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Hikari Namikaze
Hikari Namikaze
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You Will Be Safely Evacuated, As Per My Orders [P] - Page 2 Empty Re: You Will Be Safely Evacuated, As Per My Orders [P]

Sun Mar 19, 2017 8:31 pm
As they group helped the target out of the window and down into the ground. Hikari would let two of the boys catch them, after all, the man would probably feel more comfortable with that rather then letting a girl do it. Once that was done, the three would start to head out, but would then very quickly find 2 patrol units walking around. Hikari bit her teeth, she didn’t know what she was supposed to do, but everyone else was waiting on her. She couldn’t’ just kill the gaurds, right? After all, these were just men on a mission, trying to make a living for themselves and their families. She couldn’t just kill them, right? She also couldn’t just try to knock them out, afterall… that might hurt them badly as well. Hikari would take a deep breath and realize what she had to do.

The girl would move up to the center of the group and wisper to the first person she passed “Don’t wait up on me, I will meet up with you at where we are supposed to drop the target of,” and would step out of their hiding spots.

The road that they were on that was by the forest they needed was about 5 meters wide and went off for some distance, the group of men (They looked like queen’s men, wearing a set of chain mail, a shield with the symbol of the queen on it, and wielding a sword on their ) were about 20 meters away from her. Their light didn’t go that far, but the moon was bright to the point that the soilders might have been able to see her, she would step into the center of the road and would pick up a stone that was on the ground. As she did, the guards would start to speak to each other.

“Hey…” One of them said, there was about 8 of them in total, “Is that someone over there?”
“Halt!” another one would shout at the chestnut-haired girl, “Who goes their? By orders of the queen, no one is to go near this church at this time of night!”

With this point, Hikari would speak up, making her voice a little more darker then usual, “Ahh…. Not a lot, just a little demon…. Looking for his next prery… was hoping for an unarmed person, but 8 huge men? You will have to do.” Hikari would then throw the rock at them, but rather then just letting it come at them, she would then form the hand signs Ram → Rat → Bird → Boar → Tiger at a speed of 125, a speed that she didn’t think any of the gaurds (And most members of her team) could see, exspecialy in the dark, and the rocks would multiply until there was about a hundred of them and would collide with the men. Now, Hikari didn’t throw these at full power, if she had, she probably would of killed the men, but she threw them hard enough that they would probably sting the men, but not do any real damage. That way, them men would think that they did actually survive some sort of tough attack, which was the next part of her plan. As the stones went flying toward the men and hit them, about half of them would have enough time to raise their shield and block the incoming attacks, shields, those that didn’t were forced to feel the collision of the rocks on their chest. As it did, one of the men fell, but it looked more like he was off balance, not hurt. The group of men would then draw their swords and one of them, which looked like a leader, would scream, “A demon? Well, we don’t let any of those loose around here! Men, get it!” and the 7 men would start t charge. Hikari would move towards them, at about a speed of 60, something that would be hard for them to see, but not imposible. As she came to them, a few would start swining at her as she passed, but they were pretty easy for the Genin to dodge around the strikes. As she passed by them, she would look at the man that had been knocked over and would run up to him as he was on his hands and knees, trying to get up (It was hard to with the chain mail on him after all) Hikari would jump up and hit jump on his back to knock him back down (She weighed less then 130 pounds, so she doubted it would do much damage to him though) and would continue running, this time at a speed much closer to the soilder’s pace, that way, the soilders would be able to keep up with her. Then men would turn and start to chase after her, giving her team the time they needed to pass through. Hikari would lead the men away from the meet up location, and would go for abut 5 minutes, until she thought she had given enough time and would form the sign of the ram with her hands (125 speed, that way, no one could see the handsign, if they did that would be a huge click that she was a shinobi and not a demon, although these guards probably didn’t see much of a difference.) and would body flicker a good distance away at a speed of now 225. Once she had gotten away safely, and was positive that no one was following her, she would make her way back to the meet up location.

WC: 948

(OOC: hey, I am sorry this took so long, I never take this long on post, I shouldn't take this long again, and just in case I do, you can now just skip me if you want)

To much to read? Basicly, Hikari stepped out, acted like a demon, threw a rock at the guards and ran through them in order to make them chase after her and then would run away.
Tamotsu Kyuketsuki
Tamotsu Kyuketsuki
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You Will Be Safely Evacuated, As Per My Orders [P] - Page 2 Empty Re: You Will Be Safely Evacuated, As Per My Orders [P]

Mon Mar 20, 2017 4:01 am
Well it did not go as he was expecting or hoping for, but it still went without event none the less, and when the priest or whatever he was , was being woke up, Ketsueki would put his kunai away, and then he got the orders to help the Priest down out of the window after they left the room and took the hallway down to the window, so he would look around for a quick moment and saw a wall near by. Upon spotting the wall, a plan came to mind, and he would pick the priest up on his back, and ran for the way, channeling chakra to his feet for the Surface walking technique, and then leaped at the wall, feet first, using the chakra on his feet to slow the fall, sliding down the wall, then at the last moment he leaped off the wall into the street with the others, placing the priest down at that point.

