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Empowerment with the Water Man(Kyson, P, NK) - Page 2 Empty Re: Empowerment with the Water Man(Kyson, P, NK)

Sun Nov 08, 2015 3:11 am
Etch was hearing in on the idea of this Hozuki clan he was informed about. Damn, he was actually right. That seems like a pretty strong as clan, being able to manifest yourself into water, can become some pretty useful jutsu in the future. He might be able to like, make his own water stronger whilst being in the water he summoned, or some other junk. This just showed him that the ninja world was vast in orignality, and had a lot of clans. And Kyson was a very strong person.

As Etch listened to Kyson, he listened full and well. It was quite nice of him to teach Etch the two jutsu like that, and hopefully he would do it in succession. Etch also watched closely and soundly as Kyson showed him both the Rain Shark, and the hiding in the rain.  The jutsu was quite the looker. It was first a amazing combination to see. First the rain tiger. That jutsu was able to spring off madness no one could expect. Wanna make a shark? Boom, make it from the water of the rain tiger. But this jutsu was able to make such a powerful jutsu like rain shark take down several opoonents, and make you cast it with much more ease. Using the water made from the Rain, it supplied the Sharks to manifest and caused devestation. Hiding in the rain also made things difficult for people. It would be hell to try and find someone in such rain, and definetely being unable to sense them. It was wonderful.

"Oh yeah, I have the Rain Tiger technique. Trust me, I think I got this. Alright here I go!"

Etch stood beside Kyson as he returned to his side. Damn, this was so nice of him. Kyson was a great asset to the village for sure. As the water Kyson called upon subsided, Etch did the needed hand seals in order to call his own. Now raining, it was time to get the show on the rode. He started with the rain shark jutsu. It would be very nice to do, and great to have for the tournament. Etch did the required hand seals which he thoroughly watched Kyson do. After he did, he watched as his rain began to form into sharks, very big ones in fact. He controlled them so they wouldnt for sure bite Etch, because that would suck a lot. Damn, that was kinda easy to do. Hell yes! Etch finished the rain shark jutsu and made it stop. Soon after, he started the hiding in the rain. Etch began the hand signs for hiding in the rain, and began to touch with the chakra he had from the rain currently. It was quite nice, soon he felt one with the chakra he was using. Oh hell yes, he did that one too! Damn, Etch did it. He sucessfully mastered both jutsu just like that! Well not exactly mastered, but he was able to do them. He called off the rain, and began to run towards Kyson. "Yoo, I did it man! Damn, that is such a beautiful technique. Water is such a great element to have, and so nice to combo. Thank you man, this really helped. Now about that sp-" Suddenly, bells went off. It werent just any bells, it were the bells for the tournament. Oh shit! His match, he had to get to it, it must of been starting soon. Dammit, he had to gooo! Etch began to walk frantically towards the exit. " Im sorry Kyson, that's the bell for the tournament match. These jutsu should help me out a bunch though with it. Wish me luck for sure man! Im sure I can win thanks to your powerful Jutsu! Let's train again after the tournament, and hopefully ill make it to the next rounds with it." After such words, Etch bolted towards the arena. it was time to begin his amazing fight with his opponent. He knew full and well who it was. Gwynevere. Etch couldn't wait to give her a whooping. Now he thanked Kyson in his head as he headed towards the arena, grateful to find such a great helper that he greatly needed.

5005 words. 25 Stats. Claiming great colliding wave, five feeding shark, hiding in the rain, and half off shiz

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Empowerment with the Water Man(Kyson, P, NK) - Page 2 Empty Re: Empowerment with the Water Man(Kyson, P, NK)

Sun Nov 08, 2015 3:32 am

-2262 words towards antlion
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Akihana Akari
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Empowerment with the Water Man(Kyson, P, NK) - Page 2 Empty Re: Empowerment with the Water Man(Kyson, P, NK)

Sun Nov 08, 2015 4:36 am

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