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Ayato Hyuuga
Ayato Hyuuga
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Shadow a Queensman [Mission] Empty Shadow a Queensman [Mission]

Tue Sep 27, 2016 1:00 pm

Ayato leaped from the top of a timber building and landed on the sidewalk softly, cushioning his fall with chakra from his feet. The whole thing abuse of the surface walking technique but Ayato saw no harm to that. He had acquired the jutsu that made his feet glue to any surface ever since he reached the Genin rank. It had many uses and one was to jump from point a to b without any risk of falling. Point A and Point B had to be within reasonable distance from each other and the jutsu required proper chakra control but it was extremely convenient for covering long distances quickly. However there major drawbacks to this, such as Ayato arriving at the rendezvous point ten minutes earlier. 
The bazaar had been full of running children and men shouting and even places that at other times seemed deserted were f with all sorts of people. Ayato was not here to take part in bartering though; he was expecting to meet for a first time a face he did not know. He was not a merchant or costumer but a man of local authority. Even thought that doesn't tell much of how the shinobi could possibly recognize him through this dense crowd, he was positive he could. It was no like searching for a needle in the haystack after all. The Queensmen wear cloaks, usually made of heavy wool, and dyed gold. They are equipped with mail armor, dirks and long swords. Their armor, boots, and gloves are black. A dressing code like that definitely makes you stand out.
Before he could start looking around, he felt a gloved hand on his shoulder. Ayato did not realize till then that someone had sneaked up of him. Turning around he saw that the hand belonged to a man in his early thirties. He was muscular, taller than average with shaggy brown hair and a short trimmed beard. "Ayato I assume." He said with a deep voice, his face keeping a neutral expression. The man wore black breastplate ornamented with four golden stars, pinned on his shoulders was a golden linen cloak. This development had completely surprised Ayato, it did not even occur to him that the Queensman was to arrive at the same time as he was maybe earlier. "I am expecting to meet a shinobi and I'm positive that is you. Not many citizens can soar through the sky around here."  Ayato gave a nod. He had unintentionally underestimated the man; the Queensmen knew the city as well as the back of their hands. He had read as much on his mission brief. 
"I hope my earlier display did not slight him in any way." He wouldn't address that though, it would make him feel like a pushover. Ayato composed himself. "Ser Allar. I thank you for agreeing to help me in my mission." He said hotly. Allar Reem was the only one of the Queensmen who responded to Ayato after he accepted the Educational E-Rank mission. "Let's get to it." The knight replied. Averting his eyes from Ayato he began to walk towards the crowd.  They all made way for them to pass. Even though it seemed they did not know Allar Reem personally, his golden cloak made them recognize his validity as a Queensman. They strolled around City center on foot for half an hour, examining the area for anything suspicious. Everything seemed to be in order so Ayato made up the courage to open dialogue. "Ser you appear to be on high alert. If I may be so bold what kind of trouble do you face during your patrols?" He let the question hang in there for a few moments. See how the knight would respond.
"I mostly deal with petty thievery and drunken brawls. It has been too long since I had a good bandit raid." Allar Reem bitterly stated his hand on the red leather hilt of his long sword. Ayato  did not feign surprise; Queensmen were the defenders of the city of Haven and the enforcers of the law, sworn only to the Queen, hence their name. They can be used as guards, foot soldiers or in some cases, as mounted lancers. However since Hoshigakure was recognized an official village there was little field activity for them. "I see." Ayato replied with coolness and decided to remain silent for the rest of the way unless spoken to.

Allar Reem finally called a halt near the Eastern Markets where the caravans from Fire Country and the Wind Country came to trade. After staring at the area he approached the stand in front a caravan that had on display several types of merchandise such as carpets lanterns and even  silverware. "Good day to you Ser. Are you interested in doing some bartering?" The merchant greeted Allar Deem with courtesy. His accent suggested Land of Wind ethnicity. He had a windburned face and wore a worn out silk tunic stained by hard travel. A grey bandanna concealed most of his black hair. "Never seen you around before" Allar Deem said as examined the merchandise "New to town m'lord. Me caravan passed through gates the day before."  The knight's eyes swept from the merchandise back to the man."I see. Quite the products you have in here." The merchant was quick to make an opportunity of that "Everything is for sale if you interested in buying m'lord. Always special discounts for the honorable City Watch. Yes." He said shaking his head after he finished. Did he truly come here to barter? Technically he is still on duty. Are queensmen truly that irresponsible Ayato thought in discontent, the man had not strike him as such.  Unless.. Nervous tension began to rise within him.

"This looks like it is Haven country forged."Allar Reem pointed at a silver necklace with a purple amethyst on the center "Thing is, I checked files of recent break-ins this morning and among others an identical necklace was reported stolen." The merchant attempted to assure him this was not the case and all of it was an unsettling coincidence. The knight claimed he believed him but pointed towards Ayato saying the young shinobi was less convinced. So he proceeded to ask him to show him any item not on display in order to clear suspicions. He is going to throw you in a dungeon thief. But not before he finds out where you keep all your stolen treasures. Ayato thought to himself impressed at the knight's perception. The merchant went on to bring a chest from his caravan. Ayato activated his Byakugan and took a peak inside, the outlines of coins, circlets and other silverware were visible. As the merchant-thief opened it in front of the Queensman Ayato caught glimpse of something else "Blade!" He yelled to notify the knight but the merchant had already set course for a clumsy swing with his katana. The knight met it with with a quick draw of his own long sword. The sound of metal on metal ringed momentary before the katana shattered into numerous pieces, the shards scattering like a rain. The shards had cut through the soft tunic and into the flesh, while Allar Reem received protection from his breastplate. The merchant went to his knees and screamed in pain.  "You are coming with me." The queensman pointed the tip of his long sword to the man's neck. "Please..I'm only a fence. I only purchased I did not steal." He shrieked his hands and forearms bloody. Yes, you bought yourself one way ticket to a prison.

WC - 1264

Claiming Mission Reward [1000/1000]

500 Ryo, 1 AP and 1 CD post with Village Leader 

1 stat point for the remaining 264 words I guess.
Akihana Akari
Akihana Akari
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Village : Hoshigakure
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Shadow a Queensman [Mission] Empty Re: Shadow a Queensman [Mission]

Tue Sep 27, 2016 6:19 pm

No stat gains on missions c rank and below but the rest of the rewards are approved <3
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