just what the doctor had prescribed: One unhealthy elbow to the body, followed by a lifetime dosage of a single Hyuuga punch. His elbow curled inwards swiftly so that it could impact before Xyxer had even a hope of defending his blind spot, which opened up the grip, which in turn, allowed the male the opportunity he needed in order to complete the final part of the prescription. He reared his arm backwards in order to gain enough ground so that he could perform a noteworthy punch, one capable of actually killing the demon before he launched it forward. As his hand sailed through the sky down towards the unprotected head, all he could think about was how his first punch had missed. How it had hurt his sister instead of the monster that had deserved it. This would be justice.. Justice for making Haru miss his goal. For forcing Haru to change who he was to adhere to the bloody regime. For usurping the Tenkages he had held dear for so long. These trains of thought were thrown off when, well, Haru himself was thrown off. His body moved through the air but he was confident in his ability to bounce back and continue the fight when Xyxer moved back onto him to continue the ground and pound.. yet he was not there. When Haru landed on his arm, he saw the male rolling away while rising, clearly not intending to fight on the ground. His own hands pushed down against the oily floor of his sister's workshop, throwing himself upwards into a standing position; he wasn't going to just stand by idly while Xyxer plotted his movements, that'd be suicidal and he acknowledged that, even through his blinding rage. As soon as he had rose to his feet, he stepped forwards and inwards towards the male who appeared to be on guard, his arms pulled in close so that he could counter any blows to his own body if Xyxer was to launch his own attack in the meantime.

What he had wanted to happen unfolded comfortably for Xyxer. He had now put some distance between the pair which allowed him to think up another plan. It was disturbingly hard to think up all of the appropriate techniques when another creature was trying to gain control over your body, shouting it's own plan about the fight which, unfortunately, did not coincide with your own. Regardless, now that he was in control with a will and a want to mend his honour than the bijuu had desecrated, he lifted one hand up towards the approaching Hyuuga, forming a simple hand seal: the seal of confrontation. They both knew what was about to come, and the consequences of which were going to be felt by the other regardless of how it played out.. it was only fair they showed each other some modicum of respect before death took it's due from one of them. 

While Haru approached the male, his regeneration ready and his defense booming, he noticed Xyxer begin to make a hand seal, yet he was only doing it with one hand. That raised curiosity within the male, even moreso when the hand seal that was made resembled that of the seal of confrontation, a nod towards Haru that he knew what was imminent and that he wanted it to happen on proper terms. He was reluctant, but he obliged. His morals were stronger than his hatred, and that was what had kept the Mizukage alive for so long. He lifted his own hand up to form the seal of confrontation opposite of Xyxer, paused 3 meters before him. No words needed to be said, for now was only the time of actions. Words meant nothing to either of them when spoke by the other party, for a bear could not care what an oxtopus had to say, and vice versa. Once the seal of confrontation had been held for at least one second, Haru then dropped the seal and started walking tentatively towards Xyxer, throwing out one hand towards him in a jab.

Xyxer was somewhat surprised himself when he saw the male return his seal, after everything that he had done to the Hyuuga, yet it mattered not to him other than a momentary distraction. The beast inside him called for violence, and he could only control it for so long. His brief seal of confrontation enabled him to feel less guilty about the actions that were to come, although, he would have felt little at all prior. A curse, and yet simultaneously a gift. Focusing on the jab that came towards him, Xyxer's left hand raised to pat the hand away from his face, moving it towards the side, yet as he did so Haru spun around using rapid, small movements with his feet to change the position suitably, his torso pivoting and swinging to aid in the sudden yet forceful spinning back elbow towards the skull of Xyxer. He didn't have much time to react, ducking from the sudden assault with the elbow sailing through where his hair had once been. As he dropped into the duck, Xyxer spun himself on the tip of one foot, his other extending outwards  so that he could spinning kick the legs of Haru that continued to make small, periodic movements to aid with the transition of the attack. Haru, of course, saw the attack coming with aid from his byakugan, with the Hyuuga deciding to step backwards from the offending foot to allow it to avoid him before he stepped back inside, sending his own foot towards the head of Xyxer.

