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Lucien Chasseur
Lucien Chasseur
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2nd Round - Taijutsu vs Weaponry [NK, IO - Shiro] Empty 2nd Round - Taijutsu vs Weaponry [NK, IO - Shiro]

Mon Mar 27, 2017 10:42 am
"Guh, patrolling is so boring around these parts." Lucien said. "Scenery's nice though." He walked along the forest path, five meters in width. Beyond that, there were many trees to both of his sides. Far ahead was a massive earth-ruin dome of sort, eighty meters in height and twenty five meters in radius from its ground center-point. Lucien jogged at sixty speed to the five by five meter entrance door. It was very dark inside; the only light came from the door which wasn't a lot. "Seems just like my place." He could see fine in darkness anyway. Pass twenty meters from the entrance, it became very dark. Lucien walked to the center, crouched, and placed an explosive tag then covered it with a couple of rocky debris from nearby all at one hundred speed. "That may come in handy later." He walked another ten meters opposite the entrance and drew a kunai at one hundred and thirty speed with his right hand. He turned to the side opposite of the entrance and held it slightly point two meters to the right of his face. This way, he'd be able to see the center of the side opposite of the entrance as well as the side of the entrance due to the kunai's reflection. Granted, there was a blindspot, but he precisely positioned to not be located at the entrance. Otherwise, that would defeat the purpose. Instead, it was ten meters left of the entrance, from the entering perspective. 

It was forty minutes from noon. The wind blew with a mild breeze into the dome's entrance. There we're no cracks in the dome, but structurally, it wasn't all that sound. The area smelled of old paper, rocks, and basic minerals. Though, the ceiling appeared darker than the rest of the dome and dropped water droplets every now and then. 

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Satoru Nara
Satoru Nara
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2nd Round - Taijutsu vs Weaponry [NK, IO - Shiro] Empty Re: 2nd Round - Taijutsu vs Weaponry [NK, IO - Shiro]

Thu Mar 30, 2017 6:49 pm
A formation such as a dome of stone appearing within a forest is unexpected. Not once in all of his life has Shiro seen any sort of occurrence likened to this in which rocks have arranged themselves in such a fashion. A mind must have put this together, Shiro thinks, some person created this structure with an intent of some sort. While Shiro cannot hope to come close to guessing why anyone would spend their energy on a task such as building the structure before him, this incident is suspicious enough to make him think for quite some time. And so he does just this. Shiro stands outside of the entrance to this stone dome for around ninety seconds.

Until he decides that it is time to enter this strange and improbable (at least from his own point of view) structure. He walks through the opening at a speed of 10 and keeps his senses about him, listening intently and actively searching for chakra signatures. Though none are found, Shiro does not let this fact lower his guard. The possibility of some form of a trap keeps him on his toes in terms of sensory.

As for the items on Shiro's person, there are his two ninja pouches along the bottom of his back. He wears a thin white shirt underneath his gray chuunin flak jacket which matches the color of his pants and sandals. Shiro's arms are tucked just halfway into his pockets.

Lucien Chasseur
Lucien Chasseur
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2nd Round - Taijutsu vs Weaponry [NK, IO - Shiro] Empty Re: 2nd Round - Taijutsu vs Weaponry [NK, IO - Shiro]

Sat Apr 01, 2017 8:16 pm
Lucien saw Shiro enter the dome via the main entrance using the reflection against his kunai. "This guy again huh? That's the one with the weird bone-styled taijutsu. Surprised he's walking after what I did to his tabialis posterior." From Lucien's perspective, he turned clockwise at one hundred speed and placed an explosive bomb tag on his kunai's handle at one hundred speed all while keeping his body loose, but not too much so, simply ready. 

A cold wind rolled into the entrance again, making a mildly-loud whistling noise, that remained continuous. 

Lucien launched up the kunai upward with his right hand at seventy speed in an arcing way such that it would fly directly above Shiro and past him by point two meters. Its arc would send it out of the entrance landing one meter behind Shiro should he not move. Also should he not move, the kunai would only be less than six meters from the ground after it passed Shiro. 

Should anything go not as planned, Lucien would be prepared to react. 

Lucien spoke aloud. "Shiro heh, long time no see. I see to it that you're up for another round."
Lucien silently drew his Galaken at one hundred speed. 

508 WC
616 - 10 AP = 606 AP
- 10 AP for Perfected Prey Stalking
Satoru Nara
Satoru Nara
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2nd Round - Taijutsu vs Weaponry [NK, IO - Shiro] Empty Re: 2nd Round - Taijutsu vs Weaponry [NK, IO - Shiro]

Tue Apr 25, 2017 3:48 pm
Shiro leaves the area, having business to attend to.


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2nd Round - Taijutsu vs Weaponry [NK, IO - Shiro] Empty Re: 2nd Round - Taijutsu vs Weaponry [NK, IO - Shiro]

Thu Apr 27, 2017 3:56 pm
Exit approved Shiro
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