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A Call to Orders Empty A Call to Orders

Sat Mar 04, 2017 4:21 pm
The next several weeks saw the greatest amount of movement Kumogakure had seen since Youka had crowned himself kage. His speech had built upon the rule that Youka had started. The people had been wanting something, that much was obvious. So many different motivations, so many desires, yet all were solidly linked in their need for increased strength.

Some sought to kill the kage, some sought to prove themselves, and others just wanted to keep up with friends. Their motivations meant nothing to the Makukage, they were minor details. What mattered was they had embraced his idea, and it was going to be acted upon. His time in the kage office had been spent tiredly reading, and consulting. Looking over the entirety of supplies, and logistics at undertaking the mission he had announced.

All in all, it was a kings folly to truly push what he planned. Villages rarely were prepared to take others. More set as strongholds, to make such a change wasn't done with ease. Businesses were shut down, their purposes changed last minute. Building of wagons to haul supplies, textile workers commissioned with creating tents and other pop up lodgings. Metal workers set to work hours on purely building knives, swords, and arrow heads.

The registry had gone up, offering heightened status to any who fought. The slums practically became empty as those who had been pushed aside scramble to enlist. The chance at escaping the position they had been put in. The dungeons and cells walked through and opened to those who finally had a chance to end their torture. It wasn't the greatest mix, but it would do.

It was perhaps the largest citizen army that had been formed in some time. All this without even counting the shinobi. The academy was emptied of anyone near graduation. Teachers commissioned as drill sergeants and minor figures of command. Teaching to be done on the road.

The ranking shinobi would then be split amongst them. The army would be split into three main contingencies. For there were three main areas needed to be acquired in the first wave. Minor countries lay in the way, and the orders would be to allow them first assimilation, and if that was met with resistance, than it would be decided by the sword. Though he had faith that any of these more minor places would submit to one of the great villages rather than fight.

Yuki, Ame, and Taki had once been proud villages, all be it never ones of true strength. The ruins could have been rebuilt by those who still lived in the countries. It wasn't the villages he sought, but the land. Not focusing on ruins, but the actual capital of the countries. Their minor shinobi villages not being able to present any defense for them any longer.

So the time had come. The meeting area held only shinobi ranking of chunin or higher. The remainder of the military would be informed from these individuals. It was held in what had once been a theater of sorts. The seats numbering many, all filled with shinobi, and a select few citizen generals. On the main stage a giant map had been placed on the canvas, showing the main continent. Below, a single chair were Maku sat watching as people flooded in and quickly took their seats. The only other chair on stage was meant for Iesada.

The buzz of chatter was that of a hornets nest, yet it was almost musical. It was the sound of voices with a purpose. Standing the noise would quickly die down. "Thank you for coming. Thank you for preparing......So many times in our lives we wonder if we are on the right path. If what we do has purpose and meaning...." he would say pacing the stage. His voice carrying through the auditorium. "I'm here to tell you that it didn't, until now. Now we will do something lasting. Something with meaning that will forever change the history our children will someday read about."

He would stop and let the words sink in. Maku had once and always been a showman, to him this was just one more act. One more game to play, and spread before home were pawns, knights, and rooks ready for the first move. "Kumo..." he would say pointing up. "Is our motherland, our home. We will add to it and provide a buffer. Our initial mission is that of territorial expansion. The goal is to keep military fighting to a minimum, and preserve resources. Among your groups will be skilled trade laborers. Sent to assist in setting up sustainable outposts."

"Our primary objective is to take these lands.." he would say pointing to each of the minor lands. Taki, Bear, Ame, Moon, and Yuki all took their turns being the focus for a brief moment. "The old shinobi lands are our primary target, as the ruins and their outliers will have the most resources. Things left behind, and possible rebuilding. The other two, we take what they have, and assimilate them."

His words were matter of fact, but that was done on purpose. Don't let them emotionally connect or think of the consequences, only the mission. "Were people join, open the arms, where people resist, bring them to course. We will be spread out, but no one will see this coming. Our doors have been closed for a long time, they will fear us for opening them....". He would say, the words almost whispered.

