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E - Rank Mission: Shadow a Queensman (solo) Empty E - Rank Mission: Shadow a Queensman (solo)

Mon Apr 23, 2018 2:36 pm
Mission Log:

Kari walked into the mission briefing room. The two secretaries stared at her with mute expressions. On the desk was a paper describing what seemed to be the results of Kari's lass mission. The female secretary cleared her throat, signaling the man to pick up the paper. Discomforted fell through his face as he looked through the paper.

"We were surprised at the success of your previous mission. The family had a few complains, but overall, they have you a good ratings."

Kari nodded, unsure what else to do. She was satisfied with her work so this much was expected. The woman shook her head and bumped the mans arm. He let out a sigh mentally preparing himself for the words did not want to give up.
"Good job, genin."

His eyes darted to the woman passing the rest of the duties to her. This time around she did not smile, keeping the same mute expression. Her hands pulled up another a scroll which unwrapped revealing a E on the back. The woman took time to review the scroll before closing the scroll and sliding it to the end of the table. Kari walked up and unraveled the scroll.
"Now for your next mission. You will be shadowing a member of the queens guard. It is in our best interest that we keep a good relationship with the group. So please act more obedient this time."

Kari stood at the end of a bridge. Below it was a koi pond with beautiful red and white koi fish that danced around the pond like ballerinas. They glided around without disrupting the smooth glass like water surface. She pulled out her notebook and proceeded to sketch the scene thinking her father would enjoy it. He suggested Kari get into drawing hoping it would make her understand the world around her better. While she never felt it succeed the way her father wished, she did provide other uses for designs. As she finished her final line in the sketch, a loud booming voice broke the tranquility of the koi's dance.

Kari looked up to see a man dressed in the official outfit for the Queen's guard. He was laughing with another man and woman, both wearing matching outfits. All three of them were obnoxiously loud and ruining the quiet tranquility of the scene. Kari took a deep breath, but she remained quiet. If she was lucky none of those three would be the one she would have to shadow.

Kari returned to the pond but it was empty leaving only the ripples of fleeing fish. Kari stared at the water, hoping for the return of her peace but she could hear the footsteps of the one who ended her tranquility.

"Kari Tsukami? The name's Sir Wisgarus. Please call me Sir Wisgarus."
The Queensman let out a boostful laugh followed by a radiant smile. However, his smile was not warm. It felt hot, sharp, and dark. It was as if something was standing blocking the true purose of a smile. It was interesting but not something Kari figure she needed.

"Greetings Wisgarus-san"
Kari gave a her complementary bow despite how the man's carelessness scared away the fish. Then she turn back to the fish and sighed. They were not coming back.

"Worry not tiny child. I, Sir Wisgarus, will give you a tour into a world more exhilarating than some boring koi."

Kari did not turn back to the man. He was huge and tall enough to grab the sun. Perfect white teeth competed against his flawless shaven skin. He too had red hair like Kari but his were made of clouds that danced in the breeze. His hazel eyes only added to the look making his other brighter features stand out. With muscular arms, Kari could only assume his body was tone as well. He was a perfect guy, a model, until you saw the scar on his chin and forehead. They where his only blemishes to his looks yet they added a toughness and sense of experience to his character. Surely this man has partook in combat, disproving any notion of being a fake. Despite all of these perks, he was still arrogant and loud.

"I rather watch the koi," Kari responded coldly.

The man chuckled before pulling out a scroll. Kari froze after the intentions of his smile became clear. She immediately hid away her sketchbook and gave the man another bow.

"I mean, please teach me everything about the Queensmen Sir Wisgarus-san."
"That a girl. Please make sure to take notes for I will turn you into a true protector of the town, or else."

The two walked throughout the city. The crowd cheered as Sir Wisgarus waved by. He was well known in these parts for stopping muggers, helping the older store clerk, and even showing mercy and aiding those in need. On books, he was a hero. Kari frantically took notes on everything. She was not sure what was good or what was just normal. All she knew was that she could not fail this mission. Soon, she could not even afford to look up causing every complement to blur into the next.

"Kari, we are here."

Kari used the short break from changing the page to look up to Sir Wisgarus. In front of them was a small sushi bar called Nami's. The man's was smiling, though the smell of the more cooked dishes was wearing down his lips.

"Here is one of my personal favorite places to eat. Have a seat and take a break."

Kari stared at the man, unsure if he was being serious. He ran her ragged, forcing her to write down everything said about him in order to pass this mission like some ego center prick and now he was offering her a seat to eat. Was this a date? Still, she did not want to fail the mission because she over thought something. So she nodded and took a seat.

"You have been inside of that notebook the whole tour. Though I appreciate the effort, I didn't literally mean take notes."

Kari stared at her notepad. All that work over a tiny misunderstanding. The man was Arrogant and prideful for sure, but maybe he had what others would called a fun side. Then it hit her. He was making a joke. All of that work for a joke. The only correct response would be to laugh. Though Kari was not ready, she made her best effort. A weak chuckle left her mouth, which was followed by a cringy smile. It was the best she had and the reason she preferred not to smile.

"You get picked on a lot don't you?" The man asked dropping his smile.

Kari followed suit but only nodded.

"Well, cheer up. If you take my advice, you can be a well liked and a true protector of the village. At the worst, you will make your parents proud."
He rubbed his heavy gorilla hands over Kari's head, "Here, order up. Think of it as a job well done. As far as I am concern, you passed!"

Kari let out a sigh. Despite the odds, she completed another mission.
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E - Rank Mission: Shadow a Queensman (solo) Empty Re: E - Rank Mission: Shadow a Queensman (solo)

Fri May 04, 2018 11:17 pm

1000 -> The Beast (puppet)
202 -> Puppetry Performance: Skillful Achievement with a Human Body
+1 AP
+1 CD Post with Village leader
+500 Ryo

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Hikari Namikaze
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E - Rank Mission: Shadow a Queensman (solo) Empty Re: E - Rank Mission: Shadow a Queensman (solo)

Sat May 05, 2018 12:10 am
Approved at everything but the stats. Sorry, but we don't allow you to get stats on missions unless the mission is B rank or over.
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