The foot blurred towards his head within the confines, but it wasn't time to give up when so much was to be gained, he lifted one arm up once more on the inside of the leg, batting it out towards his right so that the kick was useless against him and was forced to open the male up for a counter attack, yet, once again, Haru had predicted such a movement. Xyxer had attempted to get up after that movement, and as he was half way up with Haru's leg sailing to the side, he planted the foot that had been diverted and twisted his hips once again, sending his other foot out in a standing side kick towards the body of the Mizukage. It had been a long time since either of them had enjoyed the thrill of such close combat, and they both seemed to revel in it although one party likely would not agree to divulge such information. With the foot sailing towards his abdomen, Xyxer stepped backwards and soon found himself with his own back pressed against the wall. It was rare for him to ever find himself on the defensive in situations, yet here he was, literally backed against the wall with the male continuing his assault onto him with surprising fluidity. The side kick had only opened the door for Haru to plant his extended leg once more, using that to close the distance to attempt a snapping elbow against the exposed head of the Mizukage.

Slinking his hands behind the back of the approaching Haru, Xyxer ducked down from the elbow and swung under it around the back of the fellow, and as Haru attempted to turn himself, the cloaked individual threw him harshly against the wall that was in front of him. He knew that Haru could regenerate from most of the damage he dealt to him, but he'd still be dazed and shocked from simple attacks such as that, surely. Once he threw Haru into the wall, there was a stutter in his once fluid movements, which caused Xyxer to drive his shoulder forward like an ox, plowing it against the back of the male to crash him into the wall again to daze him further. It was starting to work, and Gyuki enjoyed the fight, yet he mocked Xyxer relentlessly for how long it was taking him internally. It was egging Xyxer on, causing him to become more violent. The right hand of Xyxer snapped outwards towards the back of Haru's head, driving it directly into the wall ahead of him to further enhance the chances of stunning Haru. While Xyxer thought he was safe as long as he kept this going on, he'd soon discover just how wrong he was when Haru's elbow, which was no longer watched by Xyxer due to his focus on smashing his head into the wall, drove backwards and up into the gut of Xyxer, winding him.

Gasping for air, the bijuu itself seemed to struggle with the absence of oxygen, which made it easy to ignore the attack that Haru had followed up with, where he had spun around into a discus lariat on Xyxer, carrying him forward across the other side of the room with a cry of anguish. He was finally getting to accomplish his goal on the Mizukage. He carried the winded tyrant across the room towards where the table remained stood up with various trinkets that his sister had worked on, yet the trinkets were not of matter to him. As he reached that area, he released the lariat on Xyxer to allow him to impact the wall himself, a crater being left from the Hozuki who bounced back off from the wall due to the force he had struck it with, yet Haru was not through with him. No.. he had to suffer for all of the pain he had made Haru endure. For making him not be able to tell Aryll about the plot against their grandparents.. to befriending Aryll and forcing him to stand by, idly. This was his moment. As Xyxer bounced off from the wall, the bijuu roaring inside of him to try and keep him alert, Haru threw his arm outwards and slammed his elbow down into the stomach of Xyxer, carrying him down through the wooden table in a flurry of splinters and down into the floor beneath them.

It had all unfolded so fast that Xyxer was not entirely sure what was happening when he felt the rough impact of the wall against his back, although he did feel weightless afterwards, floating like a feather while a crazed man continued to make an attempt on his life. Gyuki roared impatiently, not willing to allow the host to be defeated so easily.. it'd reflect poorly on his own power, and so he allowed another tail to form on his person, the three tails expanding outwards from the figure who was about to be elbowed, before the additional tail spit once more to form four, burning tails. The elbow still connected with the gut of Xyxer and he continued to go downwards, but Gyuki had started to have his own say in matters, which had him extend one hand out towards Haru as he fell down to the ground, his hand clenching onto the exposed face of Haru who attempted to pry him off with his other hand, yet he was unable to. The momentum that Xyxer went down through the table was shared with Haru, who now found himself going down face first into a flurry of splinters that he had produced himself, with Xyxer as the instrument. There was a sudden sting of pain as the splinters made their presence known in his vulnerable areas, such as his eyes, his inner nose and his mouth from when he was gasping from shock. Creation rebirth couldn't heal him until the the foreign bodies were removed, or at least, he hadn't grasped what had happened fast enough. 

Despite Xyxer himself being in a world of pain, and his back prickled like a porcupine with the splinters that riddled Haru's features, and temporarily disabled his senses, Gyuki helped to fuel him, to keep him going in order to win this fight. He paused for a second or two while on the ground to recover from the pain before his hand, which still grasped the crown of Haru, slammed his head down into the ground multiple times, over and over into the splinters and oil that lined the floor, impeding his eyesight and dizzying him repeatedly. The broken body of Xyxer was forced to stand from the murderous intent of Xyxer, alongside the sheer, demented will of Gyuki. His hand wrapped around the throat of the defenseless male, lifting him up into the sky with a vice like grip. He held him up, suspended in the air. Each time Haru went to move his hand towards his face to remove the splinters, Xyxer pushed one thumb down against the nape of the male with his other hand jolting to the side.