The chuunin seemed to take point for the mission, while Hikari took the back, so he and Damon took the two sides, of the priest, keeping their eyes open, at least he was , and he stopped only when Shiro made the sign to, and watched as Hikari went to do her thing, he was rather impressed, although she went from Distration to full on, take them on by herself, then she took off through the group leading them the other way, allowing for them to move on with the mission of getting this guy where he had to go.

So assuming that the others would move after Hikari's Distraction, he would follow suit, keeping his eyes open now, not just in front of him, but keeping an eye behind them now, just in case, he spotted another person , seemingly to be just a scout or a lolly gagger or something, but with it being just one person he waited to see if Shiro spotted them too and if he would send the other boy to do his thing or not.

If Shiro did not spot him, Ketsueki would make sure to do something to quietly get his attention and point out the single man, assuming that they were moving stealthily of course and was not spotted by this single scout, he would sit and wait for either Shiro to give an order to move on, or to watch to see how Damon handled his distraction, will be kind of hard to beat Hikari's distraction though.

Once they got the cue to move on however, Ketsueki would do just that, they had to get the priest to the location as soon as they could, and thankfully shortly after they get past that single scout, it was not long after that Hikari would catch up with them at the rendevous point so that they could all turn the priest in together, next would be to wait for Damon to rejoin them it they needed to, before turning the priest over.

After they would hand the priest over and any thanks or whatever to happen, they would head back to the village for their pay, or at least Ketsueki would, cause he was going to get paid before going to bed in his own bed, he did not feel like having to sleep out side of the village if he did not have to.

While heading back to the village he would think back to that technique that Hikari had used, she seemed to have known a good number of jutsu, he definatly should try to get a hold of her at some point for some training and sparring, that could most definatly be fun, although maybe more so for her to toy with him, or for him to learn, but it could be a drag for either of the other depending on their mind sets, he would have to get up with her and get to know her more that is for certain.

He thought back recalling the hand signs she used and the effect of the jutsu she used, Ram, Rat, Boar, Tiger, and it multiplied that rock she threw, into a bunch of rocks, that seemed like it could be a handy jutsu indeed, he hoped that he could convince her to teach him the little niches of that technique. Thinking back to how it worked made Ketsueki chuckled, the looks on the faces of those men when it went from one rock to many was just priceless, he thinks one of them may have even wet themselves, which made him laugh even more.

(TWC- 1622/1500, WC for post 765, claiming mission rewards, 4 stats, Exit)
Satoru Nara
Satoru Nara
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Missing-Nin (D-rank)
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You Will Be Safely Evacuated, As Per My Orders [P] - Page 2 Empty Re: You Will Be Safely Evacuated, As Per My Orders [P]

Mon Mar 20, 2017 6:14 pm
Shiro notices Tenma and his signal for his attention. The person behind them is noted and Shiro raises his hand to wave their secondary distraction for this task. After this, he and Tenma do run ahead with the priest carried between them. The two of them will continue onward with Hikari and Damon eventually rejoining the group so that all of them might collect their rewards.

And so, this group of a chuunin and three genin exit the village’s immediate borders and safely escort their charge to the recipient waiting somewhere in the forest. How does the team find this random stranger in the forest? Luck, that’s about it. Upon contemplating the odds of their being able to locate the destination to which they are tasked with transporting this priest without any prior knowledge, Shiro, Hikari, Damon, and Tenma proceed to return to the village.

As for Shiro, he returns home.


The room is dark and cold. The street lamps which Shiro knows to be just outside of the window for some reason fail to shed light into the area. A thick fog covers the ceiling of Shiro’s bedroom as he sits upon his bed with his head in his hands. Sweat drips down his forehead and fingers. His breathing is heavy with visible mist emanating from his mouth. He breaths as though he is out of breath but feels no signs of fatigue. In fact, his actions are not his own. Rather his body feels as though it is caught in some form of illusion.

And this is what it is, an illusion. Though this is no simple illusion similar to the mist which covered the ground just hours prior. Back then, at the time before Shiro and his assigned team carried out their escort mission, the mist had been immaterial and only in his head. At this time, the environment is too real to be considered some formation of genjutsu chakra. However, it is composed of chakra and it is a familiar chakra. Shiro feels as though he knows this chakra more so than the prior mist. Yes, he confirms it, that this chakra is his own…

It is gone. Shiro’s body is his own once more. The cold room has returned to normal, the clouds within it clear up.

“What…” Shiro whispers. It grows worse at an alarming rate, whatever this sickness is.

And Shiro has no words, only fear to express. He lies upon his mattress and drifts into sleep, terror dancing in his dreams… nightmares.

He does not know it.

