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Arashi Tekiatsu
Arashi Tekiatsu
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Transparency (Assemble All Hoshigakure Jounin)  - Page 3 Empty Re: Transparency (Assemble All Hoshigakure Jounin)

Mon Sep 12, 2016 4:09 pm
Arashi couldn't believe what he was hearing.  He only stated that he would have left to find her.. nothing about losing loyalty to the village.  It was clear there was a rift, growing, between himself and smaller but older shinobi.  And to be honest... Arashi just didn't like her at this point.  The two of them seemed to have different perceptions of the village, and because of that, neither of them believed the other truly knew the people of the village.  It was a bias that was hard to get over, and if Shiroi didn't give in, Arashi definitely couldn't.

"My loyalty to the village is not under question.  I didn't say I would abandon the village.  I would have returned after finding her.  Akihana gave my essential information so that my focus could remain here, remain where I'm needed.  A ninja distracted is not a ninja at all.  I love this place.  I helped restore the village; in some cases personally.  To hear that I would abandon it so easily.. its downright insulting."

"Obviously you and I have differing experiences and see the world as such.  But the way you speak, you put Hoshi on the edge of a precipice.  You give the people far too little credit towards the shinobi.  If there was as widespread trust issues as you state, then the families of this village would not be willing to give their children to the Academy; unwilling to let their family members fraternize with ninja; and certainly be unwilling to join a legal union with us.  I don't have any dreams that this is a ninja village now, but where you see a village on the brink of rebellion, I see a village on a path of evolution.  If you can't see anything except the negatives, then that is an issue you have." he spat back, stopping only when Kyousuke asked them both to stop.

"Fine, but don't ever question my loyalty again.  And don't you ever call me that phrase again." he said, referring to the highness comment.  It was bad enough he was still called Prince wherever he went, but to hear it used in the presence of shinobi.. and used in such a sour fashion... that went too far.

The sad truth was, even the Princess seemed to agree with Shiroi.. that Arashi's loyalty was shaky at best.

"With all due respect, my loyalties have never changed since my home was destroyed.  Hoshi gave me a home, and I would never abandon it.  Even if I were to leave, my place will always remain here.  But you have to understand that not all threats will be contained within the village, or remain at the city walls.  I don't want this new position to prevent me from taking missions outside these walls that are essential to the safety and growth of Hoshi or Haven." he said, watchin as the Princess made her departure.

"Ser Meryn is not going to like this one bit." he said after she left, before glancing back at the assembled shinobi.  He sighed as Kyousuke made his exit, and decided he would leave too, if only to get away from Shiroi.  Giving the smaller shinobi a look, he turned and left, going for his royal quarters before finally going to see the Queenguards and Ser Meryn.


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Akihana Akari
Akihana Akari
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Transparency (Assemble All Hoshigakure Jounin)  - Page 3 Empty Re: Transparency (Assemble All Hoshigakure Jounin)

Thu Sep 15, 2016 2:28 pm
Shina had a lot of time to think while everyone else talked, a good thing too as she needed a lot of time to look past the personal betrayal, past Kyousuke's dumb attempted sacrifice that made her both want to punch him in his stupid face and hug the holiness out of him at the same time, past Shiroi's conspiracy theories and Arashi's defenses. Everything unfolded on a different plane for the kunoichi but it gave her the distance she needed to gain some perspective.

As everyone else spoke of the late Queen and the impending dangers, Shina thought of the other female jounin, the non silent one. Perhaps there was a reason behind the short ninja's overworked imagination. She had after all earned a favor from the crown and had no idea why. Her slow recovery would have given the jounin little to do other than sit and wonder. And the idle mind could come up with a lot.

The fuin user had began writing the small note discreetly, the inch wide cylinder of paper one of the many useful items she carried on her person. It had taken some skill to drift the note using chakra while looking inconspicuous - or perhaps it hadn't and everyone else had just been distracted - but by the time everyone began to leave the note was complete and rolled up into a tiny cylinder once more, curled securely in Shina's hand.

When Arashi left, the young woman decided it was her cue to leave too. Passing by Shiroi, she extended a hand to the other jounin in a shake and if the other female accepted, the note would be transferred safely to the intended target.

If and when Shiroi chose to open that note, it would simply read:

If you want to know more about the crown's debt to you, I drink whiskey - neat.

(Exit Shina)
Talia Rose
Talia Rose
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Transparency (Assemble All Hoshigakure Jounin)  - Page 3 Empty Re: Transparency (Assemble All Hoshigakure Jounin)

Sat Oct 01, 2016 11:40 pm
Talia felt a little guilty as she fell back on old habits, listening to the conversations as they took place. Her best trait WAS information gathering though, and she was getting plenty of that. Still, with all the arguing going on, she almost wanted to intervene. This was a distinct disadvantage for the girl, being naturally quiet as well as mute pushed her into the background. She knew she was going to just have to live with it, and perhaps discuss things with the Princess later. For now she pondered on her rank up. She had heard others talk about her deserving it, but she did feel others here had perhaps achieved more then the quiet girl had. She would have to make herself her own uniform as well, seeing how the Queensguard uniform was pretty strictly male. The argument between two of her fellows was becoming sort of heated, Arashi even being accused of wanting to abandon the village. She began to feel tensions were running a bit too high, perhaps everyone needed some time to calm down. It seemed just in time, as the Princess called an end to the meeting, instructing the newly ranked up shinobi to report to Ser Meryn for supplying. Talia of course would probably have to put in a request much more specific though. She would give the Princess a respectful bow as she quickly shuffled out of the room. She definetely had some information to process, as well as to find out what her new rank up entailed.

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