Essentially, Xyxer kept repeatedly snapping the spine of Haru each time he tried to defend himself, to stop the pain that rushed throughout him. The bear was maimed, and the oxtopus, that had temporarily turned into a hedgehog, made full usage of the maiming. He kept snapping his spinal column over and over, yet he was capable of surviving it against the wishes of Xyxer. So, Gyuki threw him down towards the ground with the body of Haru skidding over the splinters and oil towards one destination: the sword. He rushed towards him with malicious deliberation before grabbing the nape of Haru once more, his other hand on the other side of the dull blade. He waited first for Haru to reach towards his face to continue the cleansing ritual before he slammed him forward into the dull edges of the blade his sister had been sharpening just earlier, before shit had kicked off. The hands of Haru flew from his body with barely any resistance due to Xyxer's enhanced strength, and his throat was now being sliced through  by the relatively dull metal, forcing Gyuki to adopt a sawing type motion as he continued to try cut off the head of Haru completely. He continued to saw through him, pools of blood now coagulating beneath them with the oil and water forming an unholy matrimony.  The metal continued to edge deeper and deeper into the exposed throat of Haru, his screams of pain, if there were to be any, now cut off by the gargling of blood as the blade allowed for no regeneration due to it's sheer size. It was ironic, the blade his sister made, having the capacity to prevent the regeneration that made Haru.
Aryll Hyuuga
Aryll Hyuuga
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Wed Apr 12, 2017 8:45 pm
As she soared through the air on her collision course with the wall, twisting wildly through the air and spinning madly, she felt strangely graceful as she flew through the air. As she spun back, she caught a glimpse of Haru was put on the receiving end of a blow from Xyxer. She’d notice Xyxer’s head twitching, as if he wanted to look back at her, and that was the last she would see before the jarring impact shocked her to her core, with a force so great that her byakugan was forced to deactivate. Her vision narrowed slowly, and everything seemed to darken. She didn’t know why it happened, but a warm liquid seemed to drip down, from her forehead all the way to the bottom of her face. It was strangely comforting.  When she blinked the red liquid from her eyes, her byakugan seemed to flicker, as if it were working partially. She saw a brown bear, with matted fur and silver eyes, being thrown across the room by a massive, tentacled beast, that writhed and shifted when she tried to focus on it. The mysterious creature seemed to speak strangely, rhythmically repeating the same few sounds, but its rhythm seemed off, and if it was trying to sing, it wasn’t doing a very good job of it. As the bear flew back, it seemed to redouble, rolling to its feet and lunging back across the room after the massive beast.

The two beasts struggled on the floor, the bear swiping its massive claws at the oxtopus, which seemed to vanish into the darkness. Aryll blinked hard, and now the bear was fighting a massive scorpion. The scorpion held each of the bear’s claws in one of its own clawed hands, its tail pinned under its own weight. With a roar, the bear broke free with one paw and swiped at the face of the creature, striking hard with a savage blow. The beast drew back its claw and struck again, and suddenly the scorpion was gone, and in its place was that writhing tentacled creature once more, who forced the bear off of its body. The two stared each other down as the tentacled creature writhed to its feet, seemingly morphing once again into the scorpion. As the bear lunged once again, the scorpion stopped, staring expectantly at the bear, who also stopped. They stared at each other intensely, for what felt like hours, though Aryll wasn’t the most reliable judge of time at the moment. She tried to blink the blood away from her eyes once again, and in the process, felt the world shift again, as if offering her a brief glimpse of reality.

She saw Xyxer, standing there, his hand held up in the seal of confrontation. Her eyes slowly moved to her brother’s form, who mimicked the gesture. She’d never seen a fight such as this take place, and although she could only catch glimpses, she knew the gesture and its importance. As Haru lowered his hand, he walked towards his foe almost casually, and Aryll tried to call out for them to stop.
”Sst… Ghh… Gaah… Sst… Op…” Gurgled the girl, her mouth filling with blood. The two likely didn’t hear her in the commotion. Haru continued forward, and Aryll blinked again, trying to clear her blood from her eyes, and her byakugan flickered once more, distorting her visions again.