(1,500/1,500 towards mission completion)

[Claims: 3,000 ryo]
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You Will Be Safely Evacuated, As Per My Orders [P] - Page 2 Empty Re: You Will Be Safely Evacuated, As Per My Orders [P]

Thu Mar 23, 2017 3:08 am
After Hikari “demon possessed” Namikaze began to do what she believed was the best course to take in order to cause a distraction, the group, now consisting of the priest, continued without her. The group seemed to barely make it far at all when Tenma pointed out a single person to the rear of their entourage, which meant that the backup distraction, also known as Damon, was up. Since he was not fully necessary to complete the mission, he waved goodbye to his peers before he made his way towards the man. Okay, come on, Damon, distraction time. What to do, what to do. The boy did not have any genjutsu or useful jutsu. In fact, he had nothing but the basic academy jutsu. He took a deep breath before signing the Dog Boar Ram handseals and transforming into an older version of himself, except in a matching uniform. He then hesitantly headed back towards the building that they had originally come from, navigating to where he would be between the aforementioned building and a row of what he presumed to be civilian houses. the man as the guard turned his attention towards Damon. “Nice weather we’re having,” the Uchiha said with a nervous laugh. God, you are terrible at this, self. The boy could not even take himself seriously, as he was incredibly nervous at the situation. Who had decided that the most inexperienced of them all should be the one to be a backup distraction? Oh yeah, Shiro, their chuunin captain. Brilliant thinking there. As the boy approached the man, he seemed to immediately grow suspicious.

The man grasped his spear like thing or halberd or whatever, because that would typically be what the guard of a queen would carry, and pointed it at Damon. “Halt, who goes there!” At least he would have, if Damon had not picked up on the man’s slight hand movements and facial expressions. For some reason that he was unable to explain, the boy just had a knack for being able to read people. Almost as if his eyes were somehow better than others or something. Anyways, Damon was able to pick up on this beforehand. And like the mighty shinobi that he was, he successfully disarmed the man and led him on a chase away from the group. Right? Not even remotely. Instead, the genin panicked and for some odd reason went for a kick to the face. However, he caught himself off balance, and began to slightly fall backwards as he frantically kicked his foot out towards the man, accidentally performing a move that he had been reading up on, called leaf rising wind. It was a basic stepping stone for taijutsu techniques, but in this case, it had been completely circumstantial. The guard was launched slightly into the air as he then collided with the ground once more, hresulHe must have hit his head or something because he was rendered unconscious as the boy was left standing over him, still in a panic. With his concentration broken, the transformation technique ended as a light flickered on inside the house that the two had been standing next to. “Honey, did you hear something?” was the sound of a woman’s voice as she opened the window. Still in a slight panic, the boy pressed his body against the wall as she raised her windows and looked outside in search of the source of their disturbance in the middle of the night. When she had found nothing, she headed back inside and turned the lights off. Damon then proceeded to breathe a sigh of relief as he picked himself up and looked towards the man. There was no blood, which was a good sign, but fearing for a risk of internal bleeding, Damon picked up the man and carried him to the doorstep of the house that seemed to still be awake. Eager to get back to his mission, he merely knocked on the door, not once, not twice, but three times until he heard the sound of movement from behind the wall. He then left the premises, leaving behind an unconscious guard who should either receive medical treatment from the homestead or be taken to the hospital. Damon would have done the task himself, but he was not strong enough to carry the man all the way to a hospital, and he was eager to reunite with his group and make sure that Hikari was okay.

He would eventually make it back to their group before seeing the priest off. He seemed very confused still, since no one had really gone into detail about why they were doing all of this, so after looking around at the others as the began to walk off, Damon quickly ran up to the man and began spouting off about why he had to leave the village. It was sad, for sure, as no one should have to be uprooted from their own home because of their beliefs. Especially when they were in the right. Afterwards, he was thankful as he said his goodbyes and Damon turned around to run and catch up to the group. After the group had reunited and returned home, they made their meeting up short lived as they all parted ways. Damon would be sure to hand everyone a piece of paper with his address on it, in the event that anyone wanted to train with him. He would then head home before making a quick detour to the training grounds.

The kick that he had used on that man had been rather powerful, despite not necessarily knowing what he was doing. Therefore, he moved to practice on a simple log as he went about his training. He mimicked the falling back motion, which was mainly intended to allow the back of the body to drop down, using his own momentum like a spring and kicking back up towards the top of the target. In this case, it was a log which was promptly launched into the air. He would continue this a few times to the best of his ability until he was forced to stop. He sighed and began to head home, as the sun was beginning to set and he had promised his father to help with some odd jobs around the household.

WC: 2227
Claiming: B-rank mission complete, 3k ryo, 5 stats, 7 AP, Leaf Rising Wind (2000/2000)
Hikari Namikaze
Hikari Namikaze
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You Will Be Safely Evacuated, As Per My Orders [P] - Page 2 Empty Re: You Will Be Safely Evacuated, As Per My Orders [P]

Thu Mar 23, 2017 3:32 am
Claming B-rank mission done
3k Ryo
7 AP
Rin Togakawa
Rin Togakawa
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You Will Be Safely Evacuated, As Per My Orders [P] - Page 2 Empty Re: You Will Be Safely Evacuated, As Per My Orders [P]

Thu Mar 23, 2017 4:01 am
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