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Mako Mitsurugi
Mako Mitsurugi
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Yazu in the Woods(solo, training, p , NK) Empty Yazu in the Woods(solo, training, p , NK)

Mon Oct 05, 2015 1:49 am
Yazu would step up from the area he stood.  A densely forested area on the edge of the sea. He could see several people walking along the shore line.  Many of them just simple minded fools lading freight in the port.  Yazu had no need to test his new jutsu on such frail creatures he needed a great deal of power to test it on.  He searched for a power that would be to his liking.  He could see that there wouldn't be much to gain from being here.  He decided to turn around and walk back toward the village.  He had been told not to attack anyone within the city by order of the Mizukage.  However basic non chakra wielding cretins were worth nothing to him and his mastering of this powerful jutsu.  One that could render a full grown man into a cowering servant.  Triggered only from his eyes and his murderous intent.  Once captured there was no way out. One would be completely paralyzed, out of the overpowering of Yazu's chakra against the opponent he so chooses. Murderous intent used to steal that which he searches for without behaving like an animal. 

As he walked back to the city he heard noises, the rustling of someone shadowing him, this was exactly what he was hoping for.  He stood with his stark white Kimono with a rope belt he waited for them to come out and introduce themselves.  He smiled a menacing wicked smile, and prepared himself. He had escaped from his rock prison once again and now he would encounter enemies of the caliber he searched for.  It was then that the following Ninja appeared before him. they numbered three in total and were not wearing any headbands, missing ninja he assumed.  That was quite fine with him, he figured he could have some fun and maybe get a reward from it.

The first one had blue eyes and had a chalky scent to him, with long black hair and a long sword at his waist.  The second one was taller than the rest and built with thick muscles and covered in signs and symbols, he also had black hair though he stood in the back and appeared somewhat less intelligent than the rest though many times more powerful.  The last of the three being a young woman very voluptuously built wearing slick leather clothes that accented her figure.  Had Yazu been a normal man he would've been captured by her charms and swept off his feet, however Yazu was not normal nor did he care.  She would make for enjoyable experiments but nothing more.  He would summon the chakra and look all three directly in the eyes.  He could see the panic spread across all three of their faces. They had made a fatal mistake no eye contact is allowed when facing monsters, like a gorgon that is capable of sapping one's life with just a look.  He looked upon his victims and could see the fear deep in their eyes.  He walked forward and extended his right hand launching it from his right arm directly forward.  It flew past the the two in the front as the fingers connected with the large man in the back's chest.  The finger tips driving directly into the chest just outside of heart of the big man.  YAzu;s hand turned black and continued driving forward, the blood covering his hand and a cracking noise erupting from the big mans chest.  The two bystanders couldn't see what was occurring but could clearly hear it.  Then all they would see is Yazu's hand returning to his body with a heart in hand, the large obelisk behind them unable to even fall down dead.  He was still paralyzed where he stood.  Yazu examined the heart though he found nothing of use from it.  He launched both of his hands into the remaining two not finding as much difficulty with these as he did with the first. His hand drove through their chests easily and with two more crackling noises the hands drove through and grasped the other hearts ripping them out. He could see the life drain from their eyes as he pulled out the hearts.  He pulled both arms back investigating these two hearts in the same way as the first one.  Still nothing to work with.  He tossed all the hearts on the ground before him and released the jutsu.  He walked past the standing corpses and as he passed they collapsed onto the ground in a pile. Oh well, Yazu didn't know what he would do next but he knew the jutsu worked perfectly and that was really all he was here for.  He continued back to the village contented with the results of his experiments that he had tried.

802 wc claiming 4 stats and mastering Temp Paralysis Jutsu 1255/2000 done prior 2055/2000 done now
Mako Mitsurugi
Mako Mitsurugi
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Yazu in the Woods(solo, training, p , NK) Empty Re: Yazu in the Woods(solo, training, p , NK)

Wed Oct 07, 2015 4:05 pm
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Yazu in the Woods(solo, training, p , NK) Empty Re: Yazu in the Woods(solo, training, p , NK)

Wed Oct 07, 2015 4:36 pm
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