The bear lunged towards the spot where Xyxer was standing, which was occupied once again by that massive, writhing, tentacled beast. The bear swiped a heavy claw at the creature, which swept itself to the side of the bear, avoiding the attack. The bear recovered quickly, spinning and swiping again, the tentacled creature dropping to the floor to avoid the attack. The creature morphed, and suddenly the scorpion returned. It lunged forwards, its stinger aimed at the bear, who retreated to avoid it. The bear lunged once the scorpion overextended, swiping once, twice, three times, narrowly missing each attack. The scorpion was gone, and the oxtopus and the bear clashed once again, wrestling for control. The tentacled beast seemed to finally manage to subdue the bear, throwing it against the wall and slinking across the room towards it, as if to finish off its prey. The bear snarled and bared its teeth, letting out a roar before attacking the beast once more, smashing it against the wall, striking it hard in its center of mass, seemingly reverting it to its scorpion state once more. The bear reared back its claws to finish off the beast, throwing it to the ground and preparing to leap upon them, when the scorpion’s tail melded once more into the tentacles of the oxtopus, who swiped the beast’s legs out from under it, hurling it to the ground before bashing the beast’s head into the floor, wrapping a few slimy tentacles around the neck of the beast and jerking to the side with an awful sound…




Each one made Aryll shudder, and yet the bear continued fighting as if it weren’t bothered, struggling under the superior leverage of the beast. Then, the strange creature’s eyes darted to… to her blade. The one she’d been crafting, the one she’d created. Aryll’s eyes widened, and she tried to cry out in desperation

”Ghhh… Ghaahh… Sttt…” She hissed, trying to convince her lips and her tongue to work together to produce the necessary sounds, but it seemed that her jaw had other thoughts on the matter. Each sound was excruciating, and caused blood to well up in her mouth, threatening to drown her in the very thing that kept her alive, her own highborn Hyuuga blood. If Aryll were in a more stable mental state, she might have found it ironic. Here, she only felt a primal sense of dread as the bear’s face was brought to the blade, she tried again to cry out.

”Nnh.. Nooo… Stt… Ghh… Staah… aaah…. Puh… She gargled, the “Puh” sound causing blood to splatter from her face and spray across the floor. ”Ssssst… Sssst….” She hissed, as her voice wasn’t loud enough yet. Over all the commotion, the creature would never hear her. ”Xx...X-Xyx.. err…” Her mangled words managed to form. ”Nn… Ssst…” She continued desperately, trying to get the creature’s attention.
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Thu Apr 13, 2017 4:11 pm
With the blunt metal carving it's way through the defenseless shinobi's esophagus, the male was free to enjoy the atmosphere of the room: The pain that twinged through his body to remind him of his existence, the gentle pattering of blood on the ground that hurried or slowed dependent on how rough he was with Haru, and of course, the faint murmurings of the girl who had just been catapulted at a wall via the acclaimed Hyuuga technique, 'Betrayal'. No matter which way you cut it, Haru had had betrayal in his heart with that attack, the only negative of it, to him, was that he betrayed the wrong person and still got his ass kicked for it. For a moment Xyxer even looked down towards his blood ridden hands and he started to wonder whether any of it was his own. Was he bleeding? The moment almost felt surreal for a moment and he continued with the sawing motion with the blade jamming once it was firmly pressed against the spinal column of Haru the Betrayer, ready to push through the entirety of the neck. Yet, Xyxer saw the value in this moment. Although the crimson, viscous ichor of Haru stained his hands, he knew that killing the male would be a dull affair. Nobody could witness his death inside these walls, nobody could gaze upon the disgraced body of a male who had tried to hurt the Mizukage, and was now paying the ultimate price. 

The murmurings of Aryll became more distinct at this point and he could now make out that the girl was asking him to stop, to what end he was uncertain of. Haru had just threw her against a wall and yet she did not want the adversary dead, which was confusing, but it only helped in furthering Xyxer's own wishes of keeping the male alive for further entertainment. He had not deserved a quick, respectful death at the hands of the Mizukage, and he wouldn't have received one regardless of the events that transpired today. Yet, he saw how he could use this point to work in his favour once more, and so it was that Xyxer's ways once more started to snake their way through him, "Very well, Aryll. I'll spare your brother's life as per your request, but you owe me." Xyxer stated boldly before he threw the head of Haru backwards towards the ground, the momentum of which had his head whiplash so that it hit the ground twice. However, that was not enough for the male who was currently in the tailed state, with another two tails emerging from the condensed chakra that coated his body. He moved around so that he was a few feet away from the body of Haru before he took a few short, rapid steps towards him while swinging a leg up towards his head as if he was punting a rugby ball over the goal. His foot was pointed downwards so as to avoid breaking his toes on impact, with the top of his foot catching the broken Hyuuga in the side of his head before throwing him a few meters over towards his sister where he'd roll over once landing from the blunt impact. Although his face was littered with little shards of wood, he still turned his head towards the whimpering of his sister, gazing at her from behind his prickled face. In fact, it was at this moment that he was likely going to speak to her, but before any syllable could be uttered Xyxer had closed the distance once more, moving one foot to rest it against the Hyuuga's head, pinning him down to the ground with no chance of speaking while Xyxer was in control.