He would then walk back and sit. "Let me tell you what I know. I have been in many shinobi villages. I have seen much of the world, and been part of many attacks. I still sit here.....the world is full of cowards, who hide behind their walls. They outwardly taunt about their powers, but they like the intestinal fortitude to prove it. We will break down their walls, and lay them naked to the elements. Your mission orders will be handed out as you leave. The citizen army split in three. Take the land, build the outposts, and then phase two Begins. I'll be to each, and assign leaders regions once it has been done."

He would reach to a small table that had been sat next to him and took a quick drink. "Hoshigakure, we seem to be in somewhat of a......union." He would say with a smile referencing the wedding. "It only makes sense we have a more direct trade route. Therefore, specific additional duties are needed. Taki group, your mission will be to also take the land of Bear. Ame group, moon country is on your list. Yuki force, a road is your additional duty. Taking the land of earth will come soon enough, with the longest road the world has seen, all the way to the gates of Hoshi."

He wasn't sure what to do about Hoshi yet, his return was now delayed. Soon enough though, he would return to the land he denkitiki, and Akihanna had helped mold. Even if his own contribution was less than. "Our kage has provided the village with a defense, minimal forces can be left behind to protect it. Should you succeed we extend its protective walls. Again, we fight we're we must, we kill who we must, we take everything for our legacy. Many of you may die, many of your men, will die. It is for something bigger. It is for something real and lasting. Go now, and finish your preparations. Yuki exposition leaves in two days, Ame group leaves with them, break off to cut through moon before Ame. Taki group you leave in 5 days. This will allow all attacks that take place to occur simultaneously."

His strategy had been planned and thought through. The goal was a blitz on the world, and keep anyone from having any bearing on what was going on. By the time the world had focused, it would already be done. To retaliate would be to retaliate against one of the main villages, something that had not truly been done in some time.

"This concludes the briefing, take your assignments and go." Of course more briefings would occur, but this concluded the last group meeting between the appointed commander of the army and the forces. Those instructed as such would pass out the remaining information and logistics of troop movements. In the coming days the exodus would occur, emptying the majority of the population. The tides of war preparing to break on the rock of the world.

The orders would read as bellow. A name of the commander written above each. For those in the Yuki expedition the name would stand out above the others. It held the name Slaanesh, the name that Maku had taken as high general. It was time.....

Taki Attack Force: Senshi, Max, Niran
Ame Assault Team: Komon, Komori, Hitori
Yuki Expeditionary command: Reizo, Sora

(Anyone else please message me to get an assignment.)

(Exit, anyone can respond to react)
^ the map is on this page.
Kobayashi Senshi <3
Kobayashi Senshi <3
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A Call to Orders Empty Re: A Call to Orders

Mon Mar 06, 2017 1:24 pm
Senshi managed to arrive early to the briefing getting a seat near the front simply due to his rank and the fact that he was early. He sat ridgidly as he awaited for the briefing to begin. Once Maku entered the stage and began his briefing Senshi watched him, hiding the seething hatred towards the man as he spoke. He was long winded, and yet his words made a lot of sense. This man was an expert at controlling a crowd. Senshi could see why Iesada’s memories had shown that he was so devoted and loyal to the former leader of Yukigakure. As the orders began to be passed out Senshi accepted the envelope surprised by the change in his team.
He had been expecting Sora to remain on the team, but he would not be able to quest the General on the change. He stepped up to the table looking over the map and other assignments that were posted. He finally came upon Sora’s name, being listed for the Yuki force under Reizo. The force that Maku himself would be joining in on. Which made sense since Maku had been the former leader of the village he would want to be there when it was taken back. Senshi continued to exam the map quietly for several minutes before he turned and started to walk away. He first activated his telepathy seal to Niran and sora.

“Niran, meet at the training grounds, six am tomorrow.” He paused for a moment to let Niran register the order, “Sora meet us as well, I have news for you however, I will deal with it in person tomorrow.” With that he cut off the telepathy composing what he wanted to tell the Chuunin group that he had tied into a chakra network. Also Max, since he had applied the seal to his friend when he had been at his house as well. “Reizo, I’d like to give you a run down on Sora if you’re willing.” He paused more to let Reizo register and respond to Senshi’s message before he directed his thoughts to Max, “Max, our team will meet tomorrow at the training grounds, at six am.” Now he needed to address the whole Chuunin group, plus Max who should have been a Chuunin. “We should have the meeting at the bar tonight.” With his messages sent Senshi exited the building heading towards his home to prepare some more plans and to meet his group of friends at the bar.  

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