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Nejonin - Path to Chuunin Part 1 Empty Nejonin - Path to Chuunin Part 1

Sun Oct 11, 2015 12:32 am
Nejonin would be doing something different on this day. He was contemplating the time that he would finally rise up in his ninja ranks. The next step in the path of many would be to become a Chuunin. Of course, doing this required entering in the chuunin exams. Sadly, he hadn’t completed the mandatory missions that were needed to even participate in the expansive event. “I guess it’s first step, somewhere.” Said Nejonin sitting on the end of his bed and staring into his soulless wall. He already knew what the first mission was. Well, it wasn’t even a mission at all to be exact. It was primarily a test held within a special training and practicing centers inside of Kumogakure, his home village. On this day, he would head there and complete the first test so that he could progressively move on to the next and level up in his ranks back to back. - - - With no time for walking and observing about the scenery, Nejonin sprinted to his location within a mere few minutes and signed in at the front office. Moving into the entirety of the building, he was met with multiple doorways and hallways that had large name markers above them. There were around three or so in the main hallway that he had walked down. They read “Area A, Area B, and Area C”. “If I can recall well enough, the spot that I need to go to should be somewhere around the b or so area.” – He made his way down the long B-way hall until reaching the training office that lied down there as well. He quickly told them of what he would be doing and they set up the training simulation of sorts. It wasn’t much of an actual computerized simulation but that was beside the point. Nejonin already knew was he was up against. “It shouldn’t be anything too difficult. I’ve done more before with trying to get past my dad to leave for late night training anyway. 

His shadows are much faster than mine. All I’ve got to do here is avoid all the defenses that they’ve set and find my way through the crossing various paths maze until reaching the scroll. Once I return it, I would have completed the test for the first part of gaining participation for the chuunin exams. Oddly enough, it’s much more of a piece of cake than I thought it out to be. Then again, nothing that is thrown at me will ever really surprise me anyway.” Nejonin said already taking first steps into the dark passage way that led into the maze of which he spoke. He was met with the first choice of decision. He had three direction to take. There was forward, right, and left. “Knowing most mazes and how they are built, I would say the most likely direction would be left here but that isn’t 100% provable. I suppose the choice of the first step doesn’t honestly matter all that much.” Nejonin was quite the overthinker of anything that he could get his hands on. It was not a rarity for him to turn something as simple as one, two, and three into one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, x, y ,z, and somehow w as well. In the end, he chose the path of forward. The hallways were dark and dimly lit. The smell within the room was that of enclosed space and too much paranoia. In short, it was very uncomfortable. Nejonin fled through each and every hall with ease taking lefts and rights then forwards and sometimes even turning around completely to see if he had missed anything that may have passed by his vision’s senses due to his high movement speed. It was quite the peaceful event until he heard the sound of something that was mechanical rearing its head around looking for him. He was moving down a long path that, from what he could tell, had a left at the end and no other directions available. “That has to be one of their three defenses that they said they’d set up for me. The rules also state that if I’m discovered, I’m instantly disqualified from the test. Well, one can’t be disqualified from a test. But, I will fail with no if or ands. I better take a slow peek just to make sure that it is.” Nejonin moved down the blueish like walls and began slowing his pace to match that of silence. He didn’t want whatever the mechanical defenses were to know that he was around at this time. Now, with his back pressed again the wall near the corner, he pulled out a kunai from his ninja pouch and held it in front of himself. “Simple enough, I’ll prefer using this to peek around the corner rather than my eyes. This is especially true and useful if the defenses are a turret. Giving the random swiveling sounds, they likely are. Or at least the one near me is.” Nejonin inched forward along the wall until being just a few inches away from the edge. He passed the kunai from his right hand into his left and held it out ever so slightly around the corner. Using the finely shown reflection on the metal kunai, he was able to peer down the hallway without the need of directly looking. “Just as I had thought, a white metal turret. I wonder what types of ammunition it is using right now or if it using ammunition at all. It could just be a remake that uses sensory lasers or something of the sort.” As a means for testing this, Nejonin put the kunai out farther until he heard the more abrupt swivel of the mechanism down the hall that didn’t match up with what he previously heard. “Now it’s taking aim on the kunai.” Quickly, he pulled the kunai back around the corner and put it into his ninja pouch. He heard the turret fire as some sound of small metal being spraying the wall that was near him on the end of what would be the sentry’s vision. “No use taking this direction.” Nejonin moved around and turned back. He kept going along and back tracking his path until reaching a point where he was likely lost. “I guess I don’t know my way around here well enough to be moving so fast.” He was met with a very long hallway now that seemed to stretch forever. “Isn’t this just the ominous set up. I best sprint through here to avoid getting shot at from any angles. The walls were close in. So, if he had to somehow run into something, he wouldn’t have much space to maneuver. Nejonin began his mad dash down the long running hall. All was fine until he heard the sound of the mechanical clicking once more. This time, the sound rang from his left. His eyes darted quickly to see what was there when he noticed there had been a faintly dark colored left turn that wouldn’t be visible to most eyes passing at high speeds. On the end of that hallway was another large sentry that would surely shoot him down in a matter of seconds if it shot anything like how the past one did. “Oh shit! How did I not notice that.” In attempts to not expose himself at all anymore despite already being in full view of what the sentry should have had, he rolled down onto the ground and landed in a swivel of speed himself. “I barely dodged whatever that thing had in store for me.” He said walking back to the left that was now going to be on his right. He peeked around the corner and realized that the sentry had been pointing the other way all along. “Whew, I thought that I was actually in major trouble there.” Fascinated by the reasoning for such the odd placement, Nejonin began moving down the long segmented hallway to sneak up behind the main sentry and figure out why it was there in such a useless position. Nearing closer, he realized that there was another darkly shown right to the right of him going down the long hallway. Using the great speed that he had recently attained through training, he sped along the way and made sure to quickly make it beside the wall’s edge to be able to look inside. There it was. The scroll hidden down at the end of the long hallway that awaited only him. “Here’s my chance.” He said running down the hallway already disregarding his prior interest for the placement of the sentry. That was when he noticed the other sentry on his left. The room had sprang open and became larger. There was still, however, a thin layer of protective ground that could serve as a crawling area. Now with the left side of the wall seemingly removed with a sentry aiming down it. Nejonin crawled his way along the floor until just a few meters from where the scroll was mounted on the wall. He reached his hand out and grabbed it. “Mission complete.” 

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