It was quite clear that from how Xyxer had not rushed to help Aryll, or even to rush her to the hospital at this point, that he had been longing for this battle for a long time. Hachibi had not been the sole initiator of the conflict, as it had preyed on Xyxer's willingness to harm Haru. All of the games, and all of the tests, had finally accumulated into this little debacle that only his sister would be able to pay homage to. It was sickening and depraved, and it pissed Xyxer off. Something this glorious should have been witnessed! That was the Hachibi's doing, because if Xyxer was in complete control, he would have simply thrown the male out of the window so that everyone could witness the beat down.

Regardless, it was now time for the wrap up as he deactivated his cloak, much to the beast's discontent. It had enjoyed it's brief time back in the world, manifesting it's will, yet it was time to be caged again, to bide it's time and further it's rage inside of this mortal vessel. He would be dead soon, and the beast free, but for now it was tataa. The amber cloak dissipated inside of him, fizzling out. There was a brief shout from the hallway, rather high pitched and sinister, "Ow, what the fuck!" and then a brief, bestial snarl as Samehada rolled into the room itself, using it's own malleable hilt to push itself around. Following behind it came Jester, who held a punctured, bleeding hand after trying to lift the blade up, and a chuckling Wraith who followed. Xyxer nodded down towards Haru while picking up his beloved blade and reattaching it to the sash over his back, "Take him to the dungeon, I have a surprise for him. Wraith, make sure his neck is broken the entire way or he may fight back, he can't respond if he's paralysed, but it will keep healing, so.. keep on breaking it." Xyxer issued the orders, with the ANBU obeying without a problem. It wasn't that they disliked Haru as the Mizukage, but it was just business, and this, after all, was their job. Xyxer himself pulled on Aryll's arm to slink it over his shoulder before lifting her up as if it was a bridal carry, making his way out from the home that had once housed a family, yet would soon only be a den of bad dreams and foul rumours.


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Aryll Hyuuga
Aryll Hyuuga
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Mon Apr 17, 2017 8:48 pm
As the beast wrenched away at the bear's neck, Aryll sputtered and stammered more, trying to form coherent words, loud enough for the creature to hear her. The blood bubbled up in her mouth and choked her, but she didn't care. All that mattered was that Haru survived. She couldn't bear to live with herself if she knew she hadn't tried to save the last remaining member of her family from his death, even if it was her brother. Though she couldn't forgive him for leaving her, she couldn't just let him die.
"Hhhgh... Ssss....Sssst.... Sttt... Aaah...." She continued to hiss, her face contorting with effort. 

And then, to her surprise, the creature obeyed her. 

Haru was spared. So it would seem, at least. Her vision seemed to blur into normalcy once again, and she saw Xyxer throw the man's head against the ground, incredibly hard. She feared for her brother's life, but it seemed he had little to no problem surviving what Xyxer threw at him. A smile crossed her lips as Xyxer told her that she owed him one, and her mouth moved in an attempt to make an answer, but Aryll found that her lips could no longer move. She was dying. 

Two more men entered the room, hauling away her brother, and as Aryll's eyelids began to grow heavier and heavier, she glimpsed Xyxer lifting her up into his arms, and beginning to carry her down the stairs. She caught a glimpse of Haru, still seeming to be struggling as best he could, dragged by the two ANBU, a quick jerk of his neck every so often to keep him docile. As Aryll began to lost consciousness, she felt herself shudder at what had been done to her family.


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Mon Apr 24, 2017 12:06 pm
First: awesome topic that was a really great read please do another.

Xyxer: exit approved, V1 Cloak Mastered, 1,623/2000 for the first tail of V2 Cloak
Aryll: +30 Stats, 595 words towards Skillful achievement of the human body, two broken legs (might I suggest the hospital), Thane (Which was approved by Risako already)
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