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Meeting a New Face (Sal & Yumi, nk) - Page 2 Empty Re: Meeting a New Face (Sal & Yumi, nk)

Thu Mar 03, 2016 10:13 am
Yoshi? the girl wondered for a second, I've never had a nickname before. I don't mind.

Yoshi watched in awe when she threw her canteen at Solzem. For a slight moment she thought she had accidentally hit him. Yoshi covered her mouth, then smirked when the masked nin re-appeared elsewhere. The teen switched himself with a wooden dummy as Yoshi's canteen hit it with a thud. She could have thrown her canteen harder, but she did not wish to hurt her new found friend.

When asked if she knew the hand signs, she nodded and signaled she was ready. As the canteen flew in the air in her direction, Yoshi began producing her hand signs. But in her novice, Yoshi fumbled with the third seal. Ox. Instead, the young girl managed to produce an interlocking 't' shape with her hands. Yoshi looked down and saw her canteen laying in the sand.

”Oh, oops,” Yoshi said looking down, still holding the last hand seal. ”Can I go over the seals really quickly? My hands aren't, uh, used to signing some of these just yet.”

Feeling embarrassed, Yoshi went over each of the seals one by one. Tiger, boar, ox, dog, snake. The only difficult one to preform was Ox. Yoshi stuck out her tongue when trying to make her middle and ring finger to bend without her others bending as well. Her hands were dexterous enough, to be sure, but they were artist's hands. Finally after several minutes of practicing, the young girl finally managed to produce the seal. Yoshi picked up her canteen and gave it back to Solzem.

”Okay. I'm ready to try again,” she said as she handed him the bottle.

If Solzem throws again, Yoshi will produce the hand seals while the canteen is in mid flight. This time Yoshi would nail the signs. Perhaps she signed them a bit too early, but when the bottle hits her, she is replaced by the training dummy in a puff of smoke. Yoshi is now crouched upon the vertical wall using the technique Solzem taught her a moment ago and has an animated expression upon her face.

”Nyuk nyuk, and now I counter attack!” Yoshi yelled. The young girl pretended to pull out shurikens from an invisible pouch upon her person and threw them one at a time at the masked teen cackling maniacally whilst doing so.

Yoshi then slid down the stone training wall and jumped when she was a meter form the ground. When she landed, she preformed a somersault to sponge the momentum and show off. After picking up her water canteen, she dusted it off and placed it back on her belt and walked back over to Solzem with a confident smirk upon her face.

”Thanks for helping me today, Solzem-san. You're a great teacher,” she told him. ”I, uh, can't pay you or anything, but I want you to have this.”

Yoshi procures her sketchbook from her person and flips through it to her most recent picture. It was the picture she'd been working on during history class. It was a nature scene of a mother coyote walking in the desert with a jack rabbit in its mouth. It was remarkably detailed and the animal's proportions were anatomically correct – as expected from someone of the Yoshinaga clan. Yoshi finally added the final touches a couple of days ago. Upon the back she quickly wrote: “To my new friend, Solzem-sempai. Thank you for the best training session ever. May your wandering ways find its way back to the Village of Sand.” The young girl signed it using the new nickname Solzem had given her, and handed it to him.

”I don't know when I'll see you again, so here,” she said holding the textured paper. ”If I don't see you again before whenever you leave, promise me you'll come back soon, okay?”

After the two said their goodbyes, Yoshi hurried home. She couldn't wait to tell her parents about her new friend she had made.

(WC = 671)

(TWC = 2714, claiming Tree Climbing/Surface Walking TechniqueSubstitution Technique, +13 stat points)
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Academy Student
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Meeting a New Face (Sal & Yumi, nk) - Page 2 Empty Re: Meeting a New Face (Sal & Yumi, nk)

Thu Mar 03, 2016 6:36 pm
Salzem chuckled as Yoshi missed the first throw. That was okay. Learning something for the first time is always.... a challenge. He took the canteen from Yoshi and tried again, tossing the water container back at the same speed of 3. This time, She landed all three seals, disappearing and in her place landed a small wooden dummy plopping on the ground. With his senses, he tracked her as she teleported to the wall. Yoshi mimicked throwing shurikens at him and in response, Salzem raised his hands, a mock-expression of horror on his face. He humored her until she slid off the wall and picked up her canteen. However, the funniest thing about this whole day was that Yoshi stated she couldn't pay him. He laughed, truly amused by the idea. Like he was going to ask her for payment... Hilarious. However, instead of money, she handed him a piece of folded paper. he took it, smiling and confused. He stared at it for a bit before looking back up at Yoshi when she spoke.

"I'll be back." He said, nodding. "Count on that." With that, he would watch Yoshi hurry home. When she was out of sight, he unfolded the paper and saw the drawing previously hidden. A coyote with a rabbit in it's mouth, masterfully detailed. He had no idea how long it had taken her to finish this... He flipped the paper over just in case there was something else, and, lo and behold, there was. A message.

Thank you for the best training session ever. May your wandering ways find its way back to the Village of Sand.”

His heart thudded in his chest, clearly touched by this gift she'd given him. He smiled, then cringed as memories of his old friends came flooding back. His heart was pierced with the guilt of leaving them as if swords had crossed into the muscle. He folded the paper back up, still smiling, although the nature of the smile was unknown.

(Exit. Claiming nothing)
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Missing-Nin (S-rank)
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Meeting a New Face (Sal & Yumi, nk) - Page 2 Empty Re: Meeting a New Face (Sal & Yumi, nk)

Sat Mar 05, 2016 12:02 